How to strengthen my relationship?

Relationships are hard work. Between communication issues, conflicting schedules, and the occasional argument over who ate the last cookie (it clearly wasn’t me), it can be easy for a relationship to lose its spark. But fear not! With a little effort, you can reignite that connection and keep your love alive.

It Takes Two to Tango

Before we jump into some tips on how to strengthen your relationship, let’s remind ourselves of an important fact: relationships take two people. You cannot carry the entire weight of keeping your bond strong. The other person must be equally invested in making your partnership work.

Communication is Key (duh)

I know what you’re thinking – “wow, groundbreaking advice!” but seriously folks, if there is one thing that all successful relationships have in common it is solid communication skills (well except mine which only has Netflix binges in common). Get out of those phones and talk about things that truly matter instead of scrolling through Instagram (your ex does not count!).

Active Listening Matters More Than You Think

It’s tough to actually listen when someone else speaks so don’t beat yourself up for zoning out during conversations about banking or carpentry (wait…is this even English?); however active listening matters more than we think! Try repeating what your partner says back immediately after they say it – trust us they will be impressed by what seems like super hearing abilities.

Romance Ain’t Dead!

Remember those sweet moments which put butterflies in our tummies? Bring them back into play! It could be chocolates delivered at work or a surprise dinner date sans kids but make sure you put time aside every week to carve quirky ways of showing affection beyond sex/daily chores/routine life matters( I hope?!). Be creative with regular dates too – try something new such as taking dance lessons or signing up for an art exhibit opening to keep things fresh.

Classic Moves That Still Work

While it might be nice to think that every romantic relationship is unique, there are certain things that will always work no matter the couple. Below are a few classic moves you can try out:

Prioritize Alone Time

Spending too much time with anyone- even your spouse or partner – leads to monotony and irritation. It’s vital not just for your relationship but also for individual mindsets – Make sure you prioritize alone time on occasion; whether it’s indulging in some self-care or spending the weekend by yourself (this does NOT mean giving into Netflix so NO Chilling allowed!).

Never Underestimate A Weekend Trip

If at all financially feasible take one vacation/weekend trip a year atleast! Trying different experiences make memories which brings couples closer and instances where they outside their comfort zone.

Couple Goals of “TV Show” Proportions

Look I know this sounds crazy but hear us out: pick a TV show that both of you love (or hate-watch!) and stream binges over weekends complete with takeout food options/games/making every character tiny hats….anything really! Spend quality downtime like bonding over characters, guessing ”whodunit?” etc- essentially something built on shared interests/favorite pass-times!

Unique Tips You Don’t Learn In School

While traditional methods might work wonders when comes to relationships as we mentioned above, sometimes we must look beyond basics.

Use Transformation Language

How we communicate has everything about how our partners receive information from us! Engulf yourselves using transformational language such as talking ourselves through difficulties rather than scolding each other eg. “This situation makes me feel” rather than throwing accusations such as “you’re constantly.” By framing issues differently ensures resolution finding becomes easier since more likely collaboration comes around rather opponent ideas clashing.

Compromise Smoothly Like Peanut Butter

Opening up and compromising is important; however, we tend to take these conversations like a battle with one eventually conceding. Instead of viewing disagreements as ”me versus you” try focusing on what both parties can agree upon without an ultimatum.So if it’s a matter of choosing between different movie genres then try to watch alternate weekends or maybe sign/flip a coin at times.

Be the “Yes Man(woman)!”

I know this feels similar how parenting guides talk about positive reinforcement techniques for kids- but come on who doesn’t love being appreciated? Say yes more often than not – when they just need someone to listen or even chipping in with household chores; whatever small that could be done lets them know you’ve got their back no matter how minor yet significant role !

In Conclusion

A relationship is much more than holding hands and posting pictures together on social media! Sometimes couples fall into routines leading towards overlooking easy ways of keeping intimacy alive.However through communication, quality time, unique tips learnt beyond basics-both persons can reignite connection towards another level. Whether pursuing interests together OR simply streaming your fave TV shows while eating sushi – creating memorable experiences together can go long ways!. Remember always KEEP DISCOVERING EACH OTHER EVEN AFTER YEARS.THAT’S THE FUN PART OF IT!

Okay folks that’s our time, now go ahead put down those smartphones and engage in conservations filled with nerdy/silly nonsense….you’ll definitely thank us (well unless it ends with divorce?!).

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