How to repair cracked shoe soles?

Is the sole of your shoe cracked? Oh, noes! Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about repairing those unsightly cracks in your favorite shoes.

The Problem with Cracked Shoe Soles

So, why are cracked soles such a bad thing anyway? Well, for starters, they can be dangerous. If you step on something sharp or uneven while wearing shoes with a cracked sole, it could cause an injury. On top of that, water and dirt can seep into the crack and damage the rest of the shoe.

Determine if Your Shoes Are Worth Repairing

Before jumping into repairing your cracked soles there’s one question: are these shoes even worth fixing up in general? Depending on how old/worn out/irreplaceable/dirty/frankly gross they might have become (we don’t judge here!) it may not be worth putting any time (or money) into them anymore!

Once your potential DIY project has passed muster as more than landfill-fodder then read on…

Materials Needed

First things first – Let’s get what you’re gonna need:
– A few sheets or pieces of cardboard
– Super glue (not craft glue–You should avoid all temptation that comes with glittery colors)
– Clear silicone adhesive sealant
(yup! Think bathroom/shower calk but make sure this one is waterproof.)
– Sharp scissors – saw-tooth base would do just fine.
– Duct tape/masking tape depending upon personal preferences for looks/laziness ?
Now Grab Your Old Sock + Dance Yourself silly

Wait What?

Maybe not dance yourself silly –but go ahead and take 5 minutes right now to put on an old sock over each foot like some grubby medieval slippers: Because honestly when was the last time any of your houseplants saw anything close to a clean sock??
This will help protect your socks (and carpets!) which are usually not as durable, but also provides good grip on any surface you might step on in the meanwhile.

Prepping Your Shoe Soles

Alright now that we have our footwear sorted (well atleast a part of it) It’s time to get organized. Take that piece of cardboard and cut two pieces that fit inside each shoe ensuring its bottom is covered.
Move them around until they sit snugly over the sole before proceeding onto next steps

Reinforcing Cracks with Cardboard Support

Let’s patch up those shoes by inserting these cardboards into them first!
Cut bits or long strips out from some sheet so that upon wrapping/gluing these form distinct shapes corresponding to your cracked areas.

This would act as a support system which ensures there is no more bending or twisting happening while walking/jogging/dancing wherever one maybe trippin’ on their feet like I do.

Rip off uniform sections/varied geometric patterns– remember: There are no mistakes, just new designs

Bend/shape cardboard portions along where the crack occurs/happened; make sure they fit and apply adhesive glue underneath it, then attach loosely within shoe.
Apply duct/masking tape around excess bit left hanging until it has formed a firm bond with glued area.

Filling Gaps With Silicone Sealant

Now pour/squeeze clear silicone sealant into every visible crack crevice Just don’t go overboard!

Use wooden spatula end/a skewer/stick for spreading glue uniformly throughout sealant filled region without leaving untouched/uncovered edges behind

While this dries keep checking/changing position/rubbing away extra debris after dried spots start flaking inches at a time(–Oops!)

Don’t remove houseplant bits stuck during application /wait until drying and carefully lift off instead

Note: The sealant will form a transparent film that acts as extra cushioning between the cardboard support and your feet.

Finalizing Patch Job

Remove cardboard supports once silicon adhesive is completely dry around 24-48 hours

Use scissors to remove excess/seeping silicone from shoes. We’re not making new soles here!

Voila, you have yourself one pair of old yet kickin’ shoes!


We know, fixing up cracked shoe soles might seem like a hassle but it’s definitely better than buying another pair! Plus who doesn’t enjoy feeling accomplished knowing that they took their favourite pair of ‘blood sweat n tears’ shoe sole soulmates and made them be good as new again?
So take out all those beautiful sneakers/boots/sandals/high heels/wellies you’ve got stuffed at the back only because they need some care show’em much needed love & let’s fix them up together.

It’s easier than it seems – Just remember: Cardboard + Silicon Adhesive = Salvation.

Shoe Repair Tips / Do’s and Don’ts

Things to keep in mind:
– A busted corner or hole on laces should never bother cause we’ve been gifted with many ways to make use Of non fraying waste material lying around near us (Hemp string anyone?)
– Be very very careful while applying adhesives – Their power are not limited there on where applied during repairs! You’ll definitley need some acetone if these things stick anywhere else..
– Go easy on cleaning products used for maintenance or decide beforehand how frequently your precious artwork-of-shoes would get cleaned – These soaps can mess up glued joints before any personal dirt patches 😉
-same goes for hot summer days-beach trips-thunderstorm rains-taking care espically when dealing with waterproof materials now!
Oh wait.. we said ‘Less’ in the headings.. darn it!
• Repairing rather than struggling financially or nostalgically to find new pair,
•an easy DIY project if you follow our steps,

Have Fun repairing!

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