How to relieve upper respiratory congestion?

Are you tired of feeling like a snot factory during allergy season? Do you dread waking up in the morning because your nose is plugged tighter than a pickle jar? Fear not my congested friend, there are ways to alleviate that pesky upper respiratory congestion. Here are some tips and tricks on how to clear up your nasal passages and breathe easy once again.

Hydrate or Die-drate

One of the simplest ways to relieve upper respiratory congestion is by increasing your fluid intake. Drinking plenty of water, juice, or even decaffeinated tea can help keep you hydrated and break down mucus secretions. In addition, a moist environment can help calm irritated nasal passages.

  • Drink 8 – 10 cups of fluid per day
  • Consider using a humidifier at night
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Suck it Up with Saline Nasal Spray

Saline nasal sprays can be an effective way to clear out blocked sinuses quickly without resorting to medication. These sprays work by introducing saltwater into your nostrils, loosening mucus buildup so that it’s easier for you to blow out.

  • Use saline spray before bedtime
  • Follow instructions on saline products for maximum effect
  • Do not overuse as too much salt may become irritating

The Steam Clean Method

Sometimes all it takes is inhaling steamy air mixed with essential oils in order to soothe inflamed tissues around clogged sinuses. This approach will often let trapped fluids drain more easily from behind the eardrum while also hydrating internal tissue surfaces since the atmosphere seems lighter when breathing mist-ridden air from overflowing pots filled with really hot water.

To use this method:

1) Boil water.
2) Place a towel over your head so that it provides as little free space towards its edges as possible; lean forward so that your face is hovering about a meter away from the water.
3) Drape another towel over the pot and take deep breaths through nose and mouth for 10-15 minutes.

  • Add essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint to help soothe
  • Repeat this process at least once per day

Give Ginger Tea A Shot

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it beneficial when treating respiratory congestion. Sipping on freshly brewed ginger tea can help reduce swelling within airways – opening up nasal passages while easing down throat irritation simultaneously!

To make ginger tea:

1) Thinly slice some fresh grated ginger root.
2) Boil water in pot or kettle till steam rises above surface calm-down; add slices to brew then simmer for 10 minutes before using strainer/cloth/cheesecloth over mug – pour hot mixture into container.

  • Drink daily to experience maximum benefits
  • If you want an added sweetness, adding honey will actually enhance its antioxidant nature

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture therapy has been said by many alternative medicine enthusiasts as being helpful reducing inflammation throughout body tissue. When performed correctly under proper hygiene regulations are met (needles brand new, sterile.. etc.), acupuncture could really do wonders in alleviating upper respiratory blockages.

Other possible benefits include reduced sinus pain and pressure plus better breathing passages overall! Not sure where nearest acupuncturist might be? Take time look online resources available entailing locating acupuncture services near your area code!

Eat That Garlic Up

Garlic cloves have antiviral qualities, benefiting individuals harboring viral infections like common colds related viruses whilst also removing phlegm accumulating inside lungs restricting ease of respiration!

Adding garlic to food is always a great way not only boosting taste buds but biological health too. When feeling congested munching on raw garlic crushed with salt sprinkle tastes gross definitely helps ease congestion at same time.

  • Add garlic to soups, sauces and dressings
  • Avoid overuse of spicy or salty condiments
  • Consume one clove daily during upper respiratory illness

Get Rest & Pump Iron

Resting and exercising will influence entire immune system. Ensure you are getting proper quality sleep including taking extra precautions such as setting up an air purifier heating/cooling device inside bedroom where weaker now seasonal allergies aren’t influencing sweet dreams – closer room should be maintained capacity between 60° – 68°F; you’ll wake up a happy person without bags under eyes!

It’s also essential that your body maintains it’s more vigorous side routine like jogging, swimming or any form of aerobic exercise for which strength-training movements support fat loss muscle growth while providing enough energy used motivation-driven benefits afterwards since respiratory dysfunctions might necessarily cause nothing limitation when addressing physical activities.

A Spoonful Of Honey

Honey has been said by many cultures (and generations) to provide relief from mucus buildup plus throat irritation related symptoms over years!
The natural antiviral qualities in honey benefit dramatically against most common viruses-related allergic disorders including rhinitis, asthma cough! If afflicted with allergy season hoarding just mild specific pollen too’ll become less intolerable after some teaspoons consumed directly swirled into preferred drink.. coffee/chai tea, mate maybe?

Take advantage with this natural alternative treatment:

1) Scoop raw honey using spoon.
2) Swallow slowly so that coat back throat lowered inflammation levels promoting expelling blockage held within lungs via spitting/coughing.

  • Substitute sugar consumption with honey for added health benefits
  • Do not give children under age two who have severe upper respiratory symptoms complementary medicine due high risk bacterial contamination

Keep Clean Environment

Lower down probability entering area causing germs spreading is important foundational step helping clear congested sinuses! Keep workplace or room dust/virus free minimizing possibility airborne particles making their way into lungs.

