How to straighten natural hair at home?

If you’re like me and have natural hair that isn’t straight, then you know how frustrating it can be when you want to switch up your look but don’t want to damage your locks. There are so many options available, from straighteners to relaxers, but they all come with a potential for harm.

But don’t worry! You don’t need to leave the house or spend buckets of money at the salon just to get that smooth sleek finish. Read on for some tips on how best to achieve perfectly straightened hair in the comfort of your own home!

Invest in proper tools

Contrary to popular belief, it’s better not to use a flat iron frequently as it may cause breakage over time making all of us scream: “NOOO!!” Instead consider investing in other heat styling tools such as:

Ceramic brush dryer

This tool is efficient because it dries and brushes simultaneously which saves hours spent styling (ain’t nobody got time for extensions)

Hot Comb

A hot comb equipped with heat protection spray lightly stretched through sections will create uniformity throughout kinks, kurls (much fancier language) or tangled textures.

Boar bristle brush

If you’re looking for something less intense than these other curl taming measures(because let’s face it sometimes less is more) try this gentle tool. It doesn’t exactly work great on kinks and coils especially if they’re tightly curled down or ‘Shrinkage-prone’ (eek)

Remember always use proper heat shielding products before applying any type of thermal instrument onto dry strands riddled with knots, split ends and tons other issues.

Prepping Your Hair: Wash & Dry

The first step towards getting silky-straight hair is starting out with clean dry strands(angels sing Hallelujah). Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Wash your hair

Clean, shampooed and conditioned hair is essential before straightening. Incorporate a pre-shampoo detangling session where you apply your regular conditioner followed by a hydration/mask/treatment to ensure strands are tangle-free during drying (Hallelujah Amen).

Step 2: Towel-dry

No need for an overly abrasive towel scrubbing process, just gently pat or rub the wet strands between semi dry towels until damp.

Now wait, before reaching out for that dryer are you sure Your Hair texture type needs blowouts? Afro-textured hair requires lots of time and control when styling since it has more volume than other textures.This said towel drying will wick off enough moisture allowing natural shrinkage which provides better control with less heat damage risks in cases of kinky/coily hair types(Oomph)

On the other hand those definitely needing high heat use low-to-medium temperatures and keep them ON medium-force until the sections( NO SLICING BIG CHUNKS) have completely dried though avoid being too close to roots(toasty burn anyone) VERY IMPORTANT!!

During this step ensure all products sprayed on post towelling through ends get evenly distributed.

The Straightening Process

Ah! We’ve made it to the part we’ve been waiting for but be patient guys; remember this saying- “good things come to people who don’t stress their curls (haha pun so explicit! )So take some breaths grab your tools,(meticulously picked from tip number one) we ready?

### Pre-styling application:
Use protective serum/spray/oil like argan oil over each section worked on soon after Drying. This keeps bonds intact instead of breaking down – leading oily bone-straight look (yuck!). Do NOT over apply as these oils increase section slip further causing you to apply more heat than required which in turn leads split ends boredom and ultimately frustration (nobody wants that).

### Step 1: Divide & Conquer:
Sectioning helps keep track of our progress (Duh!!). Twist up any hair sections not yet straightening-don’t be afraid (it’s just hair) Of course, these twists must still have the protective oil fresh because microfiber towels rub them off with too much ease. This real-time separation clears confusion when we eventually start straightening giving us swift coordination.

For those using a Ceramic brush dryer/ Hot comb firstly place on lower temperature power setting medium speed and use it along each section’s length till tip gently guiding ends- Beware not to press down fully onto scalp Sizzling-like breakfast bacon..ouch!

Step 2 Use Heat Safely:

Those using flat iron set before starting out(max temp? NEVER recommended) Work through smaller bolder-sized portions while patiently focusing on each strand holding steady tight but never TOO TIGHT does anyone like burnt fingers or hands?

The idea is turning your flat iron near-thoughtlessly until achieving desired results so begin from roots proceeding downwards.and quite simply don’t stop completely sideways instead continuing all the way creating elongated rows Hence satin sheets appearance

Remember your hands need testifying for every little mistake done towards curl shrinking gone wrong so basically hold wider ceramic plate type if you get scared easily(we know we do)


Here it is broken down stepwise:

1) Sectioning
2) Applying distillates/oil/shielding sprays where deemed necessary.
3) Starting from roots downward row by row smoothly gliding tool over strands working through small sections at-a-time.then the next move independent upon joining with previously styled parts Not uttering Kumbaya!

Are You ready To Straighten Yourself?
Well folks there you have it – some simple steps for getting those gorgeous straight locks from the comfort of your own home, without having to spend hours in front of a pricey stylist. Keep practicing to get a technique that works best for you (Practice makes perfect hey) and before you know it, you’ll be looking fabulous day after day! So go forth with confidence now (Bongo Drums).

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