How to take your mind off of someone?

Are you unable to get someone out of your head? Maybe it’s the dashing cashier who always winks at you or that terrible ex who still haunts you like a ghost. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered with some tips on taking your mind off them.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Before diving into techniques and tactics for getting someone out of your mind, acknowledge how you feel. It’s OKAY to be sad, angry or disappointed about something/someone. Burying these feelings might end up intensifying them later.

Hit Unsubscribe Button!

Have an incessantly clingy friend? Instagram page of your ex’s new partner that is bothering the hell outta ya? Notifications from unrelated messaging apps which may remind their name involuntarily – this happend with me once!: LOL

Well folks lets hit the unsubscribe button! Block/Unfollow/Mute all those things/people willingly capable enough of putting effort into make our life discomfortable instead let’s take control here!

Different Platforms Options
Facebook Unblock
Twitter Mute/unfollow
Instagram   Unfollow/mute/block

In most cases what comes first is unfollow button rather than block one – sensitivity matters right?

Busy Yourself

If binging Royal Family documentaries hasn’t been distraction enough, keep yourself super busy elsewhere.That way there won’t be any room left in our heads for any sorta intrusion .

Find a New Hobby

We can try finding another hobby such as knitting(hey don’ judge!), painting (lets sign up for Bob Ross), learning yoga(good balance between life and mind). This would create space in our lives where they no longer exist!

Get Physical

Physical activity can be a great way of removing negative thoughts. Let’s rock it while improving our abs and biceps! Joining yoga classes or learning dance, taking brisk walks/hikes/cycle rides would aid this.


Who knows, the next someone could be in one of your friends’ social circles? It is happening around us somewhere always- let’s get out there!

Plan Outings/Get-Togethers

One really doesn’t want to have them haunting each & every corner we show up at! So instead let’s plan outings with our very own squad. This could mean movie-nights/picnics/barbecues etc.
Not only does being with good company aid happiness but getting out and doing something you enjoy helps free that pesky headspace too!

Avoid Trigger Points

There might still exist things within reach that may lead us back to that thought train.

Things like:

  • Disclosing emotional turmoil on a public post (This will attract special attention from ‘well-wishers’.)
  • Driving/walking down memory lane by visiting places frequented together even for fun-times.

You’re better off avoiding trigger points all together.

Indulge Endorphin Eating Food!

Unhealthy eating habits are not usually advisable as they result in long term pains throughout.Lets indulge ourselves here and allow science to help us digress: “Eating foods which release endorphins” – gives lesser space for them scrunching our mind(POOF!).

Here are some delicious snacks on the list:

1) Chocolate 😀
2) Any food containing ginger/Capsaicin (peppers),this increases blood flow & makes feel relaxed(feelin hot!!..)

By indulging ourselves into these small pleasures we imbibe sense of relaxation other than feeling refreshed.

Practice Mindful Meditation

Meditation is a way to clear up our minds, lets put calming music in the background or better still sit under moonlight over the grass,giving ourselves some greenie from nature. Just hold those for few minutes and you will realize your thought process has been recalibrated.

Stick To Routines

As much as we love unmoored spontaneity to spice up life just wanna disintegrate ritual rhythm of things but right now it’s important that we get back on track by maintaining regular routines.

Seek Professional Help

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. It can be easy wasting more time beating yourself about something rather than actually addressing it effectively.

We all have moments where despite every effort made there appears no improvement made – Then let’s create that little window with our doctor/counselor. They’ll know how best to support us further!

Choose What Works For You

Knowing what works for us is crucial because everyone deals differently with emotional whiplash! Let’s Find what helps best in uplifting your mood- eating good food/ exercising daily / Netflix binges or asking friends out.
In short do/choose anything which refreshes and relaxes you!


Putting someone behind isn’t going happen overnight so embrace small victories while inching fix at a time towards peace of mind!
Hope these tips & tricks play substantial role in eventual flourishing freedom!

PS: Don’t forget dark chocolate guys alone isn’t option 😉

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