How to stretch out chest pain?

Do you ever feel like your chest is wrapped in barbed wire after a long day’s work? Are you tired of having an elephant sit on your rib cage every time you breathe? Well, fear not! Below are some easy and practical ways to stretch out that annoying chest pain.

But First…

Before we dive into the juicy stuff, it’s important to understand what Chest Pain really is. Simply put, it is any discomfort or pain experienced anywhere within the thorax region aka the torso. Common causes include stress, overexertion, anxiety, indigestion or even acid reflux disease.

While mild cases usually go away on their own within days, severe ones could be a symptom of something more serious like lung infections or heart diseases. Naturally, when in doubt always seek medical attention immediately.

Now that’s out of the way let’s get started!

1) The Posture

Just like our moms used to tell us; good posture goes a long way in keeping us healthy- which includes avoiding unnecessary chest pains! Ensure that your shoulders are back and relaxed while sitting down or standing up straight with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Some tips:

  • Practice yoga/pilates exercises for better alignment.
  • Avoid crossing your legs- It affects body balance hence leading to uneven posing
  • Take regular breaks when working long hours at a desk job

With modern technology comes horrible neck cricks from constantly looking downward and slouching (yes I’m talking about our beloved smartphones). Consider investing in an ergonomic chair/desk setup as well as limiting screen time for healthier habits.

2) Deep Breaths/Rib Cage Stretches

A great starting point will definitely be focusing on deep breathing exercises as they help bring air all around those hard-to-reach areas thus relieving tension off muscles holding things together in those sensitive regions of your front torso.

Some tips:

  • Inhale deeply through the nose and visualize the air filling up -Push outwards with your belly
  • Slowly exhale through pursed lips, Imagine a candle being extinguished.
  • Place one hand on either side of your rib cage while inhaling, take note of them expanding then constricting upon exhalation- back to their relaxed state
    Yes! You read that right! Visualization can go a long way in achieving resting positions for muscles.

3) Shoulder blade squeezes

In today’s world of technology where most things are done perched on our desks; we tend to round up our shoulders forward which tightens chest muscles, leading to unnecessary strain. Strength multi-directional movement exercises help in removing tension from serratus anterior muscles between scapulae bones

These could be achieved by using machines like lat pulldowns or assisted pull-ups but more preferred free-weight move would be dumbbell rows.

How To Perform:

1) Grab two lightweight dumbbells (5-10 pounds).
2) Stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart
3) Bend knees slightly so hips/waist area sticks out way behind body position.
4) Lift weights towards sides till elbows move beyond midline unti;l you feel stretch sensations under collarbones or upper frontal chest Region)
5) Hold weight at top couple seconds before Lowering them downwards until arms reach starting point/slightly below initial posture

4) Wall Roll-Outs/Doorway Pushups

If working Out is already part of your lifestyle routine , these may seem pretty easy-peasy lemon squeezy but if not kindly pay attention. They’re just as effective in relieving Chest pain while making every other muscle group from Upper arm Flexors all the way down Stabilizers beneficially happy.

The Process:

For wall roll-outs simply place yourself against a wall with both hands up as if receiving some invisible sage blessing. Slowly slide your arms downwards till they’re positioned below shoulder level whilst chest expands/opens up, then repeat the process for around 10 seconds.

As for Doorway Pushups, It’s pretty straightforward; Assume regular pushup position but use the doorframe to support yourself by grabbing onto it rather than letting palms touch floor surface. This Move helps ease tension from triceps and major pecs allowing free range of motion in front torso area.

5) Foam Rollers

Never underestimate power foam rollers hold when utilized correctly -Their intense massage-like features help pinpoint specific areas needing relaxation From muscles all over body regions . By encouraging blood flow into those Upper Trapezius/Teres minor parts around Chest Region release pressure generated due any sort stress situation thereby eliminating that unwanted tightness sensation both joints ligaments surrounding respective region functions properly again without discomfort experienced before!

Further tips:

  • Always align spine straight major moves are being carried out
  • Pace yourself while using roller don’t exert too much force upon lactic acid buildup chances

In Conclusion…

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Chest Pain! Well…unless you like feeling uncomfortable or enjoying having weird conversations with baristas (Would you like cream/sugar mista’? Oh no thank you- I have Barbed wire wrapped around my ribcage today!). Luckily, these simple exercises should help rid of this annoying little nuisance- so breathe deep , manage posture regularly & say goodbye to discomfort!

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