How to stop a migraine from getting worse?

So, you’re having one of those brain-splitting migraine attacks again. You feel like someone has taken a hammer and used it as a battering ram inside your skull, repeatedly pounding away at your forehead.

Don’t worry; we’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves that can help prevent migraines from worsening.

First things first – take immediate action

When you start experiencing the initial symptoms of a migraine attack, such as an aura or light sensitivity, act quickly. Waiting for them to pass will only make things worse.

Get yourself out of direct sunlight or strong fluorescent lighting, which can further trigger the visual disturbances in people with migraines. Instead, switch off lights and close curtains to create a low-light environment.

Similarly, avoid loud noises, since noise sensitivity is common among people with migraines. So tell that annoying neighbor’s dog next door to pipe down for once!

Should I reach for my meds immediately?

Taking medication too early may not be helpful if you don’t need it yet! However when the pain gets intolerable then yes,you should take an aspirin or ibuprofen (with water) straightaway before it worsens.
If prescribed preventive medicine by physician,Carefully follow their instructions regarding dosage timing etc including every change in schedule and avoiding certain activities
As they say,”Prevention is better than cure!”

You know what else helps? Applying cold packs,and warming pads

Apply heating pad on back muscles/neck,
and massaging temples/nape/skull areas.Meanwhile ,apply ice pack on eyes(nasal bridge).

Trust us you won’t want anyone trying this because sometimes these little handy remedies could do wonders.Do ask doctor’s guidance though.

Need Some Peace & Quiet

One thing most patients agree upon is resting during ongoing agony.Let yourself sleep through tremendous pain .Make it a habit to wear soundproof earplugs and soothing masks when lying down in bed.Anger is fuel here for migraine,so finding your zen moment really helps.

What food and drinks I should avoid?

It’s often recommended that people with migraines avoid certain foods in their diet like processed meat,lots of sugar , too much caffeine or alcohol;all of them can increase the severity/duration/ frequency of an attack.

Water – The magic healer

But hey, have you ever heard about hydrating yourself?Keeping your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.even in summers keeps headaches and fatigue at bay.Its not a rocket science anyway!

Light Aerobics Doesn’t hurt Either!

Short walks or light aerobic exercises prevent blood flow from pooling within our head.Try activities such as Yoga,Pilates or tai chi since these forms are gentle on muscles they help release built-up tension thus reducing headache pain.

Let’s do Something Fun Together!

Distracting yourself from pain isn’t always futile! Try doing fun stuff together.Go ahead binge watch Tiger King ,or read some mystery thrilling novel like Sherlock Holmes (Nothing exlicit though!),anything to take mind off symptoms.Fun times are mandatory 🙂

Massage therapy deserves a quick mention here:

Massages can relieve significant stress/tension which lasts sometimes longer than medicine anyhow.You might want to experiment with massage oils having essential fragrances like peppermint/chamomile/clove that provide comfort during episodes.

Acupuncture,coupled with medication brings relief:

If oral medication does not work acupuncture may be worth trying! Inserting small needles into trigger points activates brain’s hormones creating various effects depending on where needle in inserted.
Consult doctor now if this interests you!
(Trypanophobia : fear-needles)

Keep tabs and maintain consistency in following everything discussed above-it takes effort but the payoff is worth it!Productivity on such days may seem bleek as often migraine sufferers find themselves completely engrossed in agony,however staying vigilant and determined will get you through. Mantra to remember :Just keep swimming!

Hope these tricks come handy next time an unwanted migraine attack shows up unannounced.Hope for a happier headache-free future!!

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