How to stop a bacterial infection without antibiotics?

When you hear ‘bacterial infection,’ your first thought is probably about antibiotics. And, don’t worry; we won’t judge you for that. After all, antibiotics are the go-to medication for bacterial infections. However, did you know that these medications are not always necessary? So take a chill pill and read on!

Antimicrobial resistance is an alarming issue worldwide. The misuse of antibiotics contributes significantly to this problem. At times, taking too many pills can do more harm than good.

If your goal is to stop a bacterial infection without the overuse of antibiotic medications and prevent future antibiotic resistance cases, we’ve got some tips!

The use of natural remedies has been around since ancient times (1). It refers to using elements obtained from nature such as plants or animals for medicinal purposes.

While modern medicines may have overtaken traditional methods in popularity worldwide, home remedies remain effective options for treating common ailments like minor infections.

Here’s what you can try:


Garlic does more than just add flavor to salami- it’s also incredibly healthy! Because it contains compounds with antimicrobial properties (2), how about adding garlic into our routine?

To use garlic as medicine:
– Peel and crush 3 cloves
– Mix with olive oil
– Spread onto bread before baking
– Let cool down before eating


Turmeric – ever heard of it? This brightly colored spice native in Southeast Asia seems to be everywhere nowadays from organic soap barsto lattes. Known as the “golden spice,” turmeric exhibits potent properties responsible (3)for its aroma when used medicinally.

Follow these steps:

  • Combine turmeric powder with honey (4)
        – Stir vigorously prior ingesting

Or try mixing one teaspoon of turmeric powder with warm milk:
– Drink it twice daily


Who doesn’t love some honey in their tea? This delicious treat not only calms your throat, but also has antibacterial properties! Raw honey (5) is especially beneficial for treating bacterial infections due to its additional enzymes and nutrients.

Follow these steps:
– Consume up to two teaspoons of raw honey per day
    – Add to hot beverages, salads or directly into our mouths!

Additionally, we can make a natural antibiotic salve:
– Mix 1/4cup beeswax pellets,(6)1/3cup coconut oil (7)and 2teaspoons each of raw honey and Calendula petals (8)
     – Blend well on low heat
     – Let harden in the fridge

Living a healthy lifestyle helps prevent infection from happening in the first place. Here are several ways:

Exercise Regularly

Exercise not only boosts our immune system,9(9), but also minimizes stress levels. Stress reduction may help fend off bacteria by improving body function against pathogens10(10).

Proper Sleep

Allow us to emphasize that getting enough sleep stands more important than Instagram scrolling at night!

Getting less sleep increases vulnerability towards pathogens responsible for bacterial infections1111. Aim for around eight hours of quality slumber nightly.

Stop Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking harms overall health. However, did you know quitting also reduces risk of infections?

Smoking makes it easier for harmful particles like dirt and dust including microbes as opposed out lungs take in the same bacteria1212 . When we inhale smoke tobacco from cigars and cigarettes , they impede airflow making breathing tougher consequently putting ourselves at greater risk1413.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 80% of infections spread through our hands. Given the current pandemic, it’s crucial to wash hands frequently!

To do so:
– Wet hands with running water
    – Lather up thoroughly with soap
    – Scrub for at least twenty seconds
    &nbps;- Rinse clean

Anytime we touch a surface or get in close contact with someone else , ensure washing your hand. This includes after handling animals!

Note: Hand sanitizers while useful should be used as substitutes only if you have no access to water or soap15(14)

Warm Compresses

Nothing feels better than using warmth compresses on areas experiencing pain! Applying heat helps improve blood circulation and decreases inflammation 16(15)
To make them :
Get a soft cloth.
Soak it hot saltwater until saturated.
Wrings out excess liquid
Place the material wherever discomfort appears.


Probiotics are good bacteria residing within our gut . They play instrumental roles in digestion alongside nutrient absorption by helping augment our immune system17(16); this is done by preventing harmful pathogens .

Here are sources where we can obtain natural probiotics:

  1. Yogurt – Pick plain varieties without added sugars because sugar negates benefits received from probiotic activation9 #article-title-final-sexual-health”

  2. Miso soup- A fermented Japanese delicacy rich in good bacteria which helps prevent digestive issues along bacterial disruptions19 #(18)

  3. Kefir – A creamy dairy product benefits significantly outweigh its bitter taste73 due to an overabundance of healthy microbes

All these options provide unproblematic solutions during times when antibiotics may not be available.

In conclusion, although antibiotics remain necessary medications in treating bacterial infections, natural and all-around healthier alternatives should be our first consideration. With holistic care options widely available easily accessible to us how can we not spread awareness for more sustainable living?

So go ahead and try out some of these unique remedies on your own! You might find that they work better than you initially thought.

Keep calm and stay healthy!


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