How to speed wound healing?

Getting a wound is not exactly fun. Whether it’s a scratch or something much worse, no one likes to deal with open wounds – except maybe a certain type of gross person who will remain unnamed. However, if you’re like most people and would rather have your flesh intact and unblemished, then you probably want to heal that pesky infection as fast as possible.

Fear not, dear reader! We’ve got some great methods for healing wounds quickly that are medically sound but also full of silliness. Trust us; we’re professionals.

Don’t Pick At It!

First things first: don’t pick at your wound. Listen, I know it looks like an itch-bomb went off on your elbow after falling down the stairs because workout clothes are slippery when wet…but picking at it isn’t going to help anything in the long run. You’ll only keep reopening the wound every time you mess with it! So please, resist scrolling through Facebook while manhandling your scrape – let nature do its thing and give yourself plenty of opportunity to tuck and roll away from future bodily harm

Stay Hydrated

One important component of healing any injury is staying hydrated. Drinking enough water allows for proper circulation throughout the body, ensuring nutrients get where they need to go quicker than Gavin Rossdale can belt out ‘I Don’t Want To Come Down’.

Additionally, hydration helps flush out toxins from our system which foster inflammation and pain around new openings in our skin.

So next time you find yourself reaching for another Mountain Dew… put it back down before Diane Sawyer sneaks up behind youand grab yourself some good old-fashioned water instead.

Nutrition Is Key

Eating healthily has numerous benefits all over our bodies – including helping wounds heal faster! Foods rich in vitamins C & E assist collagen growth promotion; iron assists with bringing oxygen to cells; and zinc helps in both cellular replication & immune function.

Plus, if you’re really into science, it’s worth mentioning that nutrients are also important co-factors for oxidative enzymes – which help your body break down harmful particles.

So no more sneaking Fritos on the couch during mini-marathon TV sessions! Let’s get some chicken breasts or legumes in there too.

Don’t Forget Good Sleep

Seriously though, getting quality rest is vital for all our body systems – including wound healing. When we sleep soundly, our bodies have an opportunity to produce repairing hormones like Growth Hormone (GH) which is key for collagen growth/muscle repair effortsIn fact, GH stimulates protein synthesis and promotes tissue repair while decreasing inflammation around wounds (more Mary Poppins magic). So even though staying up late feels like an epic playtime hell yeah!, remember that the sooner you tuck away under those silk pajamasthe faster your injury will be showed who rules this block!

Apply Honey

While many western treats contain corn syrup instead of actual honey traceable back to happy bees, applying raw honey straight from a jar can work wonders when it comes time for wound care. Not only does it do a fantastic job sealing off small blood venous vasculature but its compound hydrogen peroxide can help inhibit bacterial colonization at an injury site. Some studies has suggested burns as well ! Who knew Winnie The Pooh was onto something intelligent ?

Keep It Clean… But Not Too Clean

Another crucial aspect of proper wound care is frequent cleaning – ideally two times daily with mild soap and water. However over-cleaning delays reepithelialization causing unneeded delay among other things/consequences later on due to build up sebum levels.Additionally healthy bacteria like Lactobacillus fermentum & saline sprays maintain eco balance around wounded areas.

So keep it clean, but not super sterile. Unless you’re operating on someone, in which case please feel free to break out the hazmat suit.

Consider Joining AOA To Learn Basic DIY Wound Stitching

Hey, did you know wound suturing is a basic skill set all modern medical professionals should have during the era of DaVinci Robot? Well that’s only if they plan on having a private practice …OR for those who wanted their dateability index scores go up when rescuing damsels from biker gangs with ‘Frankenstein’ patches stitched together scare tactics inspired by Patrick Swayze movies. But don’t worry; it’s not like we were judging your life skills anyway… (winks in approval) Surgical training and emergency medicine publications exist everywhere!

AOA: Academy Of Art

And there you have it folks! Our witty guide provides effective yet hilarious ways to whip yourself back into shape after any injury or wound inflicted upon us by ourselves–and others (looking at Sully). So next time an accident befalls dear reader – stay calm, use some common sense (We suggest sarcasm too)– and then implement our tips until everything’s been licked healed nice and fastjust try doing so over/on top/whatever works best with happy hour appetizer platters as band aids.