How to relieve numbness in arms and hands?

Feeling numbness in your arms and hands can be quite uncomfortable, and at times even scary. Whether you are experiencing it due to poor posture, tension, or repetitive movements, there are several steps that you can take to relieve the symptoms. In this article, we will explore some effective strategies for relieving numbness in your arms and hands so that you don’t have to feel like a robot all day long.

Stretch it Out

Stretching is one of the easiest ways to alleviate numbness caused by muscle tightness or compression. Here are some stretches that can help:

The Prayer Stretch

  • Start by standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend forward as if you were going into a prayer position but keep your palms facing outwards.
  • You should start feeling a stretch on the backside of both arms.

Wrist Flexor Active Release Technique

  • Rest your arm on a table with your palm facing down
  • Find an area in which the wrist joint feels tender
  • Press fingertips along that point
    that creates pressure and slight pain sensation (pressure)
    Hold until pain subsides

Correct Your Posture

Improper posture puts undue stress on certain muscles – leading often enough onto neuropathy more commonly referred today as “carpeltunnel syndrome”. When done excessively over time may lead eventually maybe severe injury causing “Oh no! Time off work.” To avoid such doom scenario correct bad postures while sitting or standing for extended hours.

Develop Stronger Neck Muscles

An unexpected cause of numbness secondary to neck issues occurs from pinch nerve impingement around spinal column. Developing stronger muscles within neck before discomfort worsens becomes critical than ever!

Chin Tuck Exercise

  • Stand against wall with head level or raised slightly up
    with chin able fit behind fist without scrunching neck muscles.

Neck Stretch

  • Turn your head to the side, and put pressure on outer shoulder with corresponding hand
    make sure tilt toward other shoulder
    hold until balanced stretch achieved

Mind your Breathing Technique

Inadequate oxygen supplies in hands combined with stress causes numbness that normal breathing can fix! The strategy is simple: take slow, deep inhales followed within smooth exhale. Doing this increases blood flow into limbs along organs.

Use Warm and Cold Therapy

Implement heat treatment over affected areas stimulates blood circulation throughout body while offering soothing warmth where rubbed against skin.
Conversely you could try implementing icepacks as a means of vasoconstrictig inflamed region which may decrease swelling time leading onto swift recovery.

Cold therapy includes restating good habits like posture correction, sitting right or improving core strength etc.

Whether you are doing fine motor tasks for work or just typing away at your keyboard aimlessly, there isn’t any feeling more irritating than numbness creeping up into either arm given prolonged working sessions. Luckily now we know tricks which relieve discomfort!

“Remember the above few tips next time work leads onto tingle sensation starting off fingers!”

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