How to stop a bladder infection fast?

Urinary tract infections can be a painful and inconvenient experience for anyone. They cause frequent urges to pee, burning when you go, and in severe cases, lower back pain. If that’s not enough torture, consider the stench of your urine; you don’t want to know! Here’s how to stop a bladder infection fast so that you can get on with living the dream.

First Things First: What is A UTI?

Before we dive in (not literally), let’s talk about what urinary tract infections are. Urinary tract infection (UTIs) refers to an infection in any part of your urinary system — your kidneys, ureters (we’ll come back here later), bladder or urethra. Most infections arise from bacteria accessing the urinary system through the urethra.

Signs And Symptoms You Should Watch Out For

Here are some common signs indicating that you may have a bladder infection:

  • Frequent urination/difficulty peeing

    • Are you tired of constantly feeling like someone is tapping into your water supply? It’s time you acted.
  • Burning sensation while urinating

    • Remembering those cringe-worthy thoughts whenever it happens? Rash decisions need immediate action.
  • Cloudy/Smelly/Bloody urine

    • “Hey John… did someone spill fruit punch around?” Nope! That’s just one sign that something fishy is going on down there!
  • Pain/discomfort/fatigue/chills/back pain/lower abdominal pressure/kidney stones
    “Ah ah ah,” said every person suffering from this symptom ever!

Now knowing these symptoms means nothing if STUFF (stay tuned) didn’t happen before using medication(s).

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention includes both lifestyle changes and conscientious actions aimed at keeping your urinary tract system free from harmful bacteria. Here are some preventive measures:

  • Drink plenty of water

    • The more ginger ale you consume, the brighter yellow it will appear to everyone around you (pretend like you’re a fire hydrant!)
  • Pee frequently and immediately after intercourse

    • Think Grateful Dead’s lyrics: “Let there be songs to fill the air” whenever that urge comes knocking
  • Wash regularly and properly

  • Please, God! For public safety at least.

Self-Help Remedies

Assuming that STUFF hasn’t happened (REPEAT HEADLINE HERE) has now become mission impossible for whatever reason(s), here are some self-help remedies for bladder infections:

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is believed by many people to have anti-adhesion ability due to its proanthocyanidin content.

What’s this technical talk?

Proanthocyanins prevent E.coli in particular (the most common culprit) from sticking or adhering to other cells within our urinary tract system, which allows them “to be naturally flushed out.” Now don’t go overboard on cranberry juice; else, several pounds may tag along as suspected inhabitants!

Baking Soda

Baking soda neutralizes acids produced during a UTI infection hence helping alkalize urine acidity levels lowering symptoms brought about by UTIs.

Some use baking soda topically; however sometimes mixing it with water is also beneficial – a teaspoonful would make do just fine but (say whaaaat) never exceed 1/2 teaspoon per twelve hours or something stinking is bound to happen!


Vitamin C helps reduce bacterial growth making it great against UTIs with both its antioxidant powers and acidic nature. Slugs. Some vitamin supplement products have cranberry extracts contained therein too.

It’s vital and thoroughly something you shouldn’t miss out on. For instance:

Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole – A high 70-80% discharge rate after URIs.
Nitrofurantoin – Relatively effective (75%), sustained dosages against bacterial infections while pregnant.


Bladder infections can become severe if not taken seriously, but usually involve easy fixes with self-help remedies or medical help when needed– as long as prevention is conscientiously practiced! (Yes!). Drinking sufficient water fluids daily keeps infection rates low (low like Snoop Dogg) reducing the severity of UTI symptoms just in case one is still contracted. Yeaaahhh baby, letting that pee flow has never felt better!

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