How to remove wax from clogged ear?

Are you suffering from a clogged ear? The culprit might just be an excess build-up of wax. Don’t worry, removing the wax isn’t as daunting as it seems. With these easy tips and tricks, you’ll have your auditory canal cleaned out in no time!

Wait…Why is there Wax in my Ear?

First things first, let’s bust some myths about earwax – contrary to popular belief, earwax isn’t just icky gunk that nobody wants around. It serves a crucial job by trapping dirt and bacteria before they enter our internal organs (read: brain). But sometimes our bodies overdo it which leads to self-made blockage leading to impaired hearing.

Pro Tip: Trying the good ol’ ‘q-tip manoeuvre’? Stop right now because inserting anything inside can push the wax even deeper into your eardrum leading to more absurdity.

Identifying Symptoms of Blockage

Before we show you how to clean your ears like a pro with easily available items at home, let’s find out if what you are experiencing is actually caused by excessive earwax build-up:

  • Decreased hearing ability
  • Ringing noise or tinnitus
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Dizziness or vertigo

If any of these symptoms persist for longer than three days without getting better then get thyself checked up doctor!

Let’s Get Cleaning!

Now let’s dive into this waxy business! Grab hold of one or multiple solutions listed below based on their availability.

Saline Solution

A saline solution may sound complicated but its incredibly simple really –

  1. Mix one teaspoonful salt in half cup warm water.
  2. Dunk the small cotton ball with this solution and squeeze few drops gently into both ears.
  3. Allow this mixture soaked inside for 3 to 5 minutes, letting it do its work of softening the wax.

Baby Oil

For all those who swear by natural remedies –

  1. Warm a small amount of baby oil or olive oil.
  2. Using a dropper place around three drops into each ear canal.
  3. Once inserted, lie on your side with that ear facing down for about 5 minutes to encourage the oil to soften and dissolve the cerumen.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide dissolves hard wax like no other!

  1. Dilute hydrogen peroxide using equal parts of water (Hint- DON’T put raw/perfumed hydrogen directly)
  2. Dip cotton balls inside this diluted solution only up until they dampen sufficiently not soaking wet.
  3. Squeeze out any excess before positioning them across both ears waiting for few seconds allowing effervescence action dissolve your worst fears!

Caution: Always use diluted solutions when dealing with your ears.

Home Kits – Approach With Care

You can also buy over-the-counter home cleaning kits which contain appropriate tools such as bulb syringes; however:

Kits are inadvisable if you have diabetes, because any foot ulcer/pore bursting which might go undetected can turn ugly if infected through equipment contact.- Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Now assuming you’re healthy and have picked up one these bad boys (proceed at YOUR own risk)

1.Tilt towards one side making sure outside ear pointing upwards

2.Place tip into opening gently inserting silicone sleeve/nozzle covering entry point so as NOT TO puncture/touch eardrum surface

3.Fill bulb with warm water (make sure it’s not hot), tilt head slightly and squeeze bulb softly directing water flow in while aiming away from sidewall

4.Repeat till done with both ears! (Tip: Have some tissue paper handy- just in case)


Phew, the hard part is over! But here’s what to expect from your ear’s next move after cleaning…

Itchiness or soreness: A little bit of itchiness or soreness for a day or so post-cleaning isn’t uncommon. Try resisting scratching; use olive oil and warm cloth to comfort excessive dryness.

Decrease in hearing:

You might actually notice a slight decrease if during the cleaning process you inadvertently pushed any wax deeper while attempting to clean hence second guessing yourself.. resulting in inferior results.

And there you have it folks – all the scoop on removing pesky earwax build-up that gets too comfy inside our earholes causing less fun than we deserve.

Pro tip- don’t get carried away with things meant for home cleaning (hangers, pencils etc.) they can do damage permanently, but mostly gross AF!

So don’t let silly cerumen hold you back anymore – grab one of these quick solutions and commence scraping cleanup before it strikes again!