How to take care of a pulled muscle?

Do you feel that sharp pain in your arm? Is it preventing you from doing the activities that you love so much? Well, don’t worry! Everyone gets injured at least once in their lifetime, and we’ve got your back. Below are some simple tips on how to take care of a pulled muscle and get back into action.

Understanding What a Pulled Muscle is

Before delving into ways of taking care of a pulled muscle issue, let’s understand what this vexing condition is all about. A strain or “pulled muscle” occurs when the tendon or muscle fibers tear due to overstretching or excessive force on the tissue^[1]. Make sense right? Now let’s start with treating our ‘little injury.’

R.I.C.E – Acronym for Rescue!

Yep folks, no need for Superman (because he does not exist) when we have another superhero- The RICE protocol


Rest-Recharge-Restart! Give your body time to heal by taking things easy. That doesn’t mean You must turn Yourself into Lazybones Lane; instead allow yourself some restful days and try finding new hobbies like fishing or baking cupcakes – until Your muscles recover again.


Cool down those little muscle soldiers! Applying cold therapy can reduce inflammation and relieve pain in your injured area [^2]. It’s been proven!

Some quick tips while icing:

  • Apply ice for 20-minute intervals.
  • Use an elastic bandage wrap to keep it secure.
  • Avoid placing ice directly against skin (unless you want Frosty friends hint-hint).


No not Netflix and chill kind-of-compression but applying slight pressure will minimize swelling around the affected area. Try using compression socks during bed time as well — It might just help Skydive into the abyss of sleep.


Last but not least, elevate those swollen muscles. It’s as simple as propping up your leg using pillows or simply reclining (Like some retro music being played in the background wistful) on a couch so that blood flows back to the heart instead of pooling and making you puff-up like Stay-Puff marshmallow man^[3].

Pamper That Muscle Right!

Once You Have Followed RICE Protocol to The Dot – Let’s move towards revamping our swanky strained muscles!


Of course superficial massaging is an option post 24 hours, With Firm Pressure! Although for obvious reasons avoid giving The Rock Bottom treatment out. After all we are treating sore muscle tissues gently aren’t we? ^5

Just another way of relieving tension – apart from petting cute fluffy cats(who doesn’t love them?) while reading a good book wink-wink.


Stretch it like never before! Get moving again through stretching exercises which will help decrease stiffness and increase flexibility [4]. It is important here to exercise caution because your injury is still semi-new (“Semi-Avengers stage”). Take note when performing any stretches and do not push yourself too hard.

Here are some targeted stretches based on muscle placement -see how much i studied:

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
    -Calf Muscles
    -Lower Back
Muscle Group Exercise
Hamstrings Leg curls or bridges,
Quads Lunges or calf raises,
Calf Muscles Wall stretch (standing), seated toe raise,
Lower Back Knee-to-chest stretch.

Keep at it every day until those injured areas feel limber once more!


For a drug-free treatment, You can’t go wrong by drinking water! In many people, muscles become more tense or sore when they are dehydrated. Our muscle tissues demands proper hydration Every Day – even on those days you’re not out sweating in the sunshine (we all know that we don’t often get enough vitamin D). Dehydration Stinks & How to fix it? Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day^[6]. Maybe start with yummiest sub-type: Ice cold lemonade.

Precautionary Tales and Tips

Be Cautious While Working Out

Patience is key – overworking Your muscles too much too soon could make things worse than better. Try mixing up intensity exercises, rotate between straight cardio,and strength training.

You may well break records someday but for now & especially after an injury , take some time off.

Rest Up Before Pushing Forward

Giving your body occasional rest periods ( Like binge-watching your favorite series) helps prevent repetitive injuries that could lead to long-term debilitation.

When starting again you should:

  • Warm up correctly.
  • Stretch regularly pre/post workout.

Get back into gear cautiously!

Medicate Wisely

Nothing is wrong in seeking out pain relievers during the early stages of recuperation

However be rational Consuming any particular pain reliever needs careful consideration – this isn’t “The Matrix,” where one pill solves everything under the sun(you wish!). Ask advice from professionals who have relevant knowledge and firsthand experience with medicine like:

  • General Practitioners
    -Sports Medicine Doctors,
    Or maybe an experienced friend (inappropriate Uncle Dale doesn’t count here)).

With the right person assisting you’ll eventually find something effective without unnecessary side-effects as well. And refrain from being sideswiped by high carb junk food while consuming medication – because you will make your body work overtime to keep them separate.

Extra Tips for Extra Benefits:

Heat Therapy

History raves about the benefits of moving forward and looking onto new beginnings while some prefer going backward (Like rewinding VHS tapes) – in this case instead of ice , heat therapy. It is said that applying a heating pad or warm towel over sore muscles increases blood-flow which leads to more rapid healing^[5]

Resistance Bands

Bands are a great way for those who want to maintain their range of motion whilst gradually reintroducing resistance, try curling against bands. With these on hand at home, You Could defend Your precious tissues from future injuries.


If nothing works even remotely try calling out Odin as he’s pretty good with twists (Sorry trying my best here!) kidding aside these simple steps will help reinstate you back into active mode in no time.We would always recommend seeking professional guidance whenever necessary – especially when Your Injury lasts longer than 4weeks it warrants serious medical attention. Better take care & we wish a healthy speedy recovery towards all the sport enthusiasts!

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