How to reduce swelling on foot injury?

So, you woke up this morning with a swollen foot or ankle from that intense workout at the gym yesterday. Or maybe you twisted your foot while dancing like nobody’s watching at that party last night. Whatever the reason may be, dealing with swelling can be pretty annoying and painful.

But fear not, my friend! In this ultimate guide, we will cover everything you need to know about how to reduce swelling on foot injury so you can get back on your feet in no time!

What causes a swollen foot?

Before diving into ways of reducing swelling let’s take a moment to understand what causes it in the first place. Swelling is an indication of some kind of damage or inflammation done within our body due to various reasons ranging from sprains and fractures, infections or diseases such as diabetes.

Swollen feet normally occurs when there is an excess buildup fluid around your tissues leading them swell up which results in stretching out surrounding skin hence causing discomfort and pain.

Nowadays sitting for extended periods has also been recognized as one of the primary cause which lead people develop edema(which causes inflammation)and further leads into from mild-case condition escalating towards severe case complication(skin ulcer).

Common remedies

We all want quick fixes here but let’s walk (no puns intended) through common remedies which help us ease off swollen ankles/feet:

  • Ice packs: This helps relieve symptoms by numbing area near affected region.
    It is recommended putting ice pack onto affected spot(lying upon couch/recliner), leave it until skin goes numb.
  • Epsom salt bath: Soaking sore muscles and joints in warm water containing epsom salts(High content magnesium-enriched compound))
    can provide relief along downing muscle spasms:

    Keep Water temperature between 92°F–100°F
    Stay under water for approximately fifteen minutes or so. Add epsom salt into water.

  • Massage and Guided meditation: Massaging helps in soothing sore muscles by displacing excess fluid away from swollen region, whereas mindfulness allows calming down one’s anxiety levels or reduces stress level.
    Using a massage ball can be effective on foot(soles).
    Rolling accupressure mat would help increase blood circulation along with Pain relief
  • Keep an elevated footrest preferably above the waist to ensure maximum benefit as it contributes drainage of swelling fluids downwards towards heart and minimize accumulation within your legs.

These methods explained are some of many universal methods out there being readily available for combating swollen feet & ankles however often at times these remedies may not produce desired impact rather lead to adverse side effects in most cases but here we’ll dive through the more explicit approaches that apply for all situations.

The R.I.C.E method

The treatment option mostly prescribed universally for curbing inflamamtory factors like this is referred to as R.I.T.E(An acronym known popularly)


When you experience any form of injury, resting becomes crucial part allowing enough (upto 48 Hours) time area near injuries recovers.This doesn’t mean complete bed rest which result in stiffness while taking subtle movements do your body good!


For quick remedy cold compressionisthe key(if ice-pack isn’t available) keeping inflammation to a minimum on affected area:

Place onto spot wrap ice packs circumference strapping with bandage cloth around(thick layers),keep repeating cycle through day thrice per session 20 mins,
Repeat above sequence upto three days


Compression works good when applied keeping swelling confined i.e after placing cloth over cold-compress then holding put reasonable pressure onto the wound.Apply using elastic bands/tapes multiple times until fulfilment achieved.(loose fitting mustn’t hamper natural flow),

Elevation: Factor discussed earlier . Set leg up straight as much as possible elevation area usually around 30 degrees higher in most cases.

Revise above mentioned on a timely basis within a period of after every two hours till you hit the bed upon day-end to attain swift results. Implementing this method can limit excessive bloating of foot, that normally last upto a week or more.

So if icing and salt baths aren’t making any noticeable difference don’t worry, try R.I.C.E method out!

