How to store sunglasses without case?

Are you one of those people who have lost their sunglasses case and wonder where to store them now? Or you’re simply searching for a more stylish way to showcase your sunglasses collection rather than stuffing them in a drawer? Fear not, because we’ve got you covered with some innovative ways on how to store your sunglasses without a case.

Create Your Own DIY Sunglasses Rack

If you’re looking for an exciting project that will offer the perfect solution for storing multiple pairs of glasses, creating your own DIY sunglass rack is the answer. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather all necessary materials.
  2. Wooden plank
  3. A drill or screwdriver
  4. Screws
  5. Eyelet hooks (the amount depends on the number of glasses)
  6. Cut and finish wooden planks according to desired size.
  7. Drill holes into both ends of the board.
  8. Screw eyelet hooks into pre-drilled holes approximately 3-4 inches apart depending on glass sizes.
  9. Hang up by attaching hanging hardware from backside.

Voila! You have yourself an impressive display where all favorite eyewear can be quickly accessed.

Use a Scarf or Bandana

Who would’ve thought that fashion accessories could also serve as storage solutions?Put your creativity skills to test, don’t limit yourself only tucking hair away outta face,wrap glasses around it efficiently using either scarf or bandanna then tie together at back-this works very well especially when live fast-paced life style constantly moving bags after bags no need bother worrying about getting scratched while suiting stylishness level since often much trendier wearing accessory even compare usual cases may take minimal space inside hobo bag never notice-a blessing inconspicuous protection!

Utilize Magnetic Strips

This tip is perfect if workspace available small & extra-storage organization essential!Not many individuals would think giving magnet strips as accessory place store sunglasses,but significantly efficient. Fix it on any metal surface then showcase your shades neatly stick-on area– utilize creative arrangements to make display look spectacular.

Repurpose a Jewelry Organizer

Do you have an old jewelry organizer from a previous shopping spree or find it at local garage sale?Repurpose them, turn into accessories & sunglasses storage! This often multi-tiered, platform-based hanger design ideal making full use all compartments spaced apart just enough fit frames securely without taking up much room space while still allowing view which pair select suitable event outfit!

Use Tissue Boxes

Two practical and cost-efficient alternatives are tissue boxes or other containers like butter tubs。Investing constructing cases require bit wallet damage — if nonexistence extra storage resources time being try repurposing !Tissue boxes – good idea Glasses will slot in easily, available for quick access!

Pocket Them

When going out during the day where glasses essential whether sunshine is too strong glare gets excessive capable frying retina pretty darn fast— easy remedy putting a couple of cushioned microfiber pouches in pocket-compact durable protection solution!

Hook Them Up onto Clothing Hangers

Don’t have enough closet space? No problem! Opt-in using customized pegged coat-hangers with hooks swiftly tuck away after running errands since don’t anticipate needing them entire day!Making complete collection visible & organized utilizing existing fixture straightforward way guarantee utmost security while still ensuring accessibility thereby eliminating misplaced lost possessions never waste time searching again!


From DIY sunglass racks to unconventional storage solutions that incorporate more stylish items than regular cases could ever hope to muster, there’s something here for everyone no matter what their needs may be. Remember,storing eyewear doesn’t always need conventional cases- get creative with solutions meet specific requirements personality lifestyle-so start implementing these tips today and save yourself some hassle tomorrow by creating resourceful yet stylish ways storing precious glasses.

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