How to remove tan patches from face?

Let’s face it, nobody wants a tan that looks like their skin is diseased. A patchy and unevenly toned face is not only annoying but also unflattering! As much as we appreciate the warmth of the sun on our skin, slathering sunscreen should always be top priority. Unfortunately, if you are reading this article right now, it shows things have already gotten out of hand. Don’t worry because we’ve got your back! In this article, find out how to remove those pesky brown marks without causing any further damage.

What Exactly Are Tan Patches?

Just in case you don’t know what they are – tanning patches occur when the melanocyte cells increase their activity to protect your skin from harmful UV rays by producing more melanin pigment than required. This results in pigmentation which varies depending upon individual skin type and exposure time under the sun/UV lamps.

What Causes These Patches?

Several factors lead to tanning patches on our faces:
– Those unbearable sunny beach vacations.
– Using self-tanners frequently.
– Not wearing enough sunscreen while outdoors or wearing misplaced sunglasses/hats resulting in uneven exposure.
– Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy may result in melasma aka chloasma or “pregnancy mask” – darkened areas that sometimes appear on cheeks/nose/chin/forehead due to an increase in hormone levels.(Don’t worry if people start calling you ‘patchy-mom’, embrace them).

There we go again derailing from actual topic haha!

So Here Are Our Top 9 Ways To Regain Your Even Skin Tone And Get Rid Of Tan

Cleanse Regularly

One of the main culprits for hyperpigmentation is dirt accumulation and dead cells clogging pores so make sure you’re cleansing your face at least twice daily using gentle exfoliating products that do not irritate the skin. Scrubbing too hard will only open up fresh wounds and worsen the patches.

Milk It Out!

Lemon Juice + Milk

Lemon juice, although naturally acidic (with a pH of 2), act as a mild bleach for skin (another hot tip would be to actually use bleach if you have trouble bleaching plastic dishes/surfaces). While we love lemons, their acidity can cause irritation, which is why it’s best to mix them with milk – this unbelievable duo also acts as an exfoliant! (Jokes aside) The lactic acid in milk has gentle peeling properties that give the skin an updated look. Add lemon juice extract and apply liberally on the face/affected area until dry before rinsing with cold water.

Note:ONLY!! use freshly squeezed lemon; bottled ones are no good!


Papaya pulp

Papaya contains papain enzymes making it useful in removing dead cells from your face whilst gently fading pigmentation. Chop some ripe papaya pieces into small parts mush mash them all together till smooth paste forms & then apply evenly onto your clean face!

Got Milk?

Milk is great on its own but next-level awesome when mixed with honey- known for its antioxidant properties which help ease stress while brightening the skin at same time.Apply it twice in seven days ensuring each application stays about 30mins max before washing off using plain warm H2O

FACT!: ‘Melissophobia’ refers to an intense fear of bees – well sadly without our pollinating friends there wouldn’t really be any beauty enhancing honey either lolol #savethebees

The Almighty Aloe Vera

Aloe vera mask

Aloe vera isn’t even food but easily cracks my top three favorite plants ever (go figure). You can easily find the plant in a fancy pot or down your alley. Cut off about 2cm leaf strip , we want its inner pulpy meat, slice it and apply to face-letting sit for 15 minutes before rinsing! Trust me you can also use it as an eye-cooler!

Stay Moisturized!

Drink Enough H20 & Moisturize

Hydration is key hunnay!! (Yes I’m excited) Adequately hydrating yourself keeps skin looking bright and refreshed – Water helps fight dehydration which contributes to patchy skin appearance. Also make sure you’re using a moisturizer packed with glycerin, petrolatum or dimethicone that will nourish and protect sensitive patches.

PROTIP: Heard of gua sha?Ice-cube-everything?? So much people have stumbled upon these tools that help lock down nutrients/products used by giving alertness/gingeriness feels while increasing blood flow bringing out more glow then actual movie stars😍

Foodie Alert 😉

Vitamin Rich diet

Include certain vitamins in your diet plan such as mustard greens/turnips etc rich in vitamin C which protects from damage caused by UV rays along with Plenty of fruits high JAM packed in vitamins, minerals & antioxidant qualities gives some enhancement making see-glow below

‘JAM pack’ LOL!


All steps mentioned above are primarily home remedies but there actually medical procedures too I just need like two seconds OKAY!!

Chemical Peel

This quick fix is great when treating larger areas affected by pigmentation although dermatologic visits are required; chemical peels involving acids such as alpha-hydroxy acid/glycolic acid exfoliates the skin allowing freshless surface to show up giving radiant look without blemishes.(Just ensure you go through consultation first)

Laser Treatment

Although laser treatment might appear a bit intimidating alternative skins lightening, fractional or ablative skin resurfacing can assist everybody without causing any damage to the surrounding area. Light therapy helps in breaking down melanin pigments which create unsightly patches of varying shades.

Last Words!

Disregard all advice and pick an umbrella as your shield against sun-rays🌂😅..kidding! Look after your face,sunburns are actually dangerous we only made fun so you feel comfortable reading thorough amazing ways of getting rid of tan patches- just remember exfoliation is BAE(shorthand term for ‘before anyone else’ ;)) when it comes to managing facial acne, tanning, fine lines etc., use toners/masks/natural remedies combined with hydrating/moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera/glycerine products/squalane rich sunscreen that will prevent further skin irritation & reactivate cells for more youthful glowing look!\n