How to reverse a burnt tongue?

Have you ever taken a sip of what was supposed to be the perfect hot beverage only for it to burn your tongue and leave you with a numb or tingling sensation? Or have you ever indulged in some delicious hot food that has left your taste buds singed and rendered all other flavors indistinguishable? If so, then you are not alone. Burning your tongue is an incredibly common occurrence, but don’t worry because we’ve got some tips on how to reverse the damage done.

Understanding What Happens When You Burn Your Tongue

When dealing with any problem or ailment, understanding its cause is half the battle won. So before we jump into ways of reversing burnt tongues, let’s first understand what happens when our tongues experience high temperatures.

What is happening physiologically when we burn our tongues?

Well basically, heat excites both molecules and ions which stimulate nerve endings causing them to fire off rapidly resulting in pain signals being sent up through nerves triggering discomfort alongside inflammation that causes swelling leading ultimately preventing us from enjoying those yummy treats until further notice.

How long does it take for a burnt tongue to heal?

Typically 3-4 days unluckily meaning goodbye coffee for at least another week… sigh

Symptoms of A Burnt Tongue

If you think there’s even just the slightest chance that you have burned your tongue (which if let’s face it probably do), look out for these symptoms:

  1. Numbness
  2. Tingling
  3. Inability To Taste Flavors Properly (what did we say about no more coffee?!)
  4. Redness
  5. Pain

But fret not dear reader! There are solutions readily available!

In this section, folksy home remedies come to our rescue as we explore natural ways of treating burnt tongues while having a chuckle on the side.

1. Ice Cream

Yes, you read that right! One way of soothing your now sensitized taste buds is by indulging in – wait for it – ice cream! Now this tried and tested method might not cure anything, but let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good excuse for ice cream? It offers temporary relief due to coldness momentarily numbing burned area however experts say watch out flavors with additives which could actually worsen inflammation meaning no Rocky Road sorry guys!.

Tip: Place spoonfuls of ice cream on top of tongue letting melt gradually.

2. Yogurt

Beware the tongue strikes again only this time put some probiotic-packed yogurt into play here! While flavorful choices may seem appealing that call for fruited varieties containing added sugars aid problematic condition filling mouth with different bacteria can help accelerate healing processes ease effects simultaneously!

Tip: Look for probiotic-rich brands like Chobani or Fage

3. Saltwater Rinse

Soothe troubled taste buds using salt water rinse kitchen essential helping cleanse wound white preventing bacterial infections just what doctor ordered easily available there no need any fancy store-bought disinfectants resorting standard table salt should do trick nonetheless perfectly distilled sterilization agent plummets microbial colonies brewing inside mouth maybe add peppermint drops too eliminate tastes bad breath at once?

Tip: Dissolve tablespoon worth salt room temperature clean drinking glass warm H2O swish around gargling less than minute

4. Honey

Manuka honey typically found in health food stores somewhat expensive yet miraculously effective reversing harm applied onto gums mixed drinks benefit healing effect shifting from painful condition getting delightful fix savoring pain away.(however please note cited claims about effectiveness have little evidence independent research so although can use shouldn’t view claims as gospel)

Tip: before applying to tongue, cool honey in a refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

Over-The-Counter Remedies

While home remedies might be old and time-tested solutions, their effectiveness can vary considerably. Therefore let’s consider over-the-counter options that are safe while packing more punch.

1. Gelmio – The Upside Down Throat Spray

A unique solution with an upside-down twist alleviating discomfort by directly targeting nerves affected burning sensation working quickly target the issue at its root no fuss n no muss… up is downside!

2. Orajel – Maximum Strength Mouth Sore Gel

Soothing gel provides instant relief due mentholated property helpful numbing area manages curb any excessive tingling pain helping you say goodbye painful meal or drink!

In conclusion, a burned tongue is by no means the end of the world although we prefer our meals aren’t put on back burner so to speak (see what I did there?). There are plenty of quick fixes available, some from your own pantry others medicinal which can alleviate symptoms and make life bearable postburn. Remember ice cream isn’t just sweetsay it how possibly help too! If you’re looking for a natural way to soothe your burnt tongue using yogurt or salt rinse probably wise selections doing job better than spicy foods attempting cover flavor loss tip also considering alternative curious involving manuka honey genuinely sounds delightful doctor!