How to stop bleeding after copper iud insertion?

Congratulations on taking the leap of faith and opting for a copper intrauterine device (IUD) as your form of birth control. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected against unwanted pregnancy is priceless. However, it’s not uncommon to experience some bleeding after the insertion procedure.

This article will equip you with every tool in the book needed to stop bleeding after a copper IUD insertion while keeping things light-hearted and humorous—because ain’t nobody got time for boring medical jargon!

The Lowdown on Copper IUDs

Before we dive into how to manage bleeding after a copper IUD insertion let’s first quickly cover what a copper IUD is all about. A copper-containing T-shaped plastic frame inserted into the uterus by a trained health care professional is known as an intrauterine device or IUD.

The copper ions released by this type of contraceptive creates an environment within the uterus that hinders successful fertilization and any attempted implantation from occurring – in non-doctoral speak, it stops eggs hatching like Pokémon! Yeouch!

While incredibly safe, they too come with their fair share of side effects including heavy periods, abdominal cramping and irregular spotting here-and-there. Most women do tend to settle down once they get adjusted though; so hang in there!

Is It Normal To Bleed After A Copper IUD?

Yes siree bob! Be prepared for moderate-to-heavy vaginal bleeding or menstruation-like symptoms post-copper-IUD-insertion-party; especially within the initial 3-6-month period where things should start eventually calming down over time… remember patience is indeed key my friend- stay strong!

But wait there’s more…some women may encounter mild pain during sexual intercourse or see weird white stringy discharge when defecating…needless to say humans always have something going on down there!

How to Stop the Bleeding, Let’s Tackle This Thing Head On!

Here are some tips and tricks you can employ to manage copper IUD-related bleeding:

Step 1: Break Out Some Adult Diapers

No one said this journey would be easy! But luckily, the solution is. Whip up an adult diaper or two, a perfect plan of action if heavy bleeding becomes too much for your regular day-to-day absorbency techniques such as pads or tampons.

Talk about a throwback to our babyhood days- who knew we’d end up wearing diapers again…in adulthood sigh

Step 2: Call Your Doctor

If symptoms worsen after insertion such as severe cramping, inability to control bleeding and malodor within vaginal discharge. Consider calling in reinforcements -a.k.a professional help-That way both you AND your doctor could rule out any potential nasties.

While doctors say that further medical attention may not always be required since most women stop experiencing spotting between periods by six months post-insertion; it never hurts to get checked just in case…I mean peace-of-mind > pride amiright?? winks

Step 3: Pop Some OTC Painkillers like they’re Candy

OTC here stands for Over-The-Counter medication so with that being said once all medical options have been ruled out; start popping those nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) if painful period-like cramps come into play coupled with vaginal spotting &/or prolong menstruation.

Your go-to meds include but aren’t limited to Motrin (ibuprofen), Aspirin(acetylsalicylic acid), Tylenol(acetaminophen)- Just make sure dosage adheres to manufacturer recommendations so no death upon overdose please!

Side note-if directed by a female health care provider-you could also consider taking hormonal birth control pills to tame heavy or irregular bleeding and reduce menstrual cramping over time…that’s basially killing two birds with one stone!

Essential Tips To Follow Post-IUD Insertion

In addition to dealing with the physical effects of a copper IUD, there are some other things you need to keep in mind:

Food is Your Bestie!

Make friends with iron rich foods such as dark leafy veggies, nuts,dried apricots, liver (if that’s your thing) etc. Consume more than the usual amounts pre-copper IUD insertion since you will be losing some amount of blood after few days post-insertion.

Note: If dietary changes don’t seem enough and symptoms persist for a while; heed advice from healthcare professional immediately-keep in touch with them regularly until all relevant symptoms ease up.

Stress Less An Get Plenty Of Rest When Needed

Stress can exacerbate existing medical conditions so it’s important we all learn how to ‘chillax’ once-in-a-blue-moon by putting our feet up during sofa sessions coupled wih periods of deep/sound sleep especially during exercise low-energy times.

Giving our bodies time to reset provides natural healing opportunity which comes in handy when coping with any negative form pf energy which could potentially cause an additional setback upon ones body chemistry following placement of the copper IUD insertion. So basically Don’t freak out -just take it easy!

Give Yourself A Break From Heavy Training Routines

Allow yourself time away from intense exercises after recently getting an intrauterine device placed especially if spotting has commenced soon thereafter-no need adding more stress upon down-there regions than least not yet.I mean give your pelvic region sometime-time-you just got an alien-like object inserted into your uterus remember?…

Perhaps catch up on latest series instead–you never know those catchy tunes might bring back memories of a better yesteryear when we were free of cramps and IUDs!

Conclusion: It’s A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Getting an IUD is no petite feat. So don’t get discouraged if you find yourself bleeding for more than a week after copper IUD insertion or spotting turning irregular for some time even few months following the procedure.

Be kind to yourself, follow our tips & tricks, stay rested both physically and mentally- Your body will naturally adjust with passage of time.. patience is truly the virtue here. Just remember-being funky doesn’t always mean being cool but hey on this temporary afterschool special journey- it might just be your coolest trait yet…winks out.

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