To maintain a clean environment:

  • Clean and vacuum regularly
  • Disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, and electronics frequently
  • Use air filters/purifiers

Spice It Up With Turmeric

Why not try adding turmeric to your food intake since turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties potent immune system booster commonly used reducing risk contracting common colds. Furthermore, supplementing with curcumin supplements might good idea as it improves your body’s production of antioxidants ultimately leading improved health conditions?

Adding this spice to meals may help one alleviate upper respiratory congestion whilst avoiding using artificial prescriptions in attempt speedy recovery from ailments.

  • Mix two teaspoons of freshly grated turmeric root powder into warm milk for nighttime relief
  • Adding to soups or salads can provide subtle yet powerful effects


Steam provides readily available method clearing crammed up sinuses! Run hot water onto skin continuously more than 15 minutes causing mist form surrounding area! Fragrances aromatic oils such as eucalyptus/menthol oils fight specific viruses plus relieve nasal congestion!

But be responsible, make sure the shower temperature isn’t scalding allowing vapors escape without burning face off!

Consideration Importance keeping soap bars rinsed after usage – you don’t feel sick enough going back every time turning slippery tiles green frosting all over again next sneeze/splutter/breath taken during bout congestive problems relapse syndrome.

Dangle Drop Method

If you have ever visited an ENT specialist then they would likely recommend washing out inner ear canal so excess wax doesn’t accumulate growing bacteria creating infection scenario!
(Don’t worry this portion will not mention anything about acids etching through metal!)

This process is theoretically simple grabbing dropper bottleneck though individuals often surprised how despite nothing invasive done actually cleanses inner ear unclogging difficulty hearing, cessation all sinusitis-related pains etc.

To perform this method:

1) Lie on your side with affected ear pointed upwards to the ceiling.
2) Use the dropper bottle and straighten outside influenced part whilst squeezing recommended dosage amount drizzling drops into spot before ideally allowing sufficient time flow in relief from discomfort!

  • Consult ENT specialist first
  • Ear irrigation equipment available for effective treatment


Wondering what a neti pot is? It’s an astoundingly simple yet effective way clear upper respiratory congestion! Essentially it’s small plastic container capable pour saltwater through nostrils washing away buildup mucus efficiently furthermore reducing inflammation greatly.

Of course be mindful having right balance saline solution; too much water or sudden force applied recklessly into nasal airways may cause further agitation worsening problems rapidly evolving into something requiring medical intervention quickly. Ensure you’re informed not just by correct usage also along with maintenance proper cleanliness sterilization suggested every use!

Additionally try using sterile bottled distilled water rather tap/hard mineral-based water to avoid unnecessary infection occurrences!

Try Menthol

Mint has been utilized since ancient Greco-Roman times as natural source fighting infuriating colds, allergies coughs many others ailments dealing issues concerning breathlessness due increased blockage within upper respiratory tract! Mint oil sprays/ointments one most commonly prescribed mentholated product treat obstructive lung diseases type – especially when symptom severity has reached extreme level already ever-present feeling lasting irksome heavy pressure chest land!

Usage of naturally produced menthol products like Vick-vaporub could provide equally good results without risking any side effects often accompanied different commercialized medicines. Experiment with various known brands to find which suits best personal preferences considering skin sensitivity types previously reported unexplained reactions allergy formation ensued prolonged contacts amongst actives ingredients present per package insert included!

  • Rubbing vapor rub on chest area at night can help alleviate congestion
  • Spritzing menthol spray on a handkerchief and inhaling deeply every 2 hours can provide immediate relief

Don’t Smoke, Please!

It should be obvious to anyone that smoking only hurts your lungs, but it’s worth reminding ourselves. Tobacco smoke is heavily laden with irritants that continuously inflame airway passages leading throat irritation plus reduced professional-grade respiration ability within smoker’s respiratory tract.

In addition to its harmful effect with the environment due carbon emissions also unrestricted trapped particles slowly ingratiating inside clothing fibers pores underneath making ex-smokers indiscreet in social gatherings events after deciding against indulged habits more important achieving satisfying redemption failed attempts quitting by replacing those cravings artificial candy sticks which malfunction taking out good fun

(Just kidding! Quit smoking already.)

Final Achoo !

By utilizing these methods (along with some rest ) you will find upper respiratory congestion dissipating faster than following advice from an old wives’ tale passed down over breakfast meatloaf mystery recipe.

As stated before, consistency when incorporating natural remedies especially during varied allergy season periods is crucial ensuring eliminating soon returning back inconvenience staying away places where potential agents aerosols could later lead painful congestive states not gone without Sneeze – Pardon me! Ugh…

Take care of health; stay healthy hydrated avoiding contact germs wherever possible – wait until ants take responsibility maintaining cleanness household setting instead being lazy about our own lives stealing other animals tempting activities sometimes we deserve rightful reprisals towards laxity.. right?

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