How to respond to future faking?

Ah, future faking. It’s the world’s oldest trick that some humans pull in the quest for companionship. If you’ve ever been future-faked before, then you know how much it hurts when someone promises a bright and shiny tomorrow but never delivers.

What is future faking? It is simply making fake commitments or promises about what one will do in the future – this could be marriage, having kids together or moving into together. The issue with this, of course, is that such claims are made only to hook their partner emotionally while they continue stalling or avoiding commitment.

In case you’re currently dealing with a potential faker yourself, fear not! We have put together several key tips on how best to reel them back in and get things working better for both parties involved.

Trust Your Gut

Trust your instincts because if something seems off about that person who loves giving false hope by pretending they’ll be around forever doesn’t seem genuine enough you should probably listen carefully and take notes (with questioning eyes).

When your instincts start screaming out at high decibels asking questions such as ‘is he/she just saying these sweet nothings?’ Listen closely darling because sometimes people get too consumed with those syrupy words then miss following through on pivotal actions that lead them closer towards “together forever” land!

This leads us naturally into our second point:

Ask Questions First

Always make sure that whenever somebody starts feeding you some hot air- balloon talk about futures full of stars promise filled tomorrows locate every red flag via constant clarification – ask him/her why she/he said what was promised last week?

Often times individuals give statements without thoroughly thinking thru beforehand hence each statement comes across shallow; question every promise stated so details can start being fleshed out thus producing honest answers rather than generalizations rooted around empty observations (which will only further fuel disappointment)!

Don’t be too trusting

As humans, one of our biggest flaws is the ability to trust people too easily. This trait often leaves us hanging in precarious situations where we suffer heartbreak and disappointment when things don’t pan out as planned – this especially true with future-faked commitments.

Don’t set yourself up for future misery by assuming that someone will always keep their word simply because they said so – never underestimate how naive you can be about somebody’s hidden agendas (I mean there’s a reason gossip magazines sell more than the Bible).

Keep Yourself Busy

The easiest way to deal with someone who constantly twirls your head like a merry-go-round until it becomes all dizzyingly muddled is by keeping busy! Frequently focusing on new engaging activities replaces what could have been occupied times wondering if he/she really meant every word spewed from their mouth.

Learning some cool new skills or starting mini side hustles prevents the ever-consuming thoughts of overthinking what he/she does or doesn’t actually mean. Bonus points: Self-growth/activity-based hobbies lead to even better versions of ourselves!

Think beyond just words

It is essential not only listening but also paying attention to delivery quality concerning statements given; common ways that showcase deceitful Future Fakers are through flowery verbiage without any plan waiting behind it – nothing feels worse than realizing everything coated in sugar dissolves quickly after consumption/release into thin air heading straight for long-term desolate wastelands punctuated by pain & sleepless nights.

If/when promises take form smoke-screens then proceed ahead cautiously before betting big chips against them hitting jackpots/dating bingo-caller voices hollering victorious 2-liner prizes 🙂

Recognize patterns early enough-take heed!

Always document every occurrence no matter how minor/skewed minutely then analyze/reanalyze data subsequently gathered searching trends/spinning skeins woven together building a clear image of true motives difficult for concerned party(ies) to ignore or lie about when eyes view the compiled detailed descriptions.

Scrutinizing conversations/behaviors after each encounter build a better understanding around this wickedly cunning tactic (future faking). This knowledge empowers you to not fall for fake promises by detecting any patterns associated with future-faked behavior!

Evaluate If They Have Travel Plans

People who use future-fakery are renowned for not sticking around. Make sure that your partner isn’t just telling you what they think you want to hear before running off into another country where Wifi still doesn’t exist, nor phone signals -instead do some strategic investigating on his/her travel details then proceed accordingly.

One red flag is if your faux lover mentions wanting love in theory but suggests moving abroad anytime soon which would theoretically drift them apart physically making it harder thus unlikely anyone gains fulfillment via lies/misunderstandings based upon the nebulous foundations already laid down!

Believe Actions Over Words

This seems obvious right? One can assume while forming potential romantic liaisons actions are louder than words right? Yet this concept never becomes old news; always be patient and observant paying attention closely watching how their character reveals itself over time through physical proof instead of easy-to-say sentiments.

In many cases, people tend to reveal their characters much slower through action rather than heartfelt I-love-you’s; Actions generally lasting longer as they have actual tangible reminders tied together documenting oaths/promise-breaking instances etc speed up clarity regarding forgiveness/red flags.

Using examples from less threatening scenarios such as groceries shopping habits all the way to more serious topics like consistency should help one navigate safely around relationship shakeups/swerves those maddeningly confusing moments driven by soft manipulations/silver-tongued flattery leaving us spiraling repeatedly down rabbit holes!

Trust History So Far

Admittedly common sense holds dear, begin observing every conversation or interaction shared as if it were a powerful eco-system that grows with time and changes regularly while preserving core identity components holding everything together.

Humans tend to become comfortable after interacting with someone over an extended period which devalues trust significantly; It’s simply safer not investing in hopeful promises from people without established pasts anyway!

