How to stop osteoporosis naturally?

Osteoporosis, also known as brittle bone disease, is a medical condition that weakens your bones and increases the risk of fractures. The bad news is that it’s common among older people and more prevalent among women than men.

The good news? With some healthy lifestyle changes and natural remedies, you can avoid or slow down osteoporosis naturally. In this guide, we’ll highlight practical tips anyone can use to protect their bones from weakening due to age.

Keep Moving

Exercise is essential for preventing and managing osteoporosis. Exercise helps build your muscles around your bones while increasing bone density over time through resistance training.

Try incorporating at least 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercises into your daily routine three times a week— This could include brisk walking with hand weights or yoga classes dedicated to strength-building poses.

Meet Your Calcium Needs

Calcium plays an important role in keeping our bones strong by increasing bone density; hence, they should be incorporated into our diets regularly.

Most individuals aged 19-50 require about 1000 milligrams (mg) calcium daily; those aged 51 years above requires approximately 1200 mg/day.

You could start enjoying almonds instead of sweets since they are rich sources of calcium – a quarter cup supplies about one-eighth of the recommended daily intake for adults between ages nineteen-years-old and fifty-years old.

Food Servings Calcium Content (mg)
Milk 1 glass 300
Mozzarella cheese 28g 200
Sardines 85g 320

If you do not get enough Calcium from diet alone it is worth considering supplements.

Vitamin D Is Your Ally

Vitamin D works together with Calcium in developing better physical health- helping direct its impact on bone density. A vitamin D deficiency could result in decreased calcium levels, leading to an increased risk of developing osteoporosis.

Taking supplements can lower the probability of developing vitamin D insufficiency; incorporating natural sources such as sunlight exposure and wholefoods high in vitamin d (cod liver oil, egg yolk or mushrooms) is also a plus.

Drink Green Tea!

Green tea does well for our bones too! Regular intake helps slow down bone loss while cutting inflammation – essential steps towards avoiding osteoporosis.

Mind what you eat

Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol and caffeine daily. Alcohol consumption reduces new bone formation while increasing excretion: Choose Bone broth over cocktails! Caffeine should also be taken at minimal levels- not beyond 300 mg per day as it increases calcium excretion causing accelerated bone weakness.

Drink Amount Caffeine Content
Coffee (Brewed) 195 ml/ 1 Cup 95mg
Black Tea 250 ml / 1 cup 55 mg

Get yourself some coffee but remember never to pair with snacks twice its size!

Quit smoking

The use of tobacco products weakens your bones besides triggering cellular activity that gives rise to other reactive injuries on your body.

If quitting seems like something ‘Goliath like’- simply reduce cigarette consumption slowly until you break off from addiction fully
anything beats nothing!

Consider Hormone Therapy

Due to declines in natural hormones postmenopausal women are often faced with higher risks than their male counterparts making more inclined towards hormone therapy

In summary

With decent exercise habits, Vitamin D inclusion through natural- dietary changes/supplements combo endowing ourselves with Calcium via food selections and limiting the unhealthy drinks cited above we have made big strides maintaining optimal health- Adding quit-sUugestions may produce light-but-substantial improvements!

Keep those bones Healthy! (Could use a Large Ape emoticon here)

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