Add essential oils

Essential oils are God’s blessings for us humans residing in mortal bodies(hyperbole intended), not only do they keep our body odor sweet but these beauties bring calming effect while relaxing muscles:

  • Peppermint Oil: Extremely valuable ingredient regarding effectively managing swelling/pain(i.e prostoglandins)contraction because it contains menthol content which helps block path receptors inflammation from worsening so dabbing onto feet has shown remarkable improvement.
  • Rosemary Oil: As sedative agent giving relief for quite sometime by putting nice lazyr nights having massaging session before your peaceful sleep.
    You may tend mix with few drops peppermint oil .
    Cautionary Measure: Being highly concentrated ingredients ensure proper dilute achieving safer odds concentration(mixed carrier like coconut/almond oil)

It is recommended using best quality High-grade organic ingredients along stringent dosage monitoring activity since anything too extreme usage might end up being harmful.

The power of Turmeric

Turmeric my magical friend! Known for years due its anti-inflammatory components to use ayurvedic medicine (Indian traditional healing science).

Use these tips:
-Taking turmeric supplement (Curcumin capsules).
-Mix Certain Amount With Milk/Tea/Eats.(taking sprinkles will do the job)

or Even better Syrup or Drop supplements available now

Apple Cider Vinegar

\textbf{Unsung hero} universally exists.- Using Apple cider vinegar stimulating blood flow speed factors up by detoxifying and clearing blockage in veins arteries.-

Dilute apple cider vinegar into water or mixing it with Turmeric powder.
warning Acetic acid content can be dangerous when taken in large proportion, in moderation is key

Exercise & Healing masses

Ans thinking that exercising is counter-productive on the face of inflammation isn’t entirely correct. With cautionary measures walking still helps regulate blood flow reducing stress upon swollen legs while burning off unwanted calories

Yoga gives same result too! Certain necessary healing session poses known mildly assist collapsing swollen feet region squishing muscles for a brief period of time:

  • Mountain Pose(Tadasana)
  • Reclining Hero Pose(Most preferable/ Scenery)
    Spread apart arms placing them onto core muscles whilst reclining backwards more calming down fringed systems

Daily foot-care routine

Good daily habits help one to ensure long-lasting care:

Wear proper shoe-fitting – ones having ample breathing space do avoid blisters/cramping/spasm

Stance some adjustments mustn’t invite discomfort(or cause sprains/fractures so its best taking consultation from a professional Podiatrist)

Clean regularly properly where possible soak-up warm Water to soften up nails region lower toe-box surface skin layers.

Pampering sometimes according girth preference well needed through massaging toes providing comfort.

Taking these habits seriously will maximize happy-legged-results guaranteeing years-of-walking/traveling-experience fulfilling desires.

Photonic therapy

Photonic therapy stands as revolutionary scientific breakthrough~:
On combining bright red/yellow/orange light sources penetrate deep within tissue cells promoting red-blood cells actions speed producing better Protein molecules generation within musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, tendons etc.)system easing overall symptoms responsible for limiting actual injury-time

Common but lesser-known gel-like compound released from injuries called Adenosine triphosphate helps promote reparative action within cells generating more energy overall after photonic light treatment.

Can be performed at home using portable ones.

Chiropractic Adjustment:

Chiropractor’s adjust perform manipulations certain joints regarding spinal cord enhancing sensation transmission around akin to massage therapy.
With the help of certain movements(body spins, leg/foot stretch) on ligaments creating additional room for swollen muscles
Without causing damage one can expect realignment with few sessions.


Acupuncture is a Chinese traditional technique in which needles are inserted into your skin specific pressure points said channels thought restore balance throughout body as whole through stimulation nervous system rerouting by releasing blockages allowing better flow.

Certain clinical studies demonstrate this method beneficial aiding ease symptoms of inflammation including that of foot-swelling.

Some additional remedies:

Trick your feet!
-Massage rolling ball,golf balls or tennis balls(more firm surface).Accupressure mat also good alternative

-Wear Compression socks provides enough support without restraining normal blood flow .

Dealing with swelling caused by injury might disrupt your day-to-day activities thus following aforementioned techniques may prove effective keeping you away from those inconveniences hopefully reducing potential necessity visiting hospitals/clinics…afterall pain-free lifestyle joyful!

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