The Power of Patience

Following through when dealing with future-fakers is paramount. Avoid making rash decisions based on first impressions, get-rich-quick schemes you’ll regret tomorrow being the possible result of such behavior lightning-fast anytime (often ending up later stuffed in a bag labeled “past mistakes”).

Incorporating patience during dealings assists informing any hasty decisions allowing for strategic moves revealing what may possibly have ulterior motives or reveal less than genuine intentions beneath the surface level talk we all know so well by now!

Always remember one crucial fact too – just because things are moving slower doesn’t mean they’re necessarily rocky roads ahead either– some well-planned out routes end up leading us towards more luxurious destinations filled with vivid experiences tailored perfectly matching each individual’s desired preference(s).

Look at His/Her Heart

While claiming lovingly pledging love/beforealwaystoragingthereafter moments shows verbal skill – behaviors habits tell true stories behind actual intentions geared toward respected parties/ dating partners alike.

Most notable evident factors would include whether he/she desires emotionally draining hookups exclusively versus actually quite interested relationships long lasting closure hunting individuals ; always read between lines picking up signs providing concrete details supporting whatever written/spoken previously thus establishing most deeply profound heartening connections built upon foundations of mutual respect/mutual hope/desire consistency regarding Future-Faking prevention methods-which could culminate into healthy outcomes flowing endlessly? Who knows but let’s keep our fingers crossed lovelies 🙂

Put Yourself In Their Shoes And Communicate Openly

Let see it another way, have you ever future faked? Before answering that truthfully, imagine if this were the first and only relationship that you’d be giving yourself over to in the medium-to-long-term future.

It’s natural for people to make promises especially when falling head-over-heels or changing their minds without warning. It’s never an easy thing to admit but simple acknowledging flaws can drastically alter perspectives one has of relationships destined for greatness vs failure/catastrophic uncertainty!

Assuming you’ve promised everything from Christmas holidays at mountain cabins lit form a cozy fire upping romance vibes dramatically then all the way down promising something as basic as taking out garbage most evenings (only it fails continually sigh) — describing how much easier accepting foreseeable consequences after discussions about realistic course-corrections rather than facing unknown perils alone resulting in burn-out pointless arguments/damage control:

“But alas, communication must remain open/understandable until each party concurs with mutual satisfaction exchanged between them-leaving minor flat lines showing feasibility regarding trust/successfull romantic enterprise among active parties engaged physically/emotionally already!)”

Be Honest With Yourself & Your Partner

Here are some questions “to myself” concerning what I desire: What do I want out of this relationship? Where is this going long term-wise; Can we get on board same boat headed towards similar shores destinations filled sunrise-drenched beaches/secluded hideaways embraced by rolling hills lush greened foliage lining pathways begging walkways?

Perhaps it’ll yield risky results worth avoiding altogether if starting rowing our boats right now-but may also result in finding someone who fits perfectly like a scattered pair of jigsaw puzzles pieced together more effortlessly adding colors while completing pictures initially full/unbalanced pictured images displayed haphazardly without meaning lacking understanding where does anyone fit within incomplete landscapes-flawless romances blossoming thereafter closely followed incredible feeling washed off pure breathing deeply cool summer breeze easing tensions/making life beautiful always!

After all, only honest self-evaluations toward what you honestly want contribute to deepening bonds of trust/relationally knowing others/ourselves better overtime-building lasting memories etched in golden moments captured briefly by chasing sunset infinitely encouraging all towards success.

Cut Your Losses and Move On

Sometimes there’s simply not a lot left to salvage after identifying world-class heartbreak around the corner.

There comes that moment cutting losses/moving onto better pastures begins looking sweeter tastier insatiably appealing for both parties present – ending things before getting too close eventually saves heartache/dangerous situations buoyed up limiting our progress rather than expanding within similar goals; consigning hope inside ever-green swaying happiness spread across open flower-filled meadows allowing forgiveness under star-spangled heaven any time is always an option unlike staying chained pitifully endless cycle while nursing cracked empty-hearted people who never considered mutual needs/pleasures fully also living life hopefully without our additional baggage stowed nearby just in case ever needed again would be highly suggested!

Don’t Become A Victim Of ‘The Sunk-Cost Fallacy’

This problem often manifests itself with individuals investing far more resources/time/emotions into failing endeavours retaining value therein which threatens situational fluidity losing viable exit plans resulting from this negative trend.

Usually manifested through struggling relationships leading down dead-end paths departing becomes warily challenging when considering everything wasted so far what could possibly await around next bend fearing less-than-satisfactory outcomes leading back square one-might as well finish them off altogether risking much greater demand going forward having been caught “between rock/hard place” initially anyways!

At this stage, learning how to deflect future-fakers avoids wounding hearts broken due to promises made/hypocrisy cultivated thereafter – moving on ahead with newfound confidence regarding relational matters becoming easier negotiable regarding final end-game already determined alongside matching partner(s) found along journey!

In Conclusion:

So, there you have it- techniques that will go a long way in helping one manage situations strung out by future-fakers. The key point here is to always verify actions along each step forward — not just get caught up in the emotional attention being showered your way.

Remember, real lovers never make promises without measurable progress already attained/attainable beyond mere empty words of confirmation (void love) – take these strategies seriously/equip yourselves wisely!