How to take dgl licorice?

Do you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn? Tired of popping those antacids and wondering if there’s a natural remedy out there that can help soothe your symptoms? Look no further than DGL licorice! This magical herb has been used for centuries to calm upset stomachs, reduce inflammation, and even fight off infections. If you’re interested in taking DGL licorice but don’t know where to start, read on for our comprehensive guide.

What is DGL Licorice?

DGL stands for “deglycyrrhizinated” licorice – which is just a fancy way of saying that the compound responsible for some of licorices’ negative side effects (high blood pressure, edema) has been removed. This allows people who love the taste of black licorice but might have adverse reactions to its full-strength form.

But beyond just satisfying black jellybean aficionados worldwide, DGL licorice also provides many health benefits when ingested – making it a popular choice among individuals looking for herbal remedies that improve overall wellness levels without relying on over-the-counter medications.

Before You Begin: Perhaps Consult with Your Doctor

Before starting any new supplement regimen- including DGL Licrorce intake- always check with your doctor or healthcare provider first if…
1. You have pre-existing medical conditions
2. Are currently pregnant or may soon become so
3. Have medication regimes underway

It especially important before beginning any kind of dietary change when taking prescription drugs because sometimes even mild supplements can interfere with how certain medicines work within yoru body s## Healthy Benefits + Important Properties Found In DglLicnorrh:

Now that we’ve covered the basics — let’s dive into all the wonderful things about this sweet root!

Anti-inflammatory properties

One thing we all could use a bit less of in our lives is inflammation! Whether you’re suffering from joint pain or chronic gut issues, any health ailment with an inflammatory component could benefit from DGL licorice. The herb’s active components have been shown to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Soothing for Digestion

Think about how awful it feels after a big ol’ meal- whether overeating intentionally or having done so due to life circumstances -everyone has most likely experienced that uneasy feeling similar to acid reflux that often comes along with stuffing yourself. One way to help jumpstart digestion is by taking some DGL Licorice! This ayurvedic herb both reduces inflammation and helps stimulate digestive enzymes which make for much happier tummies within thirty minutes of ingestion!

Treats Mouth Ulcers

Have your mouth ulcers left chewing food off the table? No need to cry into your soup just yet! A magic combo of two powerful ingredients found in gums and candies are also present at high concentrations within naturally available Deglycyrrhizinated Licrorce – carbenoxolone and glycyrrhizin compounds. While these ingredients have proven healing effects on gastric mucosa in general they can relieve pressure caused by canker sores when taken as tablets, teas, gargles or directly applied ointments/gels containing this nutrient-rich root!

How To Take DGL Liquorice Tablets Or Chewable Form?

Now that you know how awesome DGL liquorice supplements are — let’s figure out the best ways there are out there to take them without experiencing any adverse side-effects!

Dosage Considerations For Optimal Results

As always please consult with licensed healthcare practitioners before incorporating new dietary changes/product lines:

1 Tablet: Most commonly available dosage form where each tablet contains atleast almost 380 milligrams (mg) -recommended serving size being 2 times daily ideally right after main meals.

How to Take it Internally

  1. Sublingual form: This sublingual product (meaning dissolved under the tongue), bypasses GI tract, benefiting from rapid systemic uptake
  2. Chewable for maximum absorption
  3. Capsules with a minimum of 200mg its active ingredient

It’s important not to exceed dose-recommendations when taking orally as there have been sightings where moderate overdoses of glycyrrhizic and carbenoxolone compounds disrupt regular electrolyte so make sure you are following specific instructions before beginning dosages)

Watch Out For Side Effects

While black licorice- DGL Licorroce’s stronger siblng- comes along with some hefty health warning such as hypertenison or edemea -DGL (remember that deglycyrrhizinated version) can also cause side effects if not taken properly or consumed in excess.

Potential Interference With Hormonal Medicines

Dgl Licrorce might contain phytoestrogens which can interfere with certain medications one of which is oral contraceptives! If these supplements come into contact infrequently phyto estrogen too becomes less alarming according to Health Line medical professionals.

Increased Risk Of Hypokalemia

Hypokalemia—the technical term for low potassium levels in the blood- is another marked side effect found associated with excessive/without correct dosage use.

One way folks often mitigate this possibility? By supplementing their DGL intake alongside food riech inn critically-nutriented options high Potassium like Bananas, Spinach and Sweet Potato!

This increase in nutrient-density may offset any potentially irritating issues around normalizing mineral balance within our cells though always be careful and take samples at recommended amounts first&foremost!

Other Tips To Keep In Mind For A Healthy Gut & Happy life:

Beyond just using d-gl licrorce drinks and supplements to achieve optimal digestive health there are other tips such as:

  1. Chewing slowly while eating
    2.Avoiding common irritants ( i.e too much alcohol, carbonated beverages, acidic foods)
    3.Consider scheduling in regular mealtimes this will give your body time to recuperate from meals and digest properly
    4.Exercise often- especially after long hours spent sitting down!

Stay healthy folks!

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