How to soothe breast pain during pregnancy?

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You’re carrying a little human inside of you, and that is no small feat. But with great power comes great responsibility. One such responsibility may be dealing with breast pain during pregnancy.

Breast pain during pregnancy can range from mild discomfort to excruciating agony – and we mean agony in the true sense of the word. There are many reasons why your boobs might ache when you’ve got a fetus growing inside of you; here, we’ll take an extensive look at what makes them hurt and how to alleviate this unpleasant sensation.

What Causes Breast Pain During Pregnancy?

Breast pain or soreness is quite common in pregnant women. It’s caused primarily by hormonal changes happening in your body as it gears up for childbirth:

  • Hormonal surges – Your body will experience shifts in hormone levels throughout your pregnancy journey causing several things like increased blood supply initiation around breasts
  • Increased blood flow – The increase in hormones stimulates an increase in blood flow around the breasts leading to swelling and some discomfort.
  • Growth stretches – As your mammary glands begin preparing for breastfeeding post-childbirth, they grow larger resulting into stretched skin cells creating possible soreness.

Other factors contributing include;

-Tender nipples/engorged breast

-The size change issues due to milk glands’ stimulation

-Stress that increases cortisol level secretion which contributes more inflammation on inflammation.

If all these explanation made absolutely no sense whatsoever don’t worry—just know that hormone craziness causes boobie troubles.

Managing Mild Breast Pain at Home

Fortunately if it isn’t severe enough ,you have plenty of options available for soothing mild breast soreness right from comfort zone before taking appointment with any breast specialist.Your best bets include:

Wear Appropriate Bra Size

Your ta-tas deserve support now that they’re doing double duty to raise next generation. Wearing a properly-fitted bra is essential when the glands become heavier and larger (thank you, mammary gland stimulation!).Being aware of your current breast size will help reduce pain experienced while nursing or in case of any other signs indicating lactation .

Apply Cold Compress

One way to quell breast soreness before it gets out of hand is employ “RICE” technique:

  • Rest
    -Breast ice compress after that

-One should freeze for at least 20 minutes approximately


it helps with lymphatic drainage by reducing inflammation on tender area thereby creating better blood supply which accounts as a positive effect.

You can either use an external cold pack (use bags as you like it) or DIY option get them from frozen peas,butter of muffins(we won’t ask we promise)

Gentle Massage

Hoisting double duties throughout pregnancy often results into tensioned boob muscles making massage one conventional remedy for achy ones . It’s perfect releases pressure around knotted areas helping extra milk channels distributing well. #

You may rub some coconut oil or lavender –infused jojoba oil just before massage since oils are natural humectants .A good message done daily under running shower head or following techniques:

-Palm circling outward
-Zigzagging fingers for relieving tight nipples and painful clogs.

Practice Yoga, Stretching and Staying Hydrated

Through exercises like yoga with instructor’s guidelines ,pregnant women loosen up their stiff muscles particularly if dealing with stress .It also provide modicum relief during difficult labor

When To Call Your Doctor Or Midwife?

Normal procedure dictate consulting specialist concerning underlying illness complaints prior taking any OTC medication specifically designed to treat boobaches.Most physicians recommend airing concerns even post breast-centric symptoms subside. Morning sickness tends to suppress appetite so regular check-ups exceeding prenatal classes aren’t completely off limits.

Medications for Breast Pain during Pregnancy

When these self-helps doesn’t work well, consulting a specialist is not compromise Any specalists would guide better with following (ideally not to try without any supervision):

-Low dose birth control pills
-If suffering from photoreceptor pain specially tylenol can be taken in adequate dosage

There are few side effects but they differ based on what prescription achieved.


That’s all you need to know about breast pain while pregnant. While it isn’t uncommon or anything necessarily alarming, that doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear the discomfort either.Share this article far& wide ;save the boobies!

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