How to stretch achilles tendon while sitting?

If you’re an office worker or a student, sitting all day is pretty much your daily routine. However, this habit might take its toll on your body and specifically your muscles. One of the most poorly treated muscles while sitting is our calf muscular group which includes the Achilles tendon. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to stretch the Achilles tendon while sitting to help prevent muscle imbalances and injuries.

Why Do You Need to Stretch Your Achilles Tendon?

Stretching your muscles has several benefits that can positively impact your health and well-being:

  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Improving flexibility
  • Enhancing athletic performance

Your calf muscular group extends from behind knee area down through the foot’s arch, and it serves as shock absorbers between heel strike and toe-off during running or walking activity (plus, they make women wear high heels). Among those muscles lies our star of the show: The Achillea! named after an ancient Greek hero who was invincible except for his heel, so yeah – keep stretching that part.

The Achilles’ tendon itself attaches three main groups in lower limb movement: gastrocnemius (calf) soleus (deep calf), and plantaris(More on that guy later).

By keeping these muscles flexible using regular stretches like what we’ll be talking about today; then you can reduce pain-related symptoms such as arthritis and potentially avoid injury by ensuring healthy musculature balance, especially important if you do sports!

Before You Start

Before showing off some fancy exercises try not to push hard enough till pain occurs but just until without discomfort feel mild tension start gently without being hardheaded(be mentally flexible at least..i am sorry coming up with puns right now).

So here are some general tips for preparing yourself for any exercise regimen :

  1. Warm-up first. Get blood flow moving with some cardio like a brisk walk or bike ride.
  2. Wear comfortable, flexible clothing that won’t restrict your movements.
  3. Grab any required equipment like yoga blocks if needed.

The Achilles Stretch

Here are five different stretches you can do while sitting:

1- Calf Raises (Simple does it)

You don’t even need to leave your chair to start stretching the calf’s group as this first exercise is pretty easy!

  1. Start by sitting on the edge of a sturdy chair with both feet flat on
    the floor.
    2.Place hands on knees and then lifting heels high off ground.
    3.If feeling daring go ahead lift up just single foot at a time repeat for desired amount of repetitions or finish all together(go hard or go home).

This stretch targets the soleus which is located deeper than gastrocnemius in fact primarily consisting of slow-twitch fibers.

2 – Heel drops

Simply doing heel raises to now landing right down again! Just reverse what did last time we see each other during calf raised(awkward silence). Try adding ankle weights once routine becomes easier.

1.Start same pose from last time
2.Lift heels once again but this time, swiftly lower them back down till your heel hits the checks..
3.Remember no pain dont be stubborn (take care of yourself) stick repeat..

3 – Seated forward bend

Now things getting serious already… although beginners still can pull-off eventually after few attempts at least, without looking too clumsy!

There will be touching toes involved here so I get why most people feel intimidated; otherwise known as Paschimottanasanaa if prefer to make everything precisely complicated(Indian language..yeah gotcha!)

1.Either position two folded towels beneath knee joints(to avoid misalignments) OR place hands gently atop thighs whereover close eyes relax those shoulders before slowly inhaling.
2. During exhale, hinge forward at the hips extending both arms down legs as proceed to fold naturally over thighs[ also beyond personal depth this ain’t a competition( unless it truly is then bring out these iterations but always add some spirit of sportsmanship)
3.Hopefully reaching toes without pain keeping eyes closed and take ten breaths.

4 – Stretching with Towel

Might want to reach for your beach towel here! or any dry-clean-friendly fabric otherwise get ready for semi-dampness…

Either way, since by now spent much time together assume will not be coy about tuck those foot bottoms inside freshly folded towel …(Remember what we said about hygiene)

1.The first posture could begin even while being on break during work hence wonder why it’s named so helpfully “Seated Break Stretch”

Sit comfortably rest feet atop two towels folded beneath form accustomed V-shape (base of feet together heels apart).
2.Grasping middle portion securely allow gently guiding chest downward toward knees(and BREATHE…)
3.As gains experience with routine modify lying perpendicular across floor same posture hopefully more intuitive later-on(beware: highly ADDICTIVE!)

5- Butterfly Pose

Our final stretch gift…oh wait nope that was actually done speaking of cards!!!

Butterfly?! yep I know.. one never knows what new yoga-pose to expect right? Actually simply an excellent method increase flexibility within inner-thighs quadriceps glutes includes abb stimulation too!

1.Start sitting up tall avoid slouching spine straight extend legs out in front lay hands palms-down flush against surface below.
2.Bend knees placing heels close-in toward groin region touching soles themselves each other fingertips optional placed next top toes(slowly releasing air fill lungs deeply…)
3.Now nodding head towards ground hold position twenty seconds interval-repeat twice(for advanced routine leave feet placed in this same posture and pull chest toward floor if can manage it).

Final Thoughts

Stretching your muscles has lots of benefits! Make sure to include all these stretches, or work out atleast 2 times/week. But please remember: do not force any pose past what feels comfortable. It takes time for your body to adjust to new movements; stay patient and see progress eventually.

And last but surely least one vital note..aim as best possible while working out for wellness instead pure excellence…being healthy more crucial than being”the best”$!

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