How to safely bleach hair white?

Bleaching your hair white can be quite an adventure. It’s like taking a journey to the edge of insanity and coming back with a head full of platinum locks. But wait! Don’t just plunge into bleaching without knowing what you’re doing, or you’ll come out looking like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. Here’s how to bleach hair safely using natural ingredients, so grab some popcorn, sit back and read on.

Prepping for the Process

Before starting the bleaching process, there are few things that need your attention.

1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Beforehand

Don’t freak out if your mom finds day-old spaghetti in your hair and forces you to wash it before carrying on with this procedure because we advise against washing hair before treatment as it will strip off the scalp’s natural oils that protect from chemicals.

2. Start By Doing A Strand Test First

Doing a strand test prior helps determine how long one should bleach their entire head without risking damage beyond repair; otherwise, running straight through could result in breakage due to various factors such as existing color treatments by haphazardly diffusing hydrogen peroxide throughout all follicles equally or applying too much bleach onto delicate strands causing them heavy damage which could cause chains of irreversible destruction along each individual shaft( this sounds dangerous). Choose a thin general area (preferably behind) apply bleach mixture then let set for up to 20-minutes inspecting often until desired lift is achieved.

3. Get All Ingredients Ready Before Starting

This precludes having everything arranged beforehand rather than losing focus constantly seeking each item amid hurrying multiple procedures while juggling different substances around vulnerable areas near eyes mouth etc.. Remember within arm’s reach includes Non-metal mixing bowl(s),developer cream/hydrogen peroxide solution, powder-based bleaching agent, Hair color brush, Gloves. Since mixing bleach and developer cream may produce a dangerous reaction thus always use gloves.

Bleaching Procedure

The procedure begins with the application of bleach mixture to hair- but there are a few things to note before jumping into it:

1. Wear Protective Clothing And Gear / Avoid Skin Contact

First and foremost, ensure that you put on an old shirt or towel (as long as you don’t mix them up lol) because bleach spots do not look cute when they eat through your new Gucci t-shirt! Also if skin touches bleaching solution quickly rinse area well (or immerse in cool water for several minutes), consult medical assistance if necessary.

2. Mix The Ingredients Correctly

Prepare the bleaching mixture according to instructions correctly. Do not overdo it; otherwise, you will have excessive damage and severe breakage (Your scalp should be protected at all cost!) Ensure ratio meet manufacturer requirements while paying attention particularly towards anything warning against exceeding utmost levels allowed

3. Work From One Head Section To Another only!

It’s important to work from one head section to another systematically so no part is missed out – this means dividing your hair strategically into four segments using clips/pin/crocodile etc., then applying each segment’s blonde drenches evenly across each area until ideal frosting status is achieved along entire mass!

4.Wait For The Right Amount Of Time

It’s easy to get impatient during these waiting periods, especially as time goes by in slow motion while the clock ticks mercilessly forward like a world cup final match without nail-biting suspense(aargh); but wait anyway till recommended timelines max limit as per manufacturers’ instructions guarantees optimum results(which lasts longer btw!).

Post-Bleach Procedure

After completing Final rinsing keep close eye ensuring excess product removed ’cause leaving residue could cause oxidation much faster than expected resulting in limp hair fibers inclined to breakage

1. Wash With A Neutralizing Shampoo

After applying the bleach, rinsing and patting dry right side up only with a soft towel apply neutralizer (acidifying)shampoo which helps restore pH balance afterward on your head then rinse out completely.

2.Deep Conditioning treatment For Healthier Hair

This phase could involve adding products like conditioning masks that contain vitamins b5/b6 to reinforce follicles’ protein structures; restoring shine along its shafts all while helping prevent damage brought about by exposure from prolonged heat lingering amid parched environments without proper hydration!

Safety Precautions

Bleaching is not for the faint-hearted!
A mixture of bleach and developer consists of powerful agents is very harmful if anything other than intended body parts comes into contact.

Use these precautions:

  • Always wear gloves to Avoid skin irritation
  • Keep away from children (I don’t think they’d be interested anyway)
  • Work in a well-vetilated area , The smell alone commands respect haha! You certainly don’t want headaches or nausea due to inhaling bleaches poisonous fumes
    -Consult doctor/dermatologist before proceeding esp when having existing conditions such as psoriasis, eczema scalp sensitivity etc..because little doubts kill big egos lol


We cannot overemphasize it enough: Bleaching hair white should never be taken lightly because once you start down this road there’s no going back! Just remember that preparation is key here. Gathering all ingredients beforehand precludes injury or even worse disaster taking place later through haste heaped upon frantic carelessness whilst potentially destroying everything worth living for? Yeah…you get it !