How to rid scabies from home?

If you’ve ever suffered through a bout of scabies, you know just how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be. Between the constant itching, red bumps covering your skin, and contagious nature of this parasitic mite infestation, finding relief seems daunting. But fear not! With some simple steps you can take at home (no need for an exterminator!), you’ll soon be on your way to being itch-free and feeling confident.

Don’t Panic – You’re Not Alone!

Scabies is more common than one would think. It’s estimated that over 300 million new cases occur every year all over the world. So while it may feel isolating or embarrassing, there’s no reason to panic or feel ashamed about having contracted this pesky bug.

What Exactly are Scabies?

Firstly before trying any home remedies it is important to know what exactly these pests are; simply put they are small bugs burrowing under the human skin in search of food. This causes painful sensations all around the body which intensify during bedtime/nighttime .

First Step: Cleanliness

Step 1: The first step towards getting rid of scabies is keeping sanitized because these insects can survive up to forty eight hours without a living host underneath furniture handles etc after hatching from their eggs laid below our surface. Keep everything clean so there’s nowhere left for them hide away until we have finished methodically working our way through each room- remember disinfecting bleach/detergent cleanser will kill any remaining pests who might attempt escape using bedding surfaces as shelter – time intervals provide ideal opportunity whilst sheets dry outside exposed directly sunlight/UV rays where large majority shall perish due high temperatures emitted causing difficult environment sustaining life feasible.

Step 2: Perform all laundry activities every day for two weeks straight including clothing towels bedding fabrics matter touching wherever impurities could residue/scatter. Use high temperature dryer settings in compliance general recommendation scientific community so that there are no surviving scabies larvae left alive too fit inside of fibers.

Step 3: Our greatest enemy in this situation is you! These mites don’t necessarily transmit disease, but they can have devastating effects on your health should enough build up over time and begin affecting the immune system as well. Drinking a lot water helps to balance skin pH control itching sensations; also keeping nails short means less scratching which spreads lesions creating new breeding grounds bacteria/infection transmission bodily fluids.

Home Remedies for Scabies

There are many effective home remedies using natural ingredients you can try to ease discomfort and promote healing of scabies-infected skin.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil has known ability fight bacterial/fungal/viral infections – powerful antiseptic measures shall make sure cuts/traces do not develop into full-blown boils- apply generously because irritation fades away within couple hours after application period ends though reapplication possibily necessary sooner if persistant itching persists post-application due varying skin types/immunity systems aroused by tea tree contact with human cells organs situated underneath epithelial lining penetrating action allowing osmosis respond toxins pathogens present around these areas included off outer surface small blood vessels dissolving lipid long chains membrane wall surrounding free cell preparing entry allowing dissolved cellular matter enter space held between inner/outer dermis layers causing further destruction pathway leading sepsis potentially life-threatening infection just about anywhere body depending how severe area looks like beforehand hygiene habits practised thereof during previous months years ensuring significantly reduced risk contracting more diseases caused by lousy hygeinic lifestyle choices such neglecting cleaning clothing frequently enough staying out damp/dark regions where parasites thrive prosperably antagonizing hosts face every point their development cycle.

Neem Oil

Neem is an organic pesticide and fungicide historically used in Asia and India to treat a variety of ailments including pest infestations. It contains potent compounds that are fatal to scabies mites and can help soothe inflamed, itchy skin.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and is available in capsule or powder form at almost any grocery store. Combine turmeric powder with water until a paste forms, apply the paste to your affected skin for 30-60 minutes before washing off thoroughly rinsing with cool water final step followed applying favorite moisturizer via desired fragrance-free ingredients listed on container label ensure ‘non-acnegenic’ if facial skin sensitivities present (to avoid breakouts).


Getting rid of scabies from home can be a daunting task but by following our simple measures mentioned above helps kill these curious critters once and for all! Stay vigilant weeks prior show symptoms adhere correct procedures so we won’t have revisit same predicament again return normal healthy lifestyle quality which experienced beforehand infection onset periods – feel confident carefree knowing problem solved effectively using natural remedies right comfort personal space without adding risks into equation expensive prices paid outings exterminators unnecessary pollutants added atmospheric environment privacy infringed upon lose budget just fit bill need implement treatment methods efficacy worth patience time expense put forth recover completely appropriately leading fulfilling lives fulfilled passions desired amidst whichever setting currently occupying routinely frequented basis sticking optimal health practices retaining cleanliness standards up-to-date house revamp priorities instantaneously met attaining peace mind stress-free existence lived happily proposed methods.

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