How to stop dog from sleeping on bed?

Let’s admit it – we all love snuggling with our furry little friends. But as cute as they may be, having your dog sleep on your bed can lead to a host of problems. Not only can their fur make your bedding smell musty and gross, but they often hog the covers or take up too much space.

So how do you convince Fido to find his own sleeping spot? We’ve rounded up some proven methods that will help get your pooch off the bed once and for all.

Why Do Dogs Love To Sleep On Our Beds?

Before we delve into how you can teach your dog to stay away from bedtime, it is important first to understand why dogs often find themselves snoozing at the foot or head of our beds.

Reason 1: Dogs follow their pack leader
Your pet loves being in close proximity with its family members. And because you’re probably the alpha in this case, finding yourself sleeping side-by-side provides immense comfort and security.

Reason 2: Dogs feel Comfortable
Dogs like comfortable spots just like we humans do.At times,our beddings are more optimal than where dogs are used,since unlike most animals,dogs have learnt over time how costly getting new sheets might be,hence taking advantage of such opportunities when provided.

But here’s what has changed – The increased usage of Allergens; common causes range from indoor allergens like dust mites and pet dander ,to outdoor allergens such as pollen grains,to mold spores which thrive well during humid temperatures indoors.This makes it difficult for those who suffer allergies making one tempted cancel snuggles.
Fortunately there is always solutions available,take keep reading !

Establish Boundaries Early:

As soon as possible,it’s important that,you establish boundaries early by teaching them basic commands so they know exactly what you expect from them.Consistency is key here with regular training and rewards provided to help reinforce the rules.

Start by showing indications of discomfort when they hop on your bed. Show that it’s undesirable behavior, gently saying “No” or giving a firm command like, “Down.” An instant reward such as offering treats can help reinforce the idea even further.

Make Them Comfortable in Their Own Sleeping Space

If a dog doesn’t feel comfortable snuggling up separated from their human counterparts,it’s understandable so we need to make these separate sleeping spaces more enticing than our own.What has worked for some pets owners is taking care of any sleepiness essentials; choosing comfortable beds and providing fluffy blankets will ensure your furry friend won’t be missing out.Anything other additional comforts like toys, food-water bowl addition might be necessary too depending on your pet preferences.

Give Your Dog Plenty of Exercise:

This method has been in use since time immemorial.If enough physical exercise isn’t provided to dogs during the day,the little sleep they are allotted becomes precious . Try routine walks which could drain most energy adequately,before bedtime.A win-win situation set goals appropriately!

Upgrade To their sleeping spot.

If earlier methods seem not workinng , try an upgrade.Lastly – have it at the back at your mind ,”a comfy spot makes its owner desirable”.It could mean shifting away from repurposing old mats / throws into actual good quality bedding.With options ranging anywhere between elevated cots- la-z-boy style seats,settle on one both comfortant and cost-efficient.

When trying this trick make sure call pet over ‘theirs’ through gestures that associate commands.All In all ,a must try method !

Teach Your Pooch New Tricks

A tired pooch would usually enjoy consistent obedience exercises beyond basic sounds such as sit-stay-fecth-tricks-not only does it enforce behavioural conditioning but it keeps mind and intellectuality challenged.Hence, a dog may get less time on their hands to sneak into forbidden zones.

Growl & Bark in Dog Language

Although this doesn’t guarantee success,it is definitely something worth trying .

Dogs have developed languages of their own which means they communicate differently from humans.Additionally,all dogs understand growls / barks emitted when angry or feeling threatened.Therefore ,when you catch them jumping on the bed let out an unexpected frightening bark – fairly simple strategy at keeping your pup behaviour disciplined.


Remember each situation differs,in terms of how well each method could work,but with due diligence and effort put they will be severely cut back.
Maintaining consistency while allowing some level of fun can help fasten the process.Don’t give up if perhaps no immediate changes.The pet might just require more quality training or new toys/ bedding for motivation.Write us any progress noticed or additional tips !

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