How to stop drinking beer after work?

Let’s face it, there is nothing more refreshing than cracking open a cold beer at the end of a long day. However, that one beer can quickly turn into many and before you know it, your post-work routine becomes an unhealthy drinking habit. If you’re looking to break this cycle and cut back on your after-work boozing, then read on for some tips and tricks.

Acknowledge the Problem

The first step in solving any problem is acknowledging it exists (unless you’re dealing with ghost issues- in which case run). Admitting that you have a problem with alcohol consumption is not easy but necessary if you want to reduce your after-work drinking. Think about all those Mondays at work feeling like garbage because of what happened last Friday (yikes).

Make a Plan

Once you’ve acknowledged that there’s an issue with your alcohol consumption pattern (and hang yourself over that decision), make a plan to remedy the situation. This could be as simple as deciding on specific days when drinking will occur or setting limits on how much beer can be consumed afterward.

Identify Triggers

Everyone has triggers that prompt them to consume certain things; similarly, identify what drives you towards binge-drinking so that we can also pin-point who should get blamed here (he was asking for it). For instance:

  • How stressed are tendons going through?
  • Are job-related problems making life tougher?
  • Is home too chaotic?
    Make an effort – within reason – to lower stress levels both inside and outside workplace hours.

Set Limits

Since enforcing discipline isn’t possible always… right?? It’s best advised at this point-alongside providing emergency contacts-to keep physical tally of how much booze one would consume daily/weekly or whatever decide period specifications until their boundary limitations are reached.

Distraction Techniques

It’s critical to establish alternative activities that will take your mind off alcohol. To unwind, a combination of exercise and focusing on hobbies can be all you need (instead of adding toxins- and are we not as good enough without them?) Some alternatives include:

  • Picking up a book
  • Going outdoors for some fresh air
  • Enjoying nature-scape while camping or hiking

Find an Accountability Partner

Having someone who holds you accountable goes a long way in achieving sobriety-like someone who has promised to smack them when they overstep limits (with consent, please). So feeling the heat from another person acting as such extra sensory support may prove useful than anticipated.

Get Support

Seeking help doesn’t make you weak; rather, it shows significant strength in taking control of your life choices. Recognizing trends and seeking supplementary resources could go several miles…and fast too!


Joining hands with third-party services via counselling or therapy institutes will provide professional opinions/procedures involved during addiction remediation at little cost – this ranges from talk-based treatments to CBT practices.

Support Groups

Another way out is attending group meetings roomed specifically for people at any point along the addictions spectrum with responsibilities here ranging from sharing qualitative ideas within their context or facilitating mutual-support through AA methodologies.

Eliminate Temptations

Eliminating temptation where possible reduces chances o/of caving into urges. When handling alcohol-related issues eliminating temptations would mean entirely eradicating access routes, making things difficult/impossible-for instance discarding bottles in possession after work completely (taking no chances).

Alternatively consider switching regular haunts similar to bars or restaurants known for being raucous pubs(you might have started avoiding certain restaurants anyway due to overwhelming body tension). “But my colleagues!” Well…..errrmmmmm…. Grab a coke! !

Put Yourself First

Ultimately make prioritising responsibility for one’s well-being on important issues like this a priority (there’s no harm in taking care of oneself first before passing out)…. one day at a time.

Now you can start putting some of that drinking money aside for something more exciting -like buying your therapist an exotic meal once in a while.

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