How to straighten your hair naturally for men?

Are you tired of looking like a hobo every time you wake up with frizzy, curly hair? Do you wish you could have that smooth hairstyle without the use of heat or chemicals? Well, look no further because we’ve got some naturally fabulous solutions for all our men out there who want to know how to straighten their hair effortlessly.

Here are 16 natural and easy-to-follow methods that will leave your locks silky smooth!

1. Wash your hair properly

The key to great-looking straightened hair is starting off with clean and smooth strands. Here’s what you should do:

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Rinse well
  • Apply conditioner generously

After washing, towel-dry gently then comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Now that your mane is prepped, it’s ready for some serious styling magic!

2. Get Coconut Milk-ed Up For Sleek Strands

Coconut milk isn’t just something delicious in Asian recipes; it also has amazing moisture benefits too! Laden with healthy fatty acids and vitamins that help nourish dry curls while helping control hot-headed frizz, coconut milk’s high fat content helps hydrate each strand deeply, giving way to ultra-defined ringlets once waves are dried.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Ripe coconut – grated
– Bowl
– Filtered water


  1. Mix grated coconut in the bowl.
  2. Add filtered water.
  3. Squeeze out liquid from the mixture using cheesecloth.

Once strained completely,
4 – Apply this on damp tresses after detangling them.
5 – Leave on till completely dry and wash out thoroughly.

Tip: If doing this overnight make sure hooded dryer used reaches low temperature(30m) at most.

3.Try Yogurt And Oil Mask; Bring Life To Those Lively Locks

Some people don’t like the smell of yogurt, but this recipe will make you a fan. Yogurts have fatty acids that are immensely beneficial to retaining hair moisture and making them appear full & vigorous. Coupling it with natural oils helps penetrate deep into shafts for nourished locks.

  • 3 tbsp/4 oz Organic plain yogurt
  • h2 tbsp Extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tsp organic honey

Mix well and apply onto pre-washed tresses from root to tip. leave on for up to an hour then shampoo out+mild conditioner(optional). Your strands will reward you by feeling reinvigorated, bouncy and smooth!

4.Egg Whites Mask(Nope,it doesn’t stink)

You might think eggs only get eaten; not today – they’ll help create some egg-cellent hairstyles as well! Their protein-rich whites can help your mane grow even when subjected to styling products like heat or chemicals constantly used.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Egg whites (from at least two eggs)
– Bowl

Separate whipped egg whites in a bowl thoroughly till frothy.
Apply it uniformly on semi-dry tresses.
Leave on for around 20 minutes before rinsing off with cold H2O.

That’s all there is! With such great ingredients,you’ll start looking forward those fridays once more 😀 .

5.Banana + Honey Mix: The Magic Elixir You Never Knew Existed!

Bananas aren’t just good once blended or outright peels; they’re also excellent masks if your goal is touchable soft shiny tassels instead of tight curls(kinks)Simplicity si the ultimate sophistication.

All right, Chad ,here’s how much ripe banana💡, carefully mashed together with 0 sugar, honey🍯,vitamin E capsules(Capsules contain pure vitamin E, an antioxidant known for its ability to nourish and soften the hair)


  1. Mash banana, best eaten slightly riper
  2. Add honey in proportions of 2:1(i.e 2 spoons : one),
    3 – Open up Vitamin E capsule & pour just a pea-sized amount directly into mixture.
    4 – Blend thoroughly (usefork or hand blender)
  3. Generously apply onto shampooed and detangled tangles.
    6.Leave on for atleast 30m- minimum then rinse out with cold water.

Tip: You can mix this recipe however you like if your natural hair is kinky; straightening will become much easier.

6.Aloe Vera Gel as A Smooth Hair Straightener

Do you have curly or wavy hair that desperately needs some TLC? A solution lies in the gel produced from aloe vera leaves ! Its active ingredients are beneficial in holding moisture levels consistent at normal volume thus drying faster without loss of quality 💪🏻gives it a smooth finish rather than fizzy making it easy to manage any day anywhere!

What Do You need?
– Cut pieces Of Certified organic aloevera leafs
– Blender/Extractor
– Mixing bowl

A step-by-step guide:
After peeling off outer layer of Aloevera plant,

Add cut pieces into your brass blender,
Extractthe gel part alone exclusively.

In mixingbowl whisk nicely along extra moisterizers. Apply all over mane evenly while showering, massage scalp well with pulp area applying less pressure.Sheer heaven! Rinse throughly,waste no time,and hold tip-toe😌 .

7.Olive Oil Treatment For Dry Ends

Olive oil – it’s not only flavorful but also comes packed with moisturizing properties when applied right!

