How to stop someone from picking you up?

Are you tired of strangers trying to pick you up on the street or in bars? Do you wish there was a way to deter their advances without being rude or confrontational? Fortunately, there are several practical steps you can take to keep unwanted suitors at bay. In this article, we will explore various techniques that can help you maintain your personal space and autonomy. So buckle up and get ready for some confident swagger!

Assertive Body Language

Your body language plays a crucial role in attracting or repelling potential suitors. If you want someone to leave you alone, use assertive postures and gestures (e.g., standing tall with your arms crossed). Avoid fidgeting or appearing nervous (e.g., tapping your feet or playing with your hair) as it may be seen as an invitation for conversation. Make direct eye contact with the person while maintaining a neutral expression – do not smile excessively, especially if they’re making unwelcome advances.

Verbal Deterrents

If someone still insists on engaging with you despite using assertive body language, it’s time to switch gears into verbal mode. Use clear statements that communicate indifference or disinterest: “No thanks”, “Not interested”, “I’m busy right now”, “I’m here by myself”. Avoid giving excuses like having a boyfriend/girlfriend; simply saying that aren’t interested should suffice (and is more respectful). It’s best not draw out conversation when deflecting attention away from yourself.

Humor can be Your Best Friend

Another effective strategy is using humor as a weapon against an unwanted suitor’s interest Take something off-hand they say about themselves and re-contextualize it into more absurdity than intended . Try complementarily acknowledging certain traits but then absurdly juxtaposing aspects further down the line ; „You seem like such normal, if not excitable bee keeper, who would definitely be fun at a party – Just make sure I don’t get stung!“ It works best when said with a natural smile and hints of good will.

Use an Accessory or Prop

If you’re finding that someone just won’t take the hint, try using everyday items to your advantage. For example, have an item in hands such as purchasing coffee or groceries (they need to be hefty), perhaps give them some content of what is inside , so they understand it might hurt someone too easily (fresh eggs!). They‘ll quickly see that there isn’t enough room for the two of you to engage further without meandering into their personal space. If necessary continue holding on purpously while looking forward e.g., speaking on phone etc.) – this can help avoid unwanted physical proximity from others .

Be Unpredictable

One often overlooked tactic is unpredictability: by flipping the script suddenly and being intentionally bizarre can catch people off guard . This means switching between shy/nonchalant behavior to changing tone abruptly (“What’s wrong with your ear? Why are you yelling? Did I miss something important?” “Oh!”, peek through fingers “that wasn´t even aimed towards me.“) small mumbles under breath may also add more anxiety than pure aggression yet will clearly state unwelcoming underlying narratives.

Utilize Friends or Staff

Most times when we go out clubbing, shopping spree or impromptu pop up concert in town; its common place bringing along friends for secureness among other variables; usually feeling stronger amongst peers.
Another solution employable thaat might sound elementary but always works rely upon staff members around…. certain cab drivers become instant allies due to spending time helping out other victims avoid unheeded advances handedly at nights. The simple act mirroring non willingness via exchanging eye contact indicates assistence necessary though politely asking for help: ‘Excuse me, I think this person is following me – could you walk with me to the other side of the street?’

Exit Plan Situation

The last thing anyone wants when out enjoying themselves is feeling trapped by an overly pushy admirer. That said creating reassurance around exits be it bathrooms or emergency exits ( although always inform staff members and friends going along ) signals early on one’s clear intentions should they not find us interesting enough company.

Confident Swag Walk

A crisper version of body language often turns down many attempts at unwelcome attention in public places; The “confident swag walk” involves walking briskly through slower paced crowds confidently walking with a certain purpose. This gives off more vibes that your own trip provides contentment , as opposed to looking lost or lonely ; aversive gossiping might just come off weak while strutting elegantly better convinces people of assertiveness.

Ignore as Non-Recognition

If someone does try speaking some strange things it might be best simply ignore what was said. Continuing conversation means wasting valuable time we can’t afford when there’s no need for further contact . Remember those face-to-face situations aren’t set monologues rather dialogues, so making abrupt quick moves with jaw clamped tight, eyes looking straight ahead serve well letting them know any attempt communication likely goes unnoticed atop invisible tower.

Team Up with Doppelgänger

One tactic never heard before team up with your double! Although may sound like fiction planting strategically close to another person resembling you makes great use There are occasions men women identical resemblances laying catch handy trying get secondary opinion solicit interest intially proposed

In summary fending yourself from unwanted attention has never been easier , regardless location communicate using assertive postures and/or verbal deterents while maintaining sense humor undertones enjoy these odd characters approaching without reservation too long Additionally bringing friends tag along can be instrumental aid alone does not suffice ensuring speedy exits well passively signalling employees around for convenience. It’s time to take back your autonomy, and have some fun without worrying about unwanted attention.

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