How to take calcium supplements with vitamin d?

Are you tired of feeling like your bones are made out of glass? Do people constantly remind you to drink milk so you can get enough calcium and vitamin D, but the thought of downing a gallon of that white liquid makes you want to hurl? Fear not! In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about taking calcium supplements with vitamin D. From knowing the right dosage for your body type to tips on what kind of supplement suits best for your preferences. So sit back, relax, and let’s learn how we can make our bones stronger than Spiderman’s web.

What Are Calcium Supplements?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details on how we should take calcium supplements with vitamin D, let us first understand what they are.

Calcium is an essential nutrient responsible for building and maintaining healthy bones in our bodies. On the other hand, Vitamin D helps absorb calcium from food or supplements. It also plays a vital role in keeping our muscles functioning properly and fighting off infections.

Doctors recommend getting most nutrients from foods rich in them; however, some might have trouble doing so because they don’t get enough sunlight exposure or due to different dietary restrictions that may limit their options. This is where calcium supplements come into play as a nutritional option if taken correctly at appropriate doses and consulting medical advice beforehand.

What Kind Of Calcium Supplement Suits You Best?

Nowadays, numerous kinds of OTC (over-the-counter) medicines offer varying forms & dosages making it challenging to determine which one would suit us better based on needs & bodily requirements. Here’re guidelines useful while picking up suitable choices:

  • Types Of Calcium: Carbonate – most commonly available / Citrate – more easily absorbed by people over 50 yrs
  • Dosage Forms: Chewables – best suited for children age group below 12 / Capsules irrespective of meals & can be opened to mix in food or liquid / Liquid prep & syrups – for difficulty swallowing pills
  • Additional Nutrients: Calcium supplements come with different additional vitamin that can make it easier for you to meet their nutritional requirements. Vitamin D is most important one, other supplements include Magnesium, Vitamin K2, and Boron.

Check With Your Doctor

As we know already, calcium supplements are dietary aids meant to supplement our nutrition through nutritious foods; therefore, before intensive efforts on intaking any particular type or dosage form of such these medicines should always be consulted with physicians who have detailed knowledge based on medical history as well as existing ailments or allergies in the person’s body because they help people select suitable alternatives keeping their health requirements intact without worsening current conditions.

How Much Should We Take?

Determining an appropriate dose of a calcium supplement isn’t rocket science. It solely depends upon factors like age, gender etc. according to National Institutes Of Health (NIH), here’s stated way out-

For Adults

  • 1000 mg/day for the ages under 50 years.
  • 1200 mg/day post crossing over threshold age i.e., above 51 years old women and senior citizens aged over 70 should intake approx 1/3rd more during this time compared pre-platform period.

Pregnant Women require extra nutrients too so following daily amount mentioned below:

  • Younger women less than equal to age group limit(14-18)=$1300mg / maximum relief extent from Postmenopausal up till the mark=1200mg per day

While discussing children’s role community guidelines varies in pediatric areas concerning bone development related conditions eg.rickets,dental caries etc.This article adheres only adults & better consult physician priorly regarding children-specific dosages required respective types of diseases & malaise concerning bones self-management programs.

Dosage can also depend on forms & types of it; Liquid type may vary from 500mg to 1000mg/5ml per medicine dose while syrups’ might require three separate doses ranging from 200mg,400 mg,&600 mg per medication dosage. Under recommended values consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Best Time To Take Calcium Supplements

Getting the right time for consuming calcium supplements can make all the difference in terms of how much of its nutrients our body will absorb. As per standard practice, try these simple tips below:

  • Spread your dosage out over the day and aim for equal participation in installing advantageous results as opposed to taking single shots or bulk intakes at once.
  • Calcium should be taken with Meal because food intake helps not only mix up food but also promote better absorption rates by this receptor-driven mineral through active transport mechanisms

Side Effects Of Calcium Supplements With Vitamin D

We’ve discussed how calcium supplements are beneficial for nourishing bones & improving overall health wellbeing; however, it’s important always to double-check any side effects that could arise while one implements such prescription drugs.

Some potential side-effects include;

  • Heart Burns
  • Constipation issues
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Abdominal pain,
    to name some instances that may cause discomfort due to inadequate supplement consumption which highlights considering both correct intake methods through repeated consultation specifying personal symptoms related underlying medical history before initiating any dosage course highly recommendable since One Size Does Not Fit All!!!


In conclusion, we’ve learned about different kinds of calcium supplements available today and what kind suits us best based on our needs. It’s crucial that we check with a physician who has detailed knowledge about our bodily requirements before picking out an option suitable enough because knowing more never hurts anyone!

Finally determining appropriate amounts according age brackets requires attention if developers follow respective FDA regulations keeping everyone healthy involved especially when you start tackling some form malaise so stay confident that by consulting with physicians or specialists about which type & form would fit into healthy self-management practices besides sustaining a good lifestyle will prove to be quite beneficial both short-term wise as well as long term wise. So take your calcium supplements with vitamin D confidently and remember, strong bones make everything possible!

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