How to remove pus from under skin?

So you’ve got a pesky little pimple, huh? You tried popping it and next thing you know, there’s pus all under your skin! It happens to the best of us. But fear not my dear reader, because I have all the tips and tricks on how to remove that pesky pus once and for all!

Identify What Kind of Pus You’re Dealing With

Before we dive in, let’s identify what kind of ‘pus’ you are dealing with. Not everything that oozes from our bodies is created equal! Here are some terms to be familiar with:

  1. Sebum – this is an oily substance secreted by glands in our skin.
  2. Eccrine sweat – This type of sweat helps regulate body temperature.
  3. Apocrine sweat- This type usually appears in hairy areas like armpits or pubic region.

Now that we’ve cleared up a few things let’s move on.

The Importance of Sanitizing Tools

I’m sorry if you were hoping for a quick fix solution where you just pop something (don’t do it!). First things first: wash your hands! It seems basic but washing your hands will help prevent infection when treating any kind of open wound including pimples .

If fingers are used while uncapping tubes sanitize hand after handling them.Be sure other tools such as tweezers,pin etc;are wiped clean using alcohol,before working on infected part.Don’t ignore cleansing process,it only worsens matter eventually making case worse.

Extraction Techniques To Consider

Once gold old fashioned sanitazion has taken place.Here are two main extraction techniques you can use

Compressing Technique

This technique begins with cleaning superficial wound before applying hot compress over affected area.Pressing down allows heat get deep into trashy elements which puncture itself out.Unnaturally forcing it out would ultimately result in severe inflammation or even chronic scarring. This method is gentle but slow and might not be effective for large outbreaks .

Lancing Technique

This technique involves cutting a small opening through skin covering blister.Perhaps bit scary especially when it’s time to make incision .It should be noted that sebum cavity is deeper compared with what magnifying glass shows.Cut should be aimed towards the surface so as not to deepen root of problem.

The next part requires sterilizer,preferably iodine,to cleanse area before inviting drainage from said blister.Avoid squeezing bulb onto inner walls.Check if sac could go through very tip of instrument without hindering protruding element.In case of difficulty withdraw incision,treat centredly.

A Better Substitue: Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Why waste time on ineffective procedures like compressing or lancing? Let me introduce you to Alpha hydroxy acids(AHAs). These baddies keep your skin smooth soft by removing dead cells sitting atop outer layer.Damaged top level losses its capacity to maintain natural hydration levels , with use of AHAs processes its moisture-lock function.

They also prevent construction new pimples,because lowers thickness unblemished spots which increases cell growth supply existing ones.Outstanding right?

Products such as glycolic acid are high value choices where patients can enjoy smoother,new layers once again. No need to harm yourself trying techniques made your bathroom mirror anymore!

Table Down Below

Product Name Ingredients % concentration
Glytone Mild Gel Cleansers Glycolic acid Mild
MD Complete Acne Control Blemish Treatment Solution Contains niacinamide – 2% Salicylic acid-0.5% Retinol-0.1%

I hope this article has helped uncover some do’s/don’ts concerning removal of pus from under skin. In summary, use Alpha hydroxy acids or safe extraction techniques such as lancing which shouldn’t go too deep hopefully for best experience.Of course if situation is serious,please do consult a dermatologist immediately!

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