How to stop throwing up day after drinking?

Have you ever had that feeling of regret the day after a wild night out? Maybe you got a bit too carried away with the drinking and now you’re left to deal with the consequences. A pounding headache, a general sense of confusion and disorientation, oh, and let’s not forget about the inevitable vomiting. If you find yourself in this less-than-ideal situation more often than not, then fear not – I’ve got some tips and tricks for how to prevent your body from rejecting everything that enters it.

Firstly: It’s All About Prevention

Don’t Drink Too Much

This may seem obvious but sometimes we need reminding that there is such a thing as moderation (I’m wagging my finger at myself here). Nobody wants to be known as the person who can’t handle their alcohol!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water before heading out on an epic bender might seem like overkill, but trust me: hydration is key when it comes to preventing excessive puking. Your liver will thank you.

Avoid Mixing Drinks

One minute it’s tequila shots, next up vodka sodas; while variety is important in life, mixing your drinks just confuses your poor stomach. Stick to one kind of alcohol per party if possible (and maybe swap out those sugary mixers for something healthier…like straight whiskey).

If You’ve Already Started Puking: Recover Like A Pro

Sip Some Sparkling Water With Lime Or Other Citrusy Fruit

Carbonation can help settle down an upset tummy while citric acid has been known to calm nausea; together they make quite the powerhouse combo! Add some ice if needed or use frozen fruit instead for added flavor and chill.

Give Your Body Nutrients/Sugar/Protein

Find yourself craving Taco Bell or other fast food joints the day after a night of partying? Instead, try and nourish your body with healthy options like eggs, bananas or peanut butter toast. Trust me again when I tell you that your body will thank you for this.

Take A Shower

Sometimes washing away the sins of the previous night can help reset both our minds and bodies. Plus fresh clean clothes are always nice.

When All Else Fails: Home Remedies

Lemon Juice Shot

This might sound extreme but trust me on this one, taking a shot glass full of straight lemon or lime juice can do wonders in stopping vomiting quickly. Citric acid is the secret ingredient yet again!

Mint Tea With Honey

Sipping hot mint tea with honey may not sound too exotic but it works just as well as other fancy-sounding remedies out there (anyone else hear about cow urine being used to prevent nausea?). The key is in using real herbal teas instead of those bottled monstrosities with added flavors and sugar fillers; mint has soothing properties while honey adds some calories for an additional energy boost.

Chewing Ginger Candy/Root/Biscuits/Capsules/Etc…

Okay so technically ginger could fall under category two above alongside lemons as they’re both known remedies to stop vomiting…but let’s be real here: ginger deserves its own section entirely! You’ll find loads of products available nowadays from candied ginger bites to capsules filled with powdered ginger extract – experiment until you’ve found what works best for your particular tummy troubles.

Worst Case Scenario

Okay now this last tip isn’t necessarily funny – we’re talking worst-case scenarios here – but if puking continues past a certain point then it’s time to get medical advice/help quickly. Don’t brush off constant vomiting easily as nothing more than just another hangover symptom (“oh I’ll feel better tomorrow!”) because sometimes there are underlying health issues lurking beneath the surface.

Now that I’ve armed you with some preventative measures, recovery tricks and home remedies for how to stop throwing up day after drinking – what do you say? How about we all strive towards fewer embarrassing mornings and pledge to treat our bodies a bit more kindly next time? Who’s with me?

P.S: Don’t forget water; seriously this one cannot be reiterated enough.


In conclusion, stopping the day-after projectile vomiting requires self-control during partying by not drinking too much alcohol, staying hydrated, and avoiding mixing drinks. Prevention is key! However, if you still find yourself hunched over porcelain throne bathroom sink then remember that there are many natural ways of helping calm your stomach which include sipping carbonated lemon juice or mint tea with honey while also eating nourishing fruits like bananas or peanut butter toast alongside chewing on ginger products (biscuits/candy/extract/etc.). It’s also important to listen to your body when it keeps vomiting as sometimes there might be other hidden ailments at play requiring immediate medical attention so take care when needed – anyways drink water & stay safe out there folks!

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