How to stop feeling sick on my period?

Are you one of those people who dread the arrival of that time? When every little thing makes you feel uncomfortable and sick, and all you want is to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle? Fear not! Here are some genius tips to help kick those pesky period symptoms to the curb.

It’s Okay, Don’t Panic

If your periods make you feel scared or anxious, know that it is entirely normal. Most women experience some level of discomfort around their periods, whether it’s bloating or cramps. The good news is that there are several things you can do to make yourself more comfortable.

Comfort Is Key

So what kind comfort measures are we talking about here? Well, for starters:

  • Relax: Try meditation or yoga.
  • Stay hydrated: Aim for eight glasses of water per day.
  • Exercise: Moderate exercise will boost serotonin levels(predominantly in responsible for happiness) and reduce fatigue
  • Wear comfortable clothing: Ditch your tight-fitting clothes and go for something roomier instead.
  • Sleep well: Get enough sleep(period).

Simple steps like these can make all the difference when dealing with menstrual symptoms.

Here []are additional ways[] which have been used traditionally by women from various cultures over thousands of years,

Method Description
Infusions/Teas Certain teas like chamomile tea and green tea help soothe nausea while Peppermint tea relaxes muscles providing relief from menstrual cramps
Essential oils Oils such as lavender oil aid relaxation promoting healthy sleep patterns
Meditation/Sound therapy/Yoga These practices promote stress-relief leading in turn an improvement overall physical well-being

It should be remembered though,’one person’s misery might be another person’s come-to-bed-eyes’, there is no one-stop-shop for everyone when it comes to treating menstrual symptoms.

Food and Drinks

The right food and drink can make a considerable difference to how you feel around your period. Firstly, swap the junk food out and replace with wholesome stuff instead! Eating well has shown [^1]to improve overall health including reducing inflammation which in turn causes pain.

Fight Inflammation

Some foods that aid in fighting inflammation include:

  • Avocado: Provides Potassium an essential nutrient that helps balance fluid levels preventing bloating
  • Pineapple: contains Bromelain which eases digestion improving bloating
  • Dark Chocolate: Promotes high serotonin-like many antidepressants promoting mood-lifting propertie; boosts energy level indirectly leading to healthy hormonal balance.

In fact, women who indulge in dark chocolate report fewer symptoms than those who do not so role up your sleeve and munch some of Kraft’s finest!

Avoid salt as this will cause water retention increasing discomforts such as bloating by increasing water content.

Herbal Teas

Herbs have been widely used over thousands of years for their medicinal properties both modern medical research is still conflicted on its benefits.[^2]

Here are some ways you could use herbal tea;

I’ve linked Chrysanthemum tea here – it may not be familiar territory but neither was eating raw fish before we discovered sushi.

Herbal Tea Benefit
Turmeric/ Ginger Infusion Tea Highly Anti-inflammatory reduce general fatigue by inducing relaxation response helping regulate hormones imbalanced
Mint Leaf or Peppermint Tea Soothe razor-sharp cramps especially useful during active menstruation
RF( Red raspberry leaf) High magnesium elements tend to eliminate general distress results from supporting hormone regulation

Sipping on these teas slowly could lead to overall calm—ones stomach muscles easing cramps, anxiety reducing a counter-effect of period hormones.

Drink Water

As water form 60% body mass for humans, it’s essential to staying healthy! It also does the following;

  • Eliminates toxins: Drinking enough water can help eliminate waste products from your system improving overall health.
  • Improves circulation: A well-hydrated bloodstream promotes the rapid transportation of blood cells across the system, allowing them to perform their respective functions successfully
  • Reduces bloating: Drinking more water helps flush retained fluids out of your body preventing buildup.

Tips On Pain Relief

What are some steps that you can take after trying out ‘comfort measures’ we discussed previously?

Topical Remedies & Heat Therapy

These include:

Method Description
Heating pads or hot baths Warmth increases blood flow which in turn eases menstruating muscles relieving menstrual pains
Magnesium oil/CBD lotion or serum Helps keep muscle tenseness at bay through natural relaxation techniques for heightened physical wellness
Herbal remedies like chamomile compress or peppermint element Offers localized pain relief particularly suitable during active menstruation; increasing response time on affected areas.

Note: Applying heat can soothe painful heels as well!

Alternatively ice packs work during periods by numbing affected areas when cramps flare-up! Going so far as biting down a £5 note is an old wives tale albeit interesting though not possible.[^3]

Medications and Supplements

Enough with the crunchy-granola methods its time pharmaceutical interventions should be considered if these symptoms persist about three days into menstruating cycle.

Here,[+] there two main types of medicines including over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin, while others require prescription stimuli-like birth control pills. However one should always consult [^4]their doctor before taking medication.Read the instructions and follow them to avoid unwanted consequences.

What To Avoid During Periods

Alcohol, caffeine & chocolate

Say it ain’t so!

Caffeine is a mood enhancer we indulge in for temporary energy boosts. However when consumed during periods tends to worsen heightened stress levels ; one of the many things women experience during menstruation.

Alcohol which induces dehydration triples period symptoms like fatigue and headaches worsening your general overall well-being.

Avoiding indulging in these items can significantly reduce discomfort your body experiences; similarly,[/] consuming sugary snacks increases inflammation causing bloating increasing menstrual distress so aim at reducing intake or eliminating altogether.[^5]


All tricks mentioned here will by no means guarantee you a pain-free period as these differ with an individual’s hormonal variance.Can[] stop vagabond symptoms from visiting quite often still-however they all help alleviate some issues making life easier while dealing with menses.

Remember this, ladies: It’s okay not to feel okay during that time of the month but there are steps you can take that would render lesser searing pains allowing easy enjoyment of those rare moments of guiltless snacking.

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