Just try rubbing warm Olive oil along ends before grabbing those scissors unnecessarily-you’ll be amazed at how much more use can be gotten out of hair before it ultimately needs trimming.Make sure both strands have been thoroughly moistened from top towards its ends.

Wash your hair with mild shampoo and warm water once complete, towel-blot the frizz away.Your mane will feel squishy and resemble silk even if your lifestyle is anti-haircare with most likely clarity in vision💡 .

8.Low-Maintenance Haircare After Shower

A great hack comes after showering at night-Apply argan oil generously daily, evenly on damp locks or dry hairs. Just ensure not to overuse as that’ll leave them greasy forever.Science!

You’ll wake-up ready for top-notch grooming instantly! Argan oil prevents split ends in men’s manes giving rise to a perfect shiny finish minus any heaviness.

9.Moisturize With Honey Mask Before Styling

Honey adds nourishing hydration into curls,kinks,making eachmane stronger rather than harshly altering follicular nature or dullness.Combined lengths get soft,and elasticity stays head-turning.

1.just whip the egg white first
2.add honey using 3:1 ratio(how cool!)
3. Apply directly onto semi-dry tangles.
4.Rinse off completely after around twenty minutes when mixture has dried slightly + add some good Conditioner(optional).

Your straightening game just went up by one level🕺!

Never thought adopting natural styling products would make you look sexier,did ya?

10.Papaya Recipe Straight From The Eden Barbecue Eatery Yard😂

Papaya offers healthy minerals, rich hydrants which help strengthen man’s scalp while improving strand texture vastly.Talk about looking sleek,elegant & healthy all together—this recipe is just magic
Here are the ingredients needed:


Get a medium-sized papaya,
Chop into small pieces & blend after washing off external chips.

Spoon two cups of this onto freshly washed(de-tangled)/moisture-richened hair upholding normal volume.Dry out well,keeping watch without using heat produts more than necessary.

You’re now ready to unleash those head-turning hairstyles you’ve always wanted!

11:Dryer Sheets Might Just Set Your Mane Straight!

Dryer sheets could become your go-to for making curls disappear if the don’t misbehave as often. Swipe one sheet straight down from roots to ends when locks are damp,to help reduce frizz altogether.You’ll be left dumbfounded at how quickly it gets absorbed right in whilst not being too heavy on natural tassels💪🏻 .

12.Protein Treatment To Strengthen Frail Strands

Most individuals realise that protein plays a major role in leading healthy and strong manes—yet they seldom care about nourishing their follicles formusing pluckings regularly. Redken’s Anti-Snap leave-in treatment is the perfect solution because it contains proteins which penetrate deep into shafts and works wonders from inside-out towards building significant strength needed against damage caused by humidity or constant hairstyling techniques applied.Learn How this is done:

  1. Apply generous amounts thoroughly across habitually fractured strands.
  2. Allow drying completely before brushing softly thru each mesh as desired.

The added benefit comes when Amino Acids & Ceramides also aid toward imminent repairment.

A lot of men think lemons only have use worth its taste value.This secret recipe begs to differ.Get fresh lemon extract juice into spray bottle- Add distilled water if needed since pure citrus extracts can cause some sort of reactivity upon sensitive skin.Soak spray all over finishing shampooed wavy lengths until drenched properly.Blow-dry.Go ahead and touch, it’d not turn out greasy or too oily👀 .

Most men with wavy hair realise gel is the least preferred material asit leaves a hard feel and brittle shininess on hairs,vanity just disappears,everything feels way too imperfect.However when you decide to spend some money to obtain water-based pomades,you
you know what kind of quality service that’ll get you in terms an easy application process without causing harm.

Tip: Make sure your brand is quoted “water-soluble” if searching for one online.

Many guys want their sleek mane kept at bay throughout the day; always looking jet-lagged possible.Here’s how:

  • Push hair back using comb then drape towel around using medium heat air dryers.
  • Avoid putting hats on newly-straightened strands
  • Spray mist containing humectants over dried-out sections where they need more moisture

If you got carried away playing sports activities, sweat could ruin fresh straightening completely – so spray bottle filled up with mixtures oil+water can spruce things up by lightly massaging affected areas afterwards😌 .

16.Silk Pillowcases Are A Dream Come True(Your Wallet Won’t Regret It!)

Silk pillowcases are what men have been missing all along! Not only grab attention effortlessly,but also helps maintain new-age hairstyles staying untangled longer after waking up impressed 😄 !

Incredible,right?💡Get yourself one made from silk,chill pill-o-world will vouch for this You’ll experience less tangling / breakage while becoming aware of quick increases in strand smoothness/purities.Thread-count doesn’t matter much—just make sure texture remains soft like ☁️ .