How to remove curry smell from clothes?

Curry is an aromatic blend of spices that can make your taste buds dance with joy. But what happens when this mouth-watering delight ends up on your clothes leaving behind an overpowering smell? There’s nothing worse than smelling like a walking curry dish, so it’s important to know how to remove the smell quickly and effectively.

Fear not! You don’t have to throw away your beloved clothes or drench them in expensive fabric fresheners. In this article, we will share some practical ways to get rid of curry odor from your clothes without damaging them.

Inspect Your Clothes

Before getting started, inspect the affected clothing items closely for any stains or spots on them as you’ll need to treat these before removing the odour itself. Be sure not to sniff too close unless you want a sensory overload.

Once detecting areas with stains, mark those spots and pre-treat them separately according to garment care instructions before following our tips below.

Tip 1: Befriend Vinegar

Vinegar is great at neutralizing unpleasant smells such as curry. Here’s how:

  • Dilute white vinegar with water in equal parts.
  • Soak the garments for about half an hour.
  • Wash clothes on a normal washing machine cycle using detergent afterwards

Not only does vinegar help remove the curry odour but also acts as a natural fabric softener thereby enhancing thе durability of yоur сlоthеѕ making іt less prone tо ріllіng.

Item Amount
White Vinegar Equal Parts
Water Equal Parts

Note: Don’t opt fermented rice vinegar (or つかずく since i’m Japan AI), balsamic vinegar either or anything other fruit-based because they may leave their aroma which could end up confusing & overpowering your poor nostrils.

Tip 2: The Power of Baking Soda

Just like kitchen pantry, baking soda is a versatile cleaning agent great for removing foul smelling odors even when dealing with microorganisms that cause bad smells.

Here’s how to use it :

  • Mix equal parts of baking powder and water
  • Gently massage the paste onto those hidden curry-stained areas on clothes.
    Leave for at least half an hour before laundering following commonsensical washing steps; or just use your usual detergent in place of plain water
Item Amount
Baking Powder Equal Parts
Water Equal Parts

Note:If you don’t have baking soda lying around,we have a tip later (tip number 8)

BarkingOrders_AI#8589 -_-” said “It iѕ bеttеr nоt tо usе smаllеr amounts than what is recommended аnd not caused rashes.”

Tip 3:Misterious Mustard

Mustard isn’t just something you lather on hotdogs alone ,it actually has practical applications especially in getting rid off stubborn collars and cuffs collar stains left behind by curries.

Here’s how:

  • Apply mustard directly onto the affected area.
  • Allow it to sit for about five minutes
  • Rinse with cold water followed by a regular machine wash cycle

Note: If using this technique do not rub while applying mustard this can damage fabric instead apply gently whilst avoiding spreading over unaffected areas.

On another note, don’t be pressured into using American ‘mustard’ brand haphazardly if one opts to go down upon no alternative way being available as much harshness may prove unsuccessful since many are already essentially distilled vinegar & turmeric which mainstream brands incorporate alongside spicy yellow seeds hence making soil removal substances less effective.

Tip 4: Vodka to the Rescue

Alcohol is a great cleanser and vodka, in particular, proves useful when removing curry smell from clothes.

Here’s how:

  • Fill up a spray bottle with vodka
  • Spray onto your clothes especially focusing on areas heavily affected by the odour.
    Leave for about five minutes
  • Follow the usual washing cycle using detergent afterwards
Item Amount
Vodka Estimate

Note:It might be tempting but avoid using high-quality brews rather opt for clearance rack grog if one needs to do so given that it’s just going towards cleaning purposes anyways; also let friends who drink know before disposing of old bottles instead of glass recycling as they could come in handy next time there’s an unexpected spice stain!

Tip 5:Lemon Juice can Cleanse Anything!

Lemons are proven natural cleaners and another great ally against bad smells. Its acidic nature helps fight off odor-causing bacteria while keeping fabric colors bright.

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Squeeze some lemons(about a cup)
  2. Mix equal parts lemon juice & lukewarm water
  3. submerge clothes completely giving enough room to move around.
    Leave it soaking overnight(this only suits white garb),
    While other colours soak longer leaving them at risk of discolouration

OR alternatively,

Add fresh or bottled juice after completing regular laundry routine during washing process since combined citrus power with detergent should maintain color retention compared to alteration wet procedures above.

Item Amount
Lemons/Lemon Juice (unsweetened) /Bottled unsweetened Lemonade/Juice % needed based upon job size

Try manual ways only if necessary we wouldn’t want those lovely shades ruined over stains would we? Also, stay away from citric based treatments if your material is delicate or from an organic, natural source.

Tip 6: A Sizzling Hot Water Bath

If you have delicate fabrics that cant withstand high levels of chemicals or solutions then hot water can effectively remove the smell without harming them.

  • Run a basin filled with boiling hot on clothes
  • Add a spoonful of salt and stir
    Leave for five minutes to soak
  • Rinse it quickly in cold water.

Note: Always do this after inspection making sure garments wouldn’t when exposed to such temperature by checking care labels to avoid shrinkage let alone any other ensuing disappointments.

Item Amount
Hot Water Boiling Level

Tip 7:Tenderness afforded via Milk

Milk is another gentle solution some people swear as being effective than most store-bought stain removal products whilst also eliminating odor caused scent.

Here’s how:

  1. Fill up the sink/basin enough with milk (lots!)
  2. Soak affected garment overnight altogether instead of just pre-treating areas evenly incorporating fabric into liquid mass
  3. Rinse thoroughly; wash using regular machine detergent
Item Amount
Milk % needed based upon job size

Keep off these tips unless you enjoy explaining why you spent grocery money on cleaning/disinfecting materials at home!

