How to take care of a cyst at home?

Have you ever had a cyst bursting on your face, back or other areas? We know how painful it can be. You may not always have access to medical care and in some cases, you may prefer taking care of the cyst yourself. To help you out, we’ve curated this guide that will show you how to take care of a cyst at home.

Understanding What A Cyst Is

Before diving into the ways to get rid of a cyst at home, let’s understand what an actual cyst is.

A cyst is basically a sac under your skin filled with fluid or air which gives them their characteristic ‘bubble’ shape. They are usually painless unless they get inflamed or infected and start giving off pus (eughhh!).

Where Do I Usually Get Cysts From?

Cysts can occur just about anywhere on your body where there’s hair follicles present including but not limited to:
– Face
– Back
– Chest
– Neck
– Genital region

What Causes These Infuriating Bumps?

There isn’t really any one cause for these pesky monsters popping up uninvited! However things like hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy etc often cause them as well as genetic predispositions!

Oily skin folk – listen up: The oil glands in your pores produce oil called sebum, which if produced in excess quantities could lead to blockage causing swelling/spreading inflammation underneath leading eventually leading towards forming sebaceous related CYSTICLES – urghhhh!

Partying Like A Pro For Those Pesky Zits!

Hopefully now that we’ve got our acne-pimples under control through natural remedies [1], let’s dive into Shrek heaven i.e getting rid of our already existing bubble boys from hell – here is what I recommend:

1. Using Warm Compression

When figuring out how to take care of a cyst at home is the first choice recommended by dermatologists and involves placing a warm COMPRESS on the affected area for 15-20 minutes, three or four times daily. This can be done easily with a warm washcloth or towel.

Fun tip: Glamorously create your own compresses by filling up an old CLEAN sock filled with rice (not cooked) and microwaving it into warmth!

What happens when you use these mini-sauna sessions on your bumpkins? WARMTH dilates blood vessels which let white blood cells in, reducing inflammation via increased circulation thereby draining fluids from the affected cysts bladaaaam!

2. Maintaining Cleanliness

They say cleanliness is next to godliness – well we are going to apply this saying like our life depends on it! Cysts tend to grow bigger under unhygienic circumstances so maintaining proper hygiene plays an important role in ensuring that pus doesn’t develop while keeping swelling under control as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Mild Soap

Cleansing helps prevent infections thus utilize mild soap which contains no harmful chemicals AND doesn’t dry skin out either!.

Anti-bacterial Ointment

To con-elate[2] antibacterial fighting effects directly onto the region, applying anti bacterial ointments help reduce risk of infection buildup whilst also fighting against germs who tend getting feel free running around wherever they wish too.

3. Avoid Physical Pressure

We get it…sometimes its really tempting focussing all attention towards popping those pesky air-filled bubbles but please don’t touchy-touch without slight caution whatever you do till now!! Applying physical pressure can increase blood flow/damage connective tissues generating even more inflammation.

4. Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can work wonders in reducing the size and pain of cysts since it contains anti-microbial properties that help fight bacterial infections.

How to Apply

Use one or two drops of tea tree oil (blended with a carrier oil) onto cotton wool before applying “directly” onto cyst AND surrounding areas.

5. Modifying Your Diet

Whilst certain dietary habits tend worsening conditions such as acne, you would be shocked learning how good nutrition can have effects on your skin i.e if we eat healthier then our body tends healing itself quicker- yup!

Wrapping Up

Understanding how to take care of a cyst at home doesn’t have to become stress inducing rocket science 🙂 All you need is maintain lifestyle changes whilst ensuring hygiene maintenance stays OTT healthy! Drop us any more questions or comments in the section down below


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