How to start period early on birth control?

It’s that time of the month again, and you find yourself asking, “How can I start my period early while taking birth control?”. Whether it be for a special occasion or just wanting to get ahead of the game, there are ways to jumpstart your menstrual cycle while still being on birth control. Here are some tips and tricks to make your period come earlier:

Option 1: Change Your Birth Control Pills

If you’re looking for a quick fix, switching up the kind of birth control pill you use might do the trick. Hormonal pills manipulate estrogen and progestin levels in your body which is responsible for regulating menstruation. However, not all hormone-based contraceptives work alike.

  • Monophasic pills – These provide steady hormones throughout the menstrual cycle.
  • Triphasic pills – These vary hormone doses throughout monthly periods.
  • Extended-cycle pills – few act like natural cycles with less frequent but longer lasting bleeding
    • Seasonale (3 months)
    • Seasonique (4 months)

Consulting an OB-GYN before making any switch is highly encouraged as they could determine what’s best for your body type.

Option 2: Skip The Sugar Pills

The sugar pills or non-active placebo tablets at the end of each pack helps keep track when one should begin their next packet— However skipping these placebos will advance your sex-hormone withdrawal bleedings within a week after finishing last active tablet instead of waiting till following inactive dose section; But beware this may lead to spotting or prolonged bleeding.

Option 3: Take Vitamin C Supplements

Whilst vitamin c† is more commonly known to help boost immunity during cold seasons; high intake amount may increase blood thickness by reducing progestin hormone stabilization needed regularly inorder †to prevent build-up uterine walls eventually causing contractions leading towards shedding uterus lining hence, menstruation.

John Hopkins Medical Center recommends methods shouldn’t depend on religiously taking vitamin C.

Option 4: Exercise

Studies show♦♀ that hitting the treadmill or any cardio workout accelerates menstrual cycle naturally while still promoting reproductive health. Exercising reduces tension and stresses which are other factors that trigger irregular periods. The benefits of intense physical activity enhance sex hormones production ultimately leading towards hormone balance, reducing overall period cramping.

Option 5: Reduce Stress

Stress plays a major role in delaying or advancing menstruation; Higher cortisol levels maintain high estrogen levels by slowing down ‡ovulation hence an increase in progesterone, effective uterine collapse hastens endometrial shedding even before your due date— Therefore relaxing activities such as YOGA ø massages should be included within everyday routine for successful period regulation.

In conclusion

Ultimately, these tricks may produce some side-effects like pain, anxiety during hectic times or too much stress which could lead to late or early periods however regulating one’s hormonal intake shall obviate prolonged discomfort believed infallible Ø natural process blamed on periodic inconsistency experience by bisexual ♀ gender regardless medical conditions globally recognized but shushed under normalization. It is safe to say the most viable way would be talking with Obstetric Gynecologist for proper guidance catered towards one’s body type and heath status as they know best when it comes to women’s needs regarding reproduction matters.

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