How to stop a sore throat from hurting?

Let’s face it, nobody likes having a sore throat. It makes everything hurt, talking becomes impossible and eating feels like chewing glass. You can try to talk in whispers or stick to ice cream as your only source of sustenance all day long, but that won’t make the pain go away.

If you’re tired of dealing with the agony every time you swallow or speak up, then keep reading! We’ve compiled some tips and tricks that will help soothe your throat and get rid of the pain.

Drink plenty of fluids

One thing you should definitely do when faced with a sore throat is drink lots and lots of fluids. Whether it’s water, tea or even soup broth – staying hydrated will help keep your body healthy while flushing out any harmful toxins.

Some teas are especially helpful for getting rid of a sore throat. Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce swelling in your throat and ease the pain. Licorice root tea also does wonders for soothing irritated throats thanks to its natural ability to fight inflammation.

Other great liquids include:

  • Warm water with honey (which is antibacterial)
  • Ginger ale
  • Peppermint tea
  • Apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water

Drinking fluids throughout the day not only helps calm down symptoms but keeps you refreshed too!

Gargle saltwater

Gargling saltwater may sound unpleasant at first thought, but trust us – it really works! Salt draws out excess fluid that accumulates in tissues lining our mouth; thus helping flush out any bacteria causing an inflammation in there!

Here’s how you make a salt-water gargle solution: use one teaspoonful heaped into 250 ml (around 1 cup) lukewarm sterile/distilled/boiled/pre-boiled-cooled/drinking-quality unsweetened water, pour it into a glass for gargling.

Slowly, at your own pace of course, rotate your head so that the solution reaches everywhere in your mouth and enables you to get rid of anything stuck inside! Gargle twice-a-day (or more!) for continued relief!

Try lozenges or throat sprays

When all else fails and you need an immediate relief while on the go – sore throat lozenges or sprays could be life-saving (okay not that dramatic but close enough).

Throat lozenges provide temporary relieve by numbing out the pain. On the other side, throat sprays are more effective because they coat your throat tissue where inflammation is present with anti-inflammatory medication.

Here’s how you can make one at home: Boil 10-12 leaves of tulsi with 2 glasses of water until only half remains; next mix one-third cup each- honey & lemon juice then strain this mixture before storing it in an air-tight container. Use as required!

On another bright side though, if candy flavors don’t tickle your fancy there’s always menthol ones! They’ll make sure those pesky coughs and irritations retreat never to bother again (except maybe during allergy season smh).

Get plenty of rest

Being well-rested is crucial when fighting off any illness or infection; giving our bodies enough time to recover from within before we start doing rigorous activities is important too. Not getting sufficient amounts sleep makes us prone to falling sick easily which isn’t exactly what anyone wants do they?

During sickness however its okay for us to take a break every once in a while – stretch out have some warm food/beverage maybe even catch up on old movies – resting will help reduce unnecessary pressure thereby easing symptoms faster if nothing else.

Ensure that you aren’t straining yourself physically by opting-out from doing anything that involves urgent deadlines (well we know how much fun they are), and cancel plans you may have had. Don’t allow the fear of “Missing out” get to you, okay?

Humidify your environment

Dry air causes more irritation in our throat lining, so ideally ensure the area around us has some form of moisture (which is always a boon for allergy people too). Investing in an ultrasonic humidifier helps add some hydration back into stagnant winter airs by reducing static build-up further lubricating dryness thereby easing pressure.

On top of this buying an aroma diffuser with essential oils can assist with any inflammation present as certain oils contain anti-microbial/antiseptic properties which help ease breathing while also having pleasant fragrances keeping both body and mind energized!

Ensure all vents/ac units inside the house/car windows are closed since pollution tends to cause excessive strain on inflamed throats!

Avoid irritants

Last but definitely not the least – avoid ingesting irritants such as alcohol or tobacco if possible because their effects could go from difficultly making it up 5 floors to just walking down a short distance road without experiencing burning sensation (we know quite exhausting).

Choosing healthier alternatives such as fruit juices/smoothies over honey bourbon perhaps would make a noticeable difference in energy levels alongwith helping one cope-up sooner during Recovery++ period eliminating symptoms fast enough apart from those occasional-nap urges maybe 😉

To conclude,

Sore throats can be dreadful – but they don’t have to last forever! With these tricks under your belt, getting rid of pesky soreness caused by infection/allergies no longer seems like rocket science however prioritising regular check-ups/response through qualified healthcare professionals will keep even hospital visits at bay! Keep calm and carry lozenges or sprays alongside water bottles after all being prepared could never hurt right? #

Just keep reminding yourself everyone goes through this, we are just little humans with limitations as fancy as our minds may convince us at times!