How to stretch calves and shins?

Stretching before exercising is crucial, but more often than not, we all forget the important muscles below our knees- calves and shins. As a result of neglecting these muscles, athletes face cramp attacks that are so strong they could go down like an injured dog. But if you’re not a fan of pain or missed workouts due to muscle strain, then read on for some stretching tips that will improve your balance, flexibility and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Why You Should Care about Stretching Calves and Shins?

You think skipping stretching must be okay if Kourtney Kardashian does it too? Well my friend, celebrities aren’t endurance machines like us normal people!

Rubbery calves add extra inches to your height (depending on how flexible you want them), while sturdier shins help prevent leg injuries while running downhill. Your lower body supports you throughout the day – walking around work or returning home with grocery bags can strain unexercised calf muscles all right!

If you have weaker shin and calf muscles from no exercise routine in place or have been consistent with wearing high heels since puberty ended years ago – this article is just what your beach-set newfound fitness regime needs!

Let’s Begin The Stretch Process: Warm-up Exercise

Catch hold of one ankle standing straight:


Steps Illustrations
1 Lift up one foot so that only its toes touch the ground
2 Hold onto its ankle using both hands tightly
3 Raise yourself up onto the tip-toes

Repeat by switching legs twice pretty please! This classic move warms up those spots in seconds allowing for better stretch later on when “cool down” signaling starts showing signs off trouble after working out.

Calf Muscle Stretches: Wall-Lover Style

The calf raises are for reminding your sore calves what they really could’ve been if you stretch them regularly. This exercise couldn’t be easier!

Put one foot about a step away from the wall in front of you, put both hands on it to support your body weight, and position yourself straight.


Steps Illustrations
1 Plant the ball of one of your feet against the floor with heels raised high as possible
2 Lower that heel towards the ground without moving rest of leg
3 Hold down there for 10 seconds while feeling large swoosh getting bubbled up inside calf muscles!

Repeat thrice again before switching legs- remember patience is key when stretching.

Shin-Calf Stretches: Alphabet Soup

Why this “alphabet soup” works so well? If only we knew how alphabet exercises do such wonders! Moving aside reasons lesser mortals can’t fathom – we say it improves strength gradually in those needed bottom-half spots all humans have.

Sitting on flat hard surface or lying down with one leg bent-execute by “writing out” every letter in the alphabet using great toe alone (quick tip: keep those ankles rigid). Repeat whole thing nine times doing rounds with both legs separately.

For better visual reference-refer below table!


Alphabet Chair/Table Leg Exercise

Recreate ‘A’ to ‘Z’ letters next to each other showing flow movements left-to-right or top-down versioned like ABC book coversheet.

Do not forget looking like you grew three inches by sitting/lying tall throughout move!!!


We all know staying fit is important but let’s give shin-calf stretches kudos for helping us dodge embarrassing adolescent injuries at critical moments. The next time your mind tries tricking telling itself skipping stretching won’t account for much – I hope one of these moves pops up in head to help you make the right decision!

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