How to stop constipation pain?

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You have constipation pain. Yep, I said Congratulations because that means you stumbled onto my article, which means now we can be best friends! For most people who suffer from constipation pain it’s no laughing matter but here at [Insert punny title] we believe there’s always humor in life. So let’s shake off those bowel blues and dive into some tips and tricks to ensure your next movement is smooth sailing.

What is Constipation?

“The Big C.” “Bowel Blues.” “Poop Panic!” You get the point…constipation sucks. But what exactly is it? To put it simply- It’s when you encounter difficulty or infrequency during bowel movements due to hard stools passing through the rectum. Though every person’s bowel pattern does vary, generally speaking if constipated one should experience fewer than three per week on average that are difficult/require effort to pass.

Society tells us Pooping isn’t something we should talk about openly so (HEY) if you ever feel super uncomfortable talking about it with anybody – remember your favorite stool character from Emoji 😉.

What Causes Constipation?

A variety of factors such as low intake of nutrients including fiber & water through their diet or dehydration regularly could cause intolerance of specific foods; lack of physical activity or ergo prolonged bed-rest , pregnancy , fear along with other psychological factors ; previous surgeries like hysterectomy triggering irritable bowell; usually medications having side-effects involving reduced colon contractions ; could all lead up-to an irregularity in our inner workings bringing discomfort . This doesn’t mean only everyone experiences them i.e., We’re special unicorns.

As crazy as it might sound Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) which many women assume just effects their reproductive area could also result in constipation. The reason being that BV has an effect on the pelvic floor wellness which in-turn affects (affects holds more gravity than influences!) bowel movements.

Try these Foodie Tips!

Well not cool to experience let’s add some cheer through our diet- not great cook? No biggie my mother always told me boiled greens count , suggesting looking up some soup or simple vegetable side dishes online and mixing them into your routine .

Fiber isn’t a chore!!!

  • Make it fun! Add oats, flaxseed powder (aka alsi) or chia seeds to yogurt bowls or smoothies.
  • Go Ham !: Enjoy dried fruits such as apricots, prunes & raisins as snacks throughout the day – but be cautious excessive intake overshoots our daily recommended sugar allowance
  • Mix n’ Match!: Consume nuts like almonds and walnuts with 2 Cheese cubes for a protein packed snack during intervals – you can thank me later!
  • Say cheese!? Regular consumption of cottage cheese helps sooth your lower gastrointestinal tract.

These superfoods aren’t superheroes… yet they will certainly make you feel super

A fiber-rich diet incorporating whole-grain breads alongside tons of raw vegetables like cauliflower will bulk-up stool !! High-fiber diets lead one step closer towards immortality too 😉

Incorporate more fresh food substitute high-fat ingredients altogether thereby promoting great regularity regularly.

Of course always stay vigilant making sure any new changes incorporated suit well causing no opposite effects than what was intended

The most difficult part is getting started – even if your serving size/shapes don’t look good enough for instagram stories we’ll have nothing kinder to say other than “you did it!”

Why Water Intake matters?

Stay hydrated! People who generally get constipated might want to try varying their water schedule each day where everyday they aim at drinking a certain amount of H2O upon waking-up or before bed

Aim for Six glasses full of water every day . If plain H2O isn’t feasible, flavour it up by adding cucumber slices, fresh lemon or other fruits- make yourself feel like you’re at a fancy spa resort instead of being constipated in the work-office.!!

Should You Exercise to Help with Constipation?

Yes! Get that blood flowing and lungs pumping starting within that minimum 30 minutes 5 days per week utilizing any kind of routine exercises such as jogging (Take Your Dog Too if Possible !), rowing , resistance bands buttt nothing promises queen-like legs than including walking lunges daily alongside planks when least expecting your poop won’t feel heavy

Develop and stick to an exercise plan best suited for yourself – shuffling around will suffice whilst reducing prolapsed organs movement is unlikely(Bear Grylls taught me this)

Which Exercises May Be Most Effective

  • Plank– Hold this pose steadily for follow suit each day aiming at longer durations everyday
  • Squat: You’ll not only benefit from toned thighs but also pelvic relaxation
  • Hip Bridge : Concentrate on practicing squeezing those glutes & hamstrings.

Challenging as it may seem – hold onto your wig until we further discuss… deep breathing technique.

You have options !

Going beyond lip service incorporating regular coping techniques into our very soulfully existence could be helpful in engaging we tussling through shit-environment feeling isolated amidst social situations ;taking extra time out to address issues consuming one’s energy making points clear about how others can help us.

Many people find relief by meditating; crystal therapies come highly recommended too (no judgment,you do you!)

Preventative Tips That Actually Work!

Here are some tips which might prove more efficient especially while traveling or outside home-spaces:

Habituate-Regular Management

Try training your body to get habituated overtime sticking close to a specific lifestyle / sleep routine, waking up & going to bed at the same shown timings everyday training our body-stimulating regularity.

Time constraints

Morning hours with your trusted friend on whatsapp or text message news-tutorial/over paid Spotify subscription access could easily combine in minute/morning workouts including yoga stretches or core-building exercises .

Can commute doesn’t mean it should be wasted! Utilize this time into your daily walk!

Priorities Management

Paying extra attention to physical and gut discomfort like stress levels present would work beneficially . Value adding ample of R&R periods wherein one doesn’t feel restrained getting closer towards nature /environment re-balance basics towards healthier recovery – Minnit then leads way towards immortality (we just might have found the fountain of youth right here folks)

Patience is key…

“Rome wasn’t built in a day…neither was that stubborn stool!”

Do not let negative vibes win over- even those who regularly achieve high-class dieting + consistent exercise regimes find themselves struggling through bouts of constipation pain.

Don’t fret rather take deep. breaths. Owning each moment gradually moving forward will likely bring comfort eventually – maintaining resilience importance intact remains central throughout

And there you have it Ladies & Gentlemen, some helpful tips but hey we ALL have had shitty days so ; We’re all trying to get by , One flush at a time 😉

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