How to rub orange peel on face?

Have you ever been told that rubbing orange peel on your face can work wonders for your skin? If not, you’re in for a treat! Using orange peel as a skincare ingredient has been practiced for centuries, and it’s still just as popular today. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to rub orange peel safely and effectively onto your face.

Materials You Will Need

Before getting started with the steps below, make sure you have these materials ready:

  • A fresh medium-sized organic orange
  • A peeler or sharp knife
  • A small bowl of water (preferably filtered)
  • A mortar and pestle, spice grinder or coffee grinder
  • Optional: Honey or yogurt

Now let’s get down to business.

Step 1: Pick an Orange That Fits Your Standards

It goes without saying that the quality of oranges varies significantly from one place to another. And since we are all picky about what touches our delicate skins (who wants zits?), it’s essential also to be selective when picking out oranges. Selecting the best orange is very crucial because its nutrients depend largely on where it comes from. Hence wise folks always go for locally sourced, organic produce!

If possible, choose a medium-size ripe navel variety with unblemished skin—the perfect fit for this beauty recipe.

Step 2: Peel It Up

We know what you’re thinking; surely there must be some sort of gadget involved here? The good thing is no OTT instruments required – just grab any basic kitchen tool like a potato peeler or even cut carefully around the outer layer using a knife (we don’t want accidental injuries now!). Be neat with your technique so that only the brightly colored zest comes away leaving most of the white pith behind which didn’t signify much to our recipe.

Step 3: Grinding Time

Once you’ve achieved the perfect peel, we then move forward into grinding it up. Here are a few tips for preparing your zest;

  • Cut or tear the peel into small pieces
  • Use a Mortar and Pestle, spice grinder or even a coffee grinder (laziness alert!) to grind down your orange peels until they form pellets (and yes, you can have fun too while at this), better known as dust. Ohh la la!

Step 4: Water Treatment

After grinding the orange zest on up, you’ll want to mix in some water. It’s very crucial that if you’re going to try out this treatment on your delicate skin; it’s essential also not to leave out any stones turned! Dip cotton wool ball/Muslin cloth accurately in clean filtered H2O & be sure there are no additives which could nullify this holy grail of beauty procedures (because we live daily sourcing products against adulterated goods)!

Dilute with half an ounce of warm water to create a paste with the consistency of oatmeal—not too dry nor runny! A similar masala blend as well works wonders alongside ancient Ayurvedic practices where spices are mixed just perfectly.

You might think about adding yogurt instead for extra moisturizing properties or honey because duh… who doesn’t love Honey?

Ensure whatever additions made do fit like hand-fitted gloves—that mix should suit best differing per person depending on their skin type.

Step 5: Apply With Care

Now that everything is all set let’s now move onto application time! What We Got To do is gently go over facial features examining correctly different needs around eyebrows/nose/chin & other areas where dirt culminates more. Then apply premade paste ever so lightly onto these points too keening ending with massaging them gently (careful not to rub too hard or hurt yourself—you only want the best skin glow)!

It’s likely that there’ll be some stray bits of orange peel flakes, and you might have guessed it right already; these are perfect for exfoliating—its bonus time people (a natural hack life hack!)

Step 6: Give It Some Time

Once everything is put in place, give your skin a little breathing space where possible. Wait for around fifteen minutes to twenty maximum before proceeding with scrubbing away all those dirty layers! Rinse off with warm water (Though some do add lemon juice as well—but who wants acid rain specs on their face?)

You may follow up this entire regime once per week-maximum twice depending on how much exposed daily-though anyhow we should know our body limits.

We hope you found this tutorial fun yet informative. Who knew an organic navel would become our savior? Did you like the idea of using coffee grinders instead of pestles and mortars?

Well, Get creative every single way imaginable while applying witty filters like ours ☺