How to take saw palmetto for hair loss?

Who says baldness has to be a lonely journey? With saw palmetto by your side, you can boost hair growth and bring back the luster you once had. In this fun-filled guide, we’ll take you through everything there is to know about taking saw palmetto for hair loss.

Why Saw Palmetto is Your New Best Friend

Before we get into how to take saw palmetto for hair loss, let’s dive into why this little plant is so great in the first place.

Some say saw palmetto helps reduce DHT levels in the body – that pesky hormone responsible for male pattern baldness. Others suggest that it could improve blood flow and increase cellular metabolism in the scalp,[^1] which ultimately boosts hair growth. Whatever studies or opinions float your boat, know that many people take this supplement with high hopes of getting some much-needed coverage on their scalps.

Finding Good-Quality Saw Palmetto Supplements

If you’re going to invest time (and money) zapping away at those bald spots with saw palmetto supplements, then make sure what you’re buying deserves a ‘yay’ instead of an ‘nay’. Here’s what makes them worth your bucks:

Look For Standardization

This ensures that any inconsistencies have been removed from each capsule, so every dose contains equal amounts of active ingredients[^2].

Check Ingredient List

You want as few additional ingredients as possible; just pure extract.[^3]

Be Mindful of Allergen Warnings

Just because something comes labeled “natural” doesn’t mean everyone can tolerate it well.[^4]

Dosage Makes Perfect: Understanding When and How Much

Taking too much or too little of anything won’t yield results—or worse—might even cause unwanted side effects. So how do I know how often, and in what quantity, to take saw palmetto?

Dosage Guidelines

There’s no one ‘perfect’ dosage for everyone. Dosing recommendations may vary based on the product itself, so let manufacturer instructions guide you.

However, here are general guidelines for taking saw palmetto supplements:

  • 100 mg tablet form: Twice every day[^5]
  • 160 mg capsules: Take twice per day with meals.[^6]

Start first at the lowest recommended amount—safety is crucial with anything you put into your body—and then gradually increase from there until you find a regimen that works for you.

Pro Tip: Taking more than the suggested serving size won’t speed up results; it’ll likely just cost you more money!

Saw Palmetto – The Unofficial Side Effects Guide

No supplement comes without potential side effects – even our beloved saw palmetto! But don’t get scared off just yet; these often mild symptoms can be managed or may not apply to all users. Common possible issues include:

  • Stomach Discomfort: Possible caffeine-like side effect.
  • Headache
  • Acne
    Despite this short list of unpleasantness associated with saw palmetto, chances are good most people won’t experience them[^7].

Making Saw Palmetto Intake a Habit

Like any vitamin or mineral intake routine, consistency is key when taking saw palmetto for hair loss prevention.

Left to your best intentions and willpower alone might result in forgotten doses though. Here’s how some integrate consistent saw-palmento intake:

1) Incorporate Into Your Mealtime Schedule: Breakfast and dinner could become your new supplemental time buddies!
2) Set Reminders For Yourself: Use electronic gadgets like phone timers or alarms as reminders.
3) Make It A To Go Snackc: Put tablets inside purse/bag before workdays – out of sight but within reach when lunchtime rolls around.

Will Saw Palmetto Work for Me?

Ah, the million-dollar question: Can saw palmetto revive those dormant roots you have been pinning your hopes on? The answer is…and remains not so clear.

Some people experience hair regrowth[^8] after taking supplements consistently; others may notice no difference. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee any supplement will work 100% of the time for everyone (even if our marketing campaign would state otherwise!) However:
– If you’re desperate to try everything available in-store or online pharmacy aisles
– Not dealing with severe allergies that contraindicate use
– You do not mind deviating from mainstream medicinal treatment protocols

It likely won’t hurt to give saw palmetto a fair shot at doing its thing[^10].


Saw palmetto’s unverified effects on DHT-reducing and preventative hair loss mean there’s still room for more scientific study related to this topic. Regardless of whether it ultimately lives up to some claims or disappoint us—adding doses into daily routine shouldn’t necessitate areligious conversion!

“Of all the rogaine potions in all the stores across America – she walked into mine…”

Why not let saw palmetto make your day better filled with new hope ^(s) ? Whether it comes through as improved hair texture/thickness or simply knowing you’re doing something proactive toward minimizing future baldness—the benefits appear well worth giving saw palmento a chance.