How to take electrolytes keto?

Electrolytes are essential elements/chemicals that help maintain fluid balance in the body. They conduct electricity and carry electrical impulses throughout our nerves, muscles, and important organs like the heart. When we change our diet to a keto (low-carb) one, it can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes, causing several symptoms such as headaches, cramps, tiredness/fatigue and muscle spasms/cramps.

Fret not; this guide on how to take electrolytes while on keto is here for you! We have put together all the information you need below – read on!

What Are The Key Electrolytes That You Need To Keep Track Of On A Ketogenic Diet?

On a ketogenic diet weight loss journey, there are some key players/electrolytes that you should keep watch over.


First up is sodium – though many people know it mainly as ‘salt’ or ‘table salt.’ It’s a primary mineral involved in maintaining hydration levels as well as blood pressure regulation. When following ketogenic diets when compared to carb-based diets require much less insulin production hence moderation of salt intake essential.


Next up is Potassium which plays an profound part in regulating blood pressure and nerve signalling beside maintenance of adequate fluid volumes.


Third up is magnesium- vital element required for satiety levels balancing out stress-response system management along with strong bones upkeep & glucose metabolic function maintenance/& body temperature regulation.

Signs That Your Electrolyte Balance Is Off-Kilter

Before proceeding further with discussing ways of taking electrolytes keto; these are signs that suggest your electrolyte balance may be out-of-whack:

  • Headaches
  • Leg Cramps
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Blood Pressure fluctuation

Note: if any persistence existence of signs occurrence seek out medication attention.

How to Take Electrolytes Keto-Style

You can increase your electrolyte intake either by consuming foods rich in these minerals, or you taking supplements.

Dietary sources of sodium:

  1. Bone broth (2 cups = 900 mg)
  2. Dill pickles (6 spears = 390mg)
  3. Canned salmon with bones (half a cup = 300mg)

Dietary sources of potassium:

  1. Avocadoes medium sized around two provide about a total amount of almost thousand grams/nine hundred and seventy-three milligrams (the point here is that avocado provides the most amounts among fruits)
  2. Leafy greens like spinach and kale per cup contain roughly five percent worth Potassium
  3. Mushrooms are except for many other micronutrient-rich vitamins also particularly abundant/immense in Potassium as well.

Magnesium Supplements

Here’s an easy guide to following “your magnesium supplement regime”:

Step One

Start with small dosages – Under no circumstance should one user take more than two hundred fifty milligrams daily.

Step Two

Keep tabs on how they make you feel mainly stomach problems occur because maximum forms propagate this specific problem

Tip For selecting form/make:

Choose magnesium glycinate/Bisglycinate ##these formulations often work efficiently without giving side effects like dizziness/dehydration/anxiety comparable to others.

For any medications; refer consultation from certified & registered physicians

Drinks That Can Help Maintain Your Electrolyte Balance While On The Keto Diet

When dehydrated, our body cells may not function effectively leading dehydration symptoms like dry mouth/throat chapped lips etcetera… including diarrhea if it persistently ever occurs It proves useful/invaluable & recommended/effective where whenever possible keto dieters up their liquid consumption levels, replacing lost fluids frequently sipping on high electrolyte-content beverages, here are ketogenic compatible fluid/drinks:


Plain water intake remains essential alongside other recommended fluids. Drinking too much water dilutes your electrolytes; therefore balance is key

Broth-Based Soup/ herbal tea

A chicken or bone broth consomme/etc made by simmering bones with salt gives a super-concentrated form of sodium.

For people who’re possibly struggling to get sufficient magnesium on their diets via consuming high-quality meals alone, they add supplements within a mag-calm mixture and consume it as hot cocoa.


Keto dieting can be effective in weight loss however monitoring your electrolyte levels remains critical to the overall success expected from this sort of diet lifestyle choice
Taking adequate steps like increasing food sources rich in necessary minerals -like fruits/veggies, (mushrooms/nuts
etc), using supplements under regular consulting with medical practitioners,. & keeping one’s personal hydration in check should go long ways towards ensuring/ guarantee & supporting supplement/minerals consumption sufficiency while minimizing negative contraindicatory reactions..

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