How to stop 11 month old waking in the night?

Is your little one still waking up at night? Are you starting to wonder if you will ever get a good night’s sleep again? Fear not, tired parent – we are here to save the day (or rather, the night)! Here are some tips and tricks that could help your 11 month old sleep through the night.

Create a Soothing Bedtime Routine

First things first: establish a calming bedtime routine. Make sure it is consistent every single evening so baby knows what to expect. This might include things like:

  • Dimming lights around the house
  • Giving baby a warm bath
  • Dressing them in comfy pajamas
  • Reading books or singing lullabies
  • Snuggling with soft blankets

A solid bedtime routine can help signal to your child that it is time for rest.

Consistency is Key

Nightly routines will be useless unless they happen on a regular basis. Set specific times for naps and bedtimes and stick to them as closely as possible (even on weekends). It may take some trial and error, but eventually finding an ideal schedule that works for both parents and baby should stop unnecessary wakeups in their tracks.

Watch Their Napping Habits

An overtired toddler can lead to more nighttime awakenings than usual. Keeping track of daytime nap durations should help figure out how much daily sleep they need versus keep yourself sane by being realistic about when those naps go down – Too late = no sleepy time at all!

Encourage Independence

Believe it or not, babies need independence too! Consider leaving lovies such as stuffed animals or cozy blankies in close proximity during bedtime hours. Having something comforting nearby just within reach could decrease feelings of anxiety causing less disruptive sleeping patterns throughout the night.

Moreover, teach independent play wherever possible throughout the day. Babies that are equipped with self-serving skills during playtime could be more independent and less worried while they sleep.

Ensure Baby is Comfortable

Do the heating or cooling of your house need adjustments? Is baby’s room warm/cool enough? Make sure little one is dressed in comfortable, season-appropriate clothing – “are they overheating?” may sound like a ridiculous question at 2 AM but it can sneak up on you! Our recommendation: carefully observe temperature preferences, coincedently serving as an excellent opportunity to put those #spa aesthetics tips into good use.

Invest In a Good Crib and Mattress

Sometimes nighttime breakdowns result from physical discomfort. Choose wisely when purchasing purposeful bed accessories – mattresses keep getting better over time; don’t stick with second best for too long. Finding the right mattress should ultimately bring about continuous nights of happy snoozes.

Monitor Diet before Tour-de-Snoozeville 🏵️🛌💤

Food choices throughout the evening play a significant role in how your toddler sleeps through to morning,. A full belly doesn’t necessarily spell out uninterrupted sleeping hours and moreover if a child goes to bed hungry, waking up later feeling famished is not ideal either ( cue powerballad: ‘I’VE BEEN DREAMIN’ IN THE DARK ABOUT FOOD WE GONNA SHARE…’). Feeding healthy snacks such as bananas or small milk bottles earlier on can ensure commitment towards uninterrupted slumbers for tots who see food as their favourite pal.

Besides, Keep off caffeine-laden liquids which only end up keeping them awake all night long.

Understand Age-Appropriate Bedtime Hours

Parents keenly monitor their children’s nutritional needs so why wouldn’t this be equally important when it comes to Baby ZZZsss?
Age does matter when determining what optimal bedtime expectations are suitable; sticking by tired signs our little ones display from late afternoon and evening could determine appropriate time for their bedtime.

Rule out Medical Issues

Take note of potential signs of illness, allergies or discomfort which may be the cause of those mid-night wails . Consult a paediatrician if you suspect any underlying medical issues which need attention.

Dealing with Teething Pains 🦷

Infants go through delicate phases such as teething that might keep them up all night. Tender baby gums become swollen causing so much unbearable pain no wonder an inconsolable toddler cries in distress all night having not been given sugarless teething gel before bed (of course, it’s always easier said than done). Ensure establishing proper routines by creating fun educational distractions even when awake. Table some beautiful books for breaks along with chew toys to ease gumming discomfort.

Avoid Over-Stimulation Before Bedtime

Try limiting TV/internet usage within 30 – 45 minutes prior to sleeping hours at least[1]. Bright screens can disrupt sleep-wake patterns and prevent deep slumber state thereby reducing total hours slept throughout the entire night ! A little bit too much confidence scrolling ‘Gram at inappropriate times huh?! This being said, , blue light filters on hand held devices serve as perfect accessory as babies won’t sense this modified setting unless way TOO curious parents lift it!.

Now comes the real challenge: executing a plan without losing your sanity (we know how hard consistent schedules can be #weshouldwriteamovie) .
Stick rigidly to suggested tips consistently; making intentional slight modifications will demonstrate successful results over time!


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