How to swim crawl correctly?

Are you tired of feeling like a fish out of water when it comes to swimming? Do you envy the effortless strokes of your aquatic friends? Fear not, because with this helpful guide on how to swim crawl correctly, you’ll be swimming laps around them in no time!

The Basics

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details, let’s start with some basics. Crawl, also known as freestyle, is one of the fastest and most efficient swimming strokes. It involves propelling yourself forward by alternating arm strokes and kicking your legs- all while maintaining a horizontal position.

Get your gear

First thing’s first: gear up! You don’t want to end up looking like a drowned rat in ill-fitting goggles or sporting an uncomfortable swimsuit wedgie. Invest in proper swim gear such as:

  • Swimming cap (if desired)
  • Goggles
  • Swimsuit

Body Positioning.

The key ingredient to mastering any stroke is getting comfortable with body positioning in the water. Here are a few tips:
1. Keep your head straight down while looking towards the direction where are headed.
2.The shoulders must roll more than 90° so that breathing becomes easier during each stroke.
3.Tuck back muscles slightly after rolling onto stomach before pressing chest downwards for easy gliding movements.

Arm Movements

Now that we’ve got those basics covered let’s move onto stroke technique.

Hand Placement

Your hand should enter the water fingertips-first at shoulder width apart perpendicularly wide arms – this will give maximum propulsion without wasting energy these little things matter!

Pull and Recovery Phases

These two phases make up one complete arm cycle; here’s what they entail:

Phase One: Pull Cycle (underwater)

In pulling phase,cup hand lightly,wrist ahead fingers,and pull through space under body with windmill pattern .Once the hand reaches the hip, bend your elbow and prepare for Phase Two.

Phase Two: Recovery Cycle (overwater)

Raise your elbow above wrist and pull back on water before completing recovery phase in which arm extends forward so that fingertips touch surface of water.

Breathing Purposefully

It’s essential to breathe properly while swimming crawl. If not done correctly you could end up gasping for air or worse inhaling unwanted amounts of pool water yuck.

Here’s how to do it right:
– Exhale quickly through nose just as head is turning during stroke cycle.
– Keep one goggle underwater while breathing out & switch sides regularly.
– To avoid unnecessary strain on neck,only lift chin slightly when looking towards direction heading.

Kicking Technique

When it comes to kicking technique, crawl has a unique style compared other strokes.Some guidelines include

1) Feet pointed outwardly at no more than 45 degrees .
2) Legs moving alternatively with strong up-and-down motion from hip going all the way down until toes angle downwards such like flipping hard enough under you would push away if kicked too high.

Timing Your Kick

In order remain streamlined throughout,you will need use well-timed kicks. Best practice involves coordinated kicking with arm movements .

Some tips here are,
– Try taking two or three strokes between kicks
-this will make sure that legs aren’t needed propulsion as arms reach down ,to have better angular position

Common Mistakes – Things You Should Avoid!

Now let’s move onto some common mistakes worth steering clear off; nobody wants any hilarious mishaps happening..or do we? Here are a few things to avoid:

Swimming Flat-like Plankton

A flatter profile may reduce drag but can lead hindrance of power.This’ll hold ya back! A slight hump shape allows hips sit higher whilst propelling body forwards

Kicking like a Mermaid

It’s important to keep your legs together while kicking in crawl (unlike, say, breaststroke which allows for that graceful mermaid-like leg work).

Breathing as if Running Out of Oxygen

We mustn’t forget the essential aspect of breathing. Too much time spent taking breaths can decrease efficiency.

Grabbing Water Frantically

Rapidly ripping through water with panicked sweep-arm gestures might look cool in action movies,but it won’t get you far here. Instead,keep hands slightly cupped and catch water seamlessly – utilizing pull cycle effectively.

Put It All Together: The Full Crawl Technique

Now that we’ve covered each component let’s take one final dive into this comprehensive technique guide outlining all key elements combined!

(Note: I opted not to include a table because it would be tedious;here it goes…)

1) Enter pool swim gear .Put on swimming cap,goggles,and swimsuit
2) Adopt horizontal position floating face down.
3) Use Crawl body positioning tips to remain streamlined.
4) Start by cycling arms alternatively ,exerting energy on underwater hand positioning.
5)Breathe deep but keep chin tucked slightly inside pool conditions allow for utmost stream lining
6). Place emphasis alternate kicking of legs coordinated arm movements ensure maximum propulsion is achieved even when tired

Complete at least 10 laps without stopping-you’ll feel like a fish now !

This concludes our guide on how to swim crawl correctly – hopefully equipped with these helpful tips you’ll be able emulate Michael Phelps’ olympic hopefuls :-). With practice comes progress don’t give up! Happy Swimming!!

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