How to tape lower back with kt tape?

If you’re someone who experiences lower back pain, then you’re no stranger to the discomfort it can cause. The good news is that there are ways to alleviate this pain without having to take medication or undergo surgery. One of these remedies is using KT tape – a stretchy athletic tape made from cotton fibers and polymer elastic strands.

Before we get started, let me just say that taping your lower back may seem like rocket science at first but don’t worry; we’ve got your back (no pun intended) in this hilarious yet informative guide on how to apply KT tape.

Prepping for a Sticky Situation

Ensure that your skin around the affected area has been recently washed with mild soap and water before applying any kt tape! Dry thoroughly before moving onto the next step.

Let’s talk about placement!

Now behold, depending on whichever part of your spine hurts, here’s where you should place the tape:

For Upper Back Pain:

Place one strip vertically spanning from C7 vertebrae (the bony bump at base of neck) down toward upper Thoracic region.

Wayda-go chickie!

For Mid-Back Pain:

The procedure is simple as ABC \
First thing’s first—Grab some beeswax,
Repeat after me “It’ll slide not stick”!
Locate Spine & erector spinae muscles
Using two strips slightly diagonally … Viola.. Admire yourself

Now hold up sassy pants…

Before You Start Applying

Keep in mind—all those fancy shapes and sexy designs won’t make much of a difference if it’s applied incorrectly so give careful thought when selecting an area (refer above). Don’t lose focus even if a butterfly-shaped design idea strikes; refrain!


Apply Muscle Rub or heat lotion/cream after taping.

Why, you ask?

Because (insert drumroll sound effect here) when applied correctly, kt tape alleviates pain and discomfort by reducing pressure on the nerves in your lower back. It also helps increase blood flow and provides support to fatigued muscles.

That said, complete rest for a couple of hours right after applying it will prevent slippage or displacement bringing maximum benefit for you!

Let’s Get Tape Happy

For this next segment..let’s assume that our Jane Doe is experiencing acute low-back pain due to overexertion during her last workout session. Poor girl needs a break!

Here are four simple steps she would follow-:

  1. Begin By Cutting The KT Tape To Desired Length
  2. Round All Corners Before Application
    3.Accommodate By Smoothening Out Any Creases Within Your Strip
    4.Peel Off Paper To Reveal A Textured Side While Applying Evenly Onto Skin

Fantastic job, Mary! Endorphins oughta come rushing through just because done like professional therapists!

Now comes THE MOST important part…

Proper Tension Method:

About 50 percent stretch should suffice so don’t go Superman on us now—pulverizing those muscles isn’t exactly efficient (ouch!). Start from middle portion toward both edges as symmetry keeps back relaxed !

When In Pain Go Crazy Floral Print

Really if there was any place we could go crazy with quirky patterns—it’s gotta be medical tapes!!! But please save yourself some money & buy plain roll instead.
Similarly DO NOT under any circumstances quadruple up otherwise skin wouldn’t have “room to breathe” leading towards rashes/joints being locked immobile… quite the spectacle I assure you.

Also remember –

Change daily :it gets grimy
Dry thoroughly before re-application each time 🙂

Another helpful tip?

Once aged – heat gun, hair dryer or warm rag can help loosen adhesive material.

So that folks is how you correctly apply KT tape onto your lower back. When used with proper body mechanics and posture, it can work wonders in regards to reducing pain caused by sore muscles or inflammation.

A quick recap:

  • Wash the area around where you plan on taping first
  • Properly stretch the tape before application for optimal effectiveness\
  • Take daily care of taped-up skin… Oh-yeah!

Remember: Pain relief isn’t only limited to medication; sometimes there are natural solutions too

This post is so fundamentally hilarious if you don’t find yourself chuckling at least once I admit I failed as a writer sobbing aloud

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