How to remove lice and lice eggs from hair naturally?

Oh, lice! These pesky little creatures can make your life a living hell. But don’t worry; you’re not alone in this battle. In this article, we’ll walk you through some natural ways to get rid of those annoying lice and their eggs.

What Are Lice and Their Eggs?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details, it’s essential to understand what lice are and how they spread. Lice are wingless parasites that live on human heads or bodies; yes, there are different types of superbugs out there that want nothing but your blood!

Despite being tiny, they can cause tremendous discomfort such as itching, redness on the scalp area leading to infections over time (oh boy!) Nits, also known as eggs, appear brown or yellow dots close to hair roots. To remove these pesky nits before they hatch into more crawling vermin is an essential task for taking care of unwanted guests residing on your head!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you haven’t caught any unwelcome visitors yet – congratulations! The best way to prevent them from making themselves at home among hairs is always following these tips:

  • Avoid sharing items like combs/brushes/hats/headphones with other people.
  • Keep up with routine hygiene: wash clothes regularly; wear clean hats or scarves.
  • Do a quick check regularly so that if something suspicious happens where bugs keep squirming around instead of inside-outside views!

Comb Your Way Out Of This Predicament

One of the highly effective ways reported widely by many who self-capture against having recurring nightmares about vagabond insects screaming “we will never leave!” Combining combing and oil treatment could be enough for removing nearly all trapped crawlies within our fluffy fortress :

  1. Wetting hair makes it more difficult for lice to move around, and they’re easier to spot.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of conditioner or oil (coconut/olive/jojoba) and comb hair slowly from roots toward tips.
  3. Wipe your washed comb regularly on a tissue/cloth so that you don’t transfer any bugs back onto the scalp area as you keep fortifying oily barriers against them.

Tea Tree Or Not Tea Tree?

Tea tree essential oil known for its antimicrobial properties could make some difference with this unwelcome picnic organized by tiny pests – here is how:

  • Use diluted tea tree oil-soaked cotton balls in hot water against infestation (make sure it’s entirely diluted)
  • Replace shampoo with tea tree shampoo and cover the head using shower cap after ten minutes before rinsing out.

Garlic May Keep Both Lice At Bay And Friends Away

Oh, garlic! It’s good for everything except maybe first dates but trust us; trying garlic-based remedies may help greatly!

  1. Crush several cloves until fine paste-like substance achieved.
  2. Mix them with lime juice & apply thoroughly over root while massaging
    3 Leave covered up overnight before washing it off early next day

Enjoy being single, smelling like an Italian mama’s kitchen but saved from these blood-sucking critters – win-win!

Salt Ain’t Just For Fries

If heat treatments too extreme salt solution could be another way to weaken external structures leading to fast dehydration :

1.Rubbing slightly warm sea salt throughout dry hair focusing especially near roots.
2.Leave approximately half an hour then rinse out thoroughly without any residue left unattended

Do not use ordinary table salt (pink Himalayan doesn’t count as exotic!) due to high iodine content .

## Vinegar : Neither A Sauce Nor Alcohol But Still Has Its Uses…

Apple cider vinegar blow lying down sooner than vodka-licensing authority hands on your license! :

  1. Add equal vinegar-water ratios to spray bottle – this’ll easier application.
  2. Spritz the mixture all over hair while rubbing it in thoroughly, don’t overlook hairline
  3. Leave for thirty minutes before proceeding to shampooing and combing as usual.

Mayonnaise- A Delicious Anti-Lice Remedy

The best way about staying safe from bugs may just entail a close brush with a sandwich staple:

1.Scoop some substantial mayonnaise applying generously throughout hairs.
2.Cover shower cap wait minimum six hours or overnight before washing remains off using medicated lice shampoo.

One tip is to use the cheapest mayo you can find instead of splurging that hard earned cash because Spoilers – Lice do not exactly have a refined taste!

Lemons : Not Just Lemonade

We cannot offer you lemon drops, but we indeed suggest lemons be another ingredient against those uninvited guests:

  • Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice onto scalp paying attention carefully near base roots including ears and neck area making sure they no longer crawl out nearby skin pores edges,
  • Wait logically around ten-sixteen min’s prior rinsing using lukewarm water so acidic details eradicate nits lurking into nooks&crannies directly eroding them until kingdom comes!

Wrap Up

Lice infestation can be an annoying problem for anyone, especially children who are still learning strict hygiene practices daily; there are plenty of natural remedies available for treating these nuisance creatures! Remember, prevention is key: take care when sharing items like brushes/hats/headphones; stay hygienic by changing bed attire frequently,/washing clothes regularly and being vigilant in checking for signs such as itching/scratching/dark spots that may indicate parasite difficulties today rather than tomorrow ;).

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