How to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth?

If you’re shedding hair at an alarming rate, don’t despair! Follow our guide below for some hair-raising tips on reducing hair fall and promoting healthy growth.

First Things First: Understand What Causes Hair Fall

To address the problem of hair loss, we must first understand why it happens in the first place.

Hormonal Imbalances Can Cause Hair Loss

Hormones are responsible for a lot of things – mood swings, cravings, and even your luscious locks! In fact, hormonal imbalances can cause significant harm to your scalp (no pun intended) by revving up oil production or increasing inflammation levels. Both contexts instigate eventual damage leading to unwanted breakage as well as premature follicle detachment.

Nutritional Deficiencies Are Also A Culprit

Don’t forget about nutrition! Your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy strands – without getting enough vitamins or nutrients necessary for their survival; they will become fragile and prone to breaking off quickly! Which is not only distressing also disappointing- what happened that unicorn-hair goal? So make sure you get all those vitamins like biotin, zinc plus closely observing omega fatty acids intake daily!

Preventative Measures You Can Take To Save Those Strands:

Now that we know what leads to beautiful tresses fleeing us let’s discuss how we stop them? Some preventive measures you can take include:

Resist Using Hot Styling Tools Too Often

“Have mercy!” Indeed straightening irons might seem like magic wands waving away frizz indeed making them look silky-smooth but heated tools aren’t harmless either – they may cause split ends accelerating breakage + exit out shed faster than usual!
The solution involves decreasing amounts of exposure duration or potentially putting efforts into seeking alternative heat treatment options such as rollers or foam rods.

Avoid Brushing When The Hair is Wet

How can you avoid temptation? If your locks are still dripping then loosen that comb out of a tight-embrace! Brushing wet hair leads to indiscriminate rubbing which can worsen frizz and cause more strands to shed. Dedicate patience, allow some air-time or gently detangle with fingers or wide-tooth-combs prior dryness.

Protective Styling Is Your New Best Friend

Who doesn’t love rockin’ braids, twists plus buns in their day-to-day avatar – specifically at night when you’re rushing for bed like Usain Bolt. This is where protective styling saves the day! These easy styles prevent breakage caused by exposing fragile follicles to rough pillowcases or tangling movements throughout sleep.

Practice Good Scalp Hygiene

Scalp hygiene = good hair health indeed count on it! Same way how washing hands periodically eliminates unwanted germs; keeping our scalp clean prevents oil build-up decreasing risks of inflammation (aka irritated tissues) & dandruff-related complications contributing less clogging tendencies around the follicle-preventing fall-out!

Remedies That Can Help In Regaining Lost Strands

While prevention is always better than cure, these natural remedies will definitely help promote healthy growth:

Onion Juice: Smelly But Super Effective

Onions may make us cry but not over lost tresses any longer!!- You know why? They are rich in sulfur-containing compounds well-known elements capable enough to catalyze collagen formation as well as support immunity while nourishing damaged scalp tissues improving blood flow overall. Don’t hesitate researching homemade onion based treatment plans online & incorporating them into regular routines!

Coconut Oil: Our Uber Cool Savior Indeed!

Is there anything coconut oil cannot solve? Its certainly flavorful in tropical dishes but even more incredible when it comes to beauty regimes.
Set aside other expensive serums since coconut oil strengthens weak hair from the core nourishing roots with its fatty acids! Conclusively, very quickly can help restore volume and shine often robbed due to allergic reactions caused by artificial chemicals.

Aloe Vera: The Plant of Miracles

Yes, we’re talking about that aloe vera plant your mom has in her backyard referred to as “Ghritkumari.” While you might have only thought of it as cooling potion for summertime burns; here’s even better news it is an excellent remedy supporting new hair growth when applied topically over scalp. High enzymatic content leads to extraordinary healing potential which alleviates many cutaneous anxieties including excess dandruff or burning sensations – hello lovely locks!

In Conclusion:

Over time, preventing hair loss means taking care of your crown like it’s made out of glassware- fragile yet valuable. Be mindful always keeping nutritional elements count on track whilst minimizing exposure duration exposure when using heated stylers.
Incidentally take full advantage enjoying protective styling opportunities and pamper follicles regularly anyways possible going forward while incorporating natural home remedies few times a week (fried onion rings don’t make the cut-Folks!)
If still stumped or experiencing chronic symptoms associated with fall-out conditions kindly reach out to nearest dermatology expert specializing around this field but if all goes well then congratulations soldier welcome back fairy tale-esque flawless tresses!

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