How to stop pvcs?

Do you suffer from occasional heart palpitations or chest flutters? Don’t worry, it’s not love, it’s most likely Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs). They can be a bit annoying and cause unnecessary panic, but fear not! I’m here to guide you on how to stop PVCs so that your heart beats as smoothly as possible!

What are PVCS?

Before diving into the solutions of stopping the pesky irregular contractions in your ventricles, let us first understand what they actually are. Simply put – PVCS (Premature Ventricular Contractions) occur when there is an extra beat or contraction that happens before the normal rhythm of the heart. This causes a quick fluttering sensation in your chest and then everything goes back to normal.

While PVCs aren’t life-threatening, they do often catch us off-guard leading us down hours of paranoia and Google research rabbit holes about our health status even though we “know better” than trust Dr Google.

Can we STOP them?

YES WE CAN! There are various ways one can get rid of these minor disruptions ranging from slight lifestyle changes all the way up to medical interventions if need be. Here’s a list of options at hand:

1- Engage in Good Old Counting

Believe me when I say this – counting isn’t only for children learning arithmetic or for examining how many fingers were just pointed behind somebody’s back…it works wonders combatting PVCs too! The next time you feel those unwanted contractions building up inside you take deep breathes while counting till ten slowly inside each exhale.

Imagine being pepper sprayed by anxiety causing chemicals —Countdown everyday stresses away

2- Chill out with Yoga

I know right now some people might stop listening because they think of Yoga as something only high level cool people do, but seriously it can be quite beneficial. Studies have shown yoga helps reduce stress-induced atrial and ventricular arrhythmia’s, which exactly what causes PVCS!

So sweat on the mat not from your irregular heartbeats.

3- Drink Warm Water with a drop of Ginger in it

I’m not sure where this remedy came from or who tried it out first (give me a holler if you know) BUT nonetheless, drinking warm water could assist you in leveling down those unwanted palpitation sensations inside while also helping digestion.

But hey let’s really spice things up by adding some ginger into the mix! It has anti-inflammatory properties that may account for its affectiveness against PVCs alongside a multitude of different benefits that come along with regular consumption!

### 4- Cut Out Certain Foods
Sadly, even some good ol’ grub can be enemy #1 when it comes to PVCs struggles:( . Diets extremely rich in extra caffeine or alcohol tend to trigger heart palpations so cutting back on these stimulants would put your heart at ease too.

If the addictive intake is too strong try seeing if having no more liquor after dark would help reduce frequency amongst other tips related to foods linked to higher potential for PVC attacks (like sugary treats).

5- Check Thyroid Functioning

Alright I get it – this one potentially sounds tiring & expensive (and scary) — but hear me out…

Research shows there tends to be a correlation between Hyperthyroidism (which leads overly active thyroids) and an increased rate of PVC incidences. Thus getting levels checked keeping them balanced isn’t only important generally speaking for our entire body’s functioning as whole but minimizes chances of suprises occurring anywhere.

This solution won’t just provide relief form PVCS –it will give one peace of mind that everything in our bodies are in control at all times.

6 – Medicate Thyself

Minor PVCs aren’t inherently dangerous and most people who experience them get by with no need for medications or medical interventions, but there come a point when we have to – well- intervene.

On occasion the lifestyle changes don’t work out.. In cases like these Beta-blockers (which slow down heart rate) can be administrated leading us to smoother beats rhythm-wise. Procainamide is also an option for tougher forms of PVCs (but keep in mind: only prescribed under doctor’s care!)

So there you go folks, getting through the feeling of alarming contractions one day at a time isn’t a daunting task after all! Through altering dietary habits, deep breathing exercises and just adding some ginger into your daily routine could spare some minor temporary discomfort while the more necessary medical solutions should hopefully allow for undisturbed sleep filled nights.

Now… let’s stop overthinking every little movement inside ourselves shall we?!

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