How to Take Care of a Baby Painted Turtle?

Baby Painted TurtleAs the name suggests, ‘Painted Turtles’ which are native to North America are one of the most attractive varieties of species of turtle residing in North America. Since their range extends to large boundaries, this reason makes the baby turtles one of the most widespread species. This species becomes habitat to the surrounding which contains any still body of freshwater. Because of their colorful coloration, it makes them the most recognizable among all the species.


If you want to have a painted turtle as a pet, you probably want one that the turtle becomes very easy to handle. Painted turtles have been known to live as long as 50 years so that they can be treated as lifelong companions. If you give them a proper diet, housing, and care, you can reasonably expect a painted turtle to live for 25 to 30 years. It should not be ignored that taking care of Painted Turtle is a very difficult task, but since Painted Turtles can be your life longing companions, it would be worth it.

So, now in the next some paragraphs, we are going to look at how taking some general cares for the Painted Turtles can help them be our life long partners. Painted turtles are semi-aquatic, which means that they are habitat to living both in water and on land. However, most of the time, the painted turtles live in water and hence, this is one point which should be taken into consideration which keeping painted turtles as a pet.


Now, coming to the habitat for a baby turtle, which means determining the shelter for Painted Turtles. When choosing a housing or shelter for the pet, you should have the maximum area you want to allot, so that you can decide the capacity of the tank. The minimum capacity should be approximately 20 gallons for one baby turtle. But as they grow up they live by spending most of the time swimming, so you should be sure about the area (big enough) which can meet their needs.

The area that you give as “shelter” should have a hiding place under the water when they need to hide. In order to mimic the natural conditions, you should also add plastic leaves so that they can feel the surrounding around themselves. The fascinating quality of painted turtles is that they are not generally aggressive.


Like with every living being, in order to ensure that your painted turtle does not go off the ‘shelter’ is to adequately provide it with a safe and nurturing environment. The spacious part plays an important role because ‘baby turtles’ love to swim in water. Make Sure They Have Plenty of Water. As turtles are aquatic beings, they spent around 75% of their lives in the water.

A basking platform is also necessary, as these turtles need place where they can to get out of the water to rest and dry off their shell, to prevent fungus and other harmful diseases. This is a very important step which leads to the healthier life of the turtles and the surroundings in which they live. Just note that turtles are not prone to the presence of humans just like the dogs, and hence the presence of humans in their place can just make them stressed!

This is the case which normally occurs when the basking of Painted Turtles is carried out. If you must pick them up and feel them, the appropriate procedure is to scoop them up from the beneath of their body so as a result their shell and legs are sitting in your hand. This will let them feel nice and stable. By picking them up from the part of their shell will give them lots of stress and anxiety. As their shell is an elongation of their body. So, these were some of the care that should be taken while dealing with Painted Turtles.