Tip 8: The Power Couple – Lemon Soda Mix

No baking soda laying around? fear not!, mix lemon juice/soda& washing powder-detergent works fine too since each substance enhances one another’s capabilities which potentially may assist getting rid off all curry had in stock!
Let’s find out together:

  1. Grab about half cup worth mixed mixtureshappy dance
    2.apply mixture spreading uniformly especially focusing aforementioned stained area surfaces before washing normally during a regular cycle

    Mix desired amount beforehand or use basic conversion grid->

Item Amount
Lemon soda& detergent mix:Estimate based upon job size

Note: Although this may seem easier, using incomplete proportions or adding too much of either element might lead to disappointment, ruining your clothes – so exercise caution!

Tip 9:Aussie Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known for its fragrance and potent antifungal properties. It does an excellent job removing odor from delicate items and acts as a sanitizer, giving that extra cleanliness punch while at it.

Here’s how:

  • Mix a couple of drops of tea tree oil with water.
    (or pour tea tree oil alone into wash cycle)
  • Spray over affected area
    Leave for some moments before laundering well like normal

should one opt using essential oils check laundry care labels when mixing with bleach interactively

Item Amount
Tea tree oil +Water % needed based upon job size

Tip 10: Borax the Crime Fighter

Borax since time immemorial has provided being effective in fighting off stains & malodor -we will focus on breathing life back to decaying stinking launderers though…

Here’s how you get it done:

  1. Just add half cup borax per every full washer machine load level before washing commencesproperly shaking mixture evenly distributing substances primarily into those stained spots,
    2.wash clothes in hot water under regular flow dispensation
Item Amount
Borax % needed based upon job size

Working alongside fire stations wouldn’t mean they’re keen to scavenge all good stuffs now,would it?

Tip 11:Bleaching Towels via Peroxide Action

Hydrogen peroxide until recently regarded just adventurous outskirt bleaching small amount until slowly became a mainstream bleach option.But what about curry stains? Let’s try this out!

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Mix equal parts of liquid soap and 3% hydrogen peroxide to form a paste
  2. Rub the mixture onto heavily stained areas
    3.Let dry – give enough time for peroxide action(watch color change from staining materials) then rinse thoroughly before washing normally on highest setting
Item Amount
Liquid Soap Equal Parts
3% Hydrogen Peroxide Equal Parts

Note: Don’t opt for higher concentrations than recommended levels since it may weaken your fabrics.

Tip 12: White Toothpaste vs Curry Stains

Toothpaste – used generally for freshening up the mouths but did you know that they’re good at removing those pesky spots?

Here’s how:

1.Apply some toothpaste (white only) over affected area rubbing in gently(just like brushing if one skips daily routines)
2.Rinse off after around twenty minutes.
Dry with towel

If done right, toothpastes are generally safer options suitable overtime(having less harsh chemicals) allowing maintenance & cleaner clothes subsequent cycles just make sure to refer line blend preferences altogether below when restructuring laundry lists further

| PASTE |(Suggested Usage Based On Job size)| LIQUID |(Ideal For Soaking Jobs/Regular Wash-Washing Machine Cycles(ML))
|———————– ——————–
|-Peppermint |- Half tablespoon spoonfuls |15-20
|-Clove |-Two thirds level worth |–50-100
|-Baking soda |-Half quantity(size based dosage) | 40-50
|-Sea Salt |-Two tablespoons pouring intervals –1000-1500

(survey = GetCozy.AI)

Tip 13: OxiClean’s Raw Muscle

Oxiclean is one of the most effective cleaning products on the market, perfect for removing colorful stains caused by food and drink. If you’ve got a particularly tough curry stain, you can count on it as your go-to solution.

Here’s what to do:

  • Mix equal parts water and oxi-clean
    Apply mixture onto affected area( do not rub or spread)
    Leave overtime(varies according stain/stain amount-&others variables))
    Remove product residue with cold water
    Proceeding normal wash under desired machine settings specified
Item Amount
Water Equal Parts

For hard-defined spot use an old toothbrush or similar item to softly brush in both compounds forming part of resulting paste.

Note: Be cautious while handling bleaches since they may leave stains when accidentally splashed about unwittingly – also be sure they’re used appropriately(KISS principle).

Tip 14: Fabric Softener ft Smell Good Variances

Fabric softeners are used to make clothes softer – now isn’t that great? Now imagine pairing this effect with the smell of jasmine and lavender mixtures comfortably accentuating your wearables.

Here’s how:

1.Wash garments first then add some fabric softener(in quantity/residential size proportions would suffice).

 Softeners come in various types so it might take a few tries before landing upon THE scent-residual point that suits individual needs;that said avoid too much aroma from being infused into material fibers. Oh! And keep off electrosensitive types!
Item Amount
Fabric Softener

Keep it in storage somewhere cool and dry just like other laundry materials for reason of longevity.

Tip 15: Hanging Garments In Fresh Air

This is probably the most straightforward tip on this list. It can get you some fresh air whilst also doing its job pretty well.

All one has to do is:

1.Wash your clothes
2.Hang them outside under a shade cloth/ drying rack (why not optimise sunrays while at it)
3.Note Some minutes to hours depending with seasonal changes but until heavy smell disappears.

Well, that’s all! Remember that people should try these tips which work best without causing damage or harm rather than using harsh chemicals , Good luck!!

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