How to swallow after tonsillectomy?

Liquid Foods

  • You should take clear liquids immediately after a tonsillectomy such as water, popsicles and Gatorade.
  • Take the liquids while cold or warm so that they do not irritate your inflamed throat.
  • Proceed to heavier fluids such as cooked cereals, creamed soups and milk after your throat can tolerate clear liquids.

Is it bad that I Can’t Swallow after a tonsillectomy? The not swallowing thing is a bummer, since having a tonsillectomy does not deplete your appetite, and you also kinda need to eat so as not to vomit back up those all-important and giant pain pills. Reality versus expectations with regards to my ability to swallow rates in at 300%. 6.

What to do for tonsil pain after tonsillectomy? Instead of drinking, try ice chips, blend some ice up in a blender and just spoon them in and let them melt, swallow slowly. The cold will help to numb you. It’s also good to wait about half an hour after taking some pain medicine to try. If you keep it wet your pain will lessen.

What foods should I eat after having my tonsils removed? Start out with clear, cool liquids like water, apple, or grape juice. These will help you stay hydrated, cool your throat and reduce the swelling. Ice chips and ice pops are also a good idea. When you can eat, start with soft, cool foods for the first week like yogurt, pudding, and scrambled eggs.

What happens to your child’s throat after tonsillectomy? Soreness in the throat, especially during swallowing, that lasts for 7-10 days after the tonsillectomy. Your child may also have pain in the ear, jaw, and neck. This usually starts 3-4 days of the surgery that lasts for another 7-10 days. It is common for your child to complain of something stuck in the throat.

Are there any problems after a tonsillectomy?

Are there any problems after a tonsillectomy? I had my tonsillectomy 3 months ago and im still having problems. Throat feels very narrow and tight and i have trouble swallowing. Up until recently when i had a drink it came up my nose. Thankfully that has settled down. Sometimes it actually feels like im being choked. My taste is still way off,sweet things being the worst.

Is it normal for scabs to fall off after tonsil surgery? The takeaway. Tonsillectomy scabs are a normal process of having your tonsils removed. As tonsil wounds heal, the scabs will fall off on their own. During the recovery process, you may be uncomfortable. The most common side effect is a sore throat, which may last up to 10 days after surgery.

What should I do if I have a sore throat after tonsillectomy? Talk to your doctor about taking ibuprofen (Advil), as this can increase bleeding in some cases. Your doctor may also prescribe other pain medications. Placing wrapped ice packs on your neck or chewing on ice chips can help alleviate a sore throat. Fluids are especially important after surgery. Water, sports drinks, or juice are good options.

Is it normal for your mouth to swell after having your tonsils removed? You can expect to have a few days where your mouth doesn’t feel or look right after having your tonsils removed. The changes listed are normal as long as you don’t see any fresh blood, swelling inside your mouth isn’t making it difficult to breathe, or see any signs of infection including a fever over